Wave Shaper Texturizer

Professional Organic Perm

Oway’s Wave Shaper is the first perm and texturizing system to use fair trade açai oil, organic hops and oat peptides to create bouncy, beautiful curls without thioglycolates, ammonia or parabens.

Highly versatile and customizable, Wave Shaper can be used as a relaxer or perm for any hair type or condition. Rich in antioxidants, amino acids and plant proteins, this organic perm leaves hair healthy and soft. 

Wave Shaper Benefits

  • Paraben Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • Thioglycolate Free
  • Healthy, Bouncy Curls
  • High Antioxidant Concentration
  • Infinitely Recyclable Eco-Packaging

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    • Hi Michelle! You must have a valid cosmetology license to purchase our products, but we have a solution for you! Your usual stylist / salon can purchase our Oway Wave Shaper on your behalf, and we'll supply her with all the info! Directions, Tips, Tricks - you name it! Just let us know who to contact!

    • Hi Joan! Are you looking to purchase our Wave Shaper perm as a hair stylist or receive the service at a salon near you? Either way, we can assist you!

  • Small question. It says that this can be used as a relaxer as well. With someone with tight curls, how effective is it with relaxing? Are we talking straight, or more like less wavy?

    • Hi Matt! Yes, our texture system is super versatile! It can be used to relax tight, kinky curls to make them straight. The magic is in the application process, which we have step-by-step directions to assist you with this! :)

    • Absolutely, Karen! It's a completely customizable texturizing system. You can create soft waves, tight curls or even relax hair - the possibilities are endless!

  • Hi, Are there any salons in London providing this treatment? Please will you let me know which ones... thank you!

    • Hi Nina. We are the North American provider of Wave Shaper. You'll want to reach out to Oway UK for further assistance on where to find a salon in your area. Thank you!

  • Not seeing any info about the odor. I was/am using perms by Oligo but they are being really flaky about getting back to me about ordering more. SO I got this text from this gal from your company telling me to go to your site to find organic perms. First of all my client is highlighted so this perm must be gentle enough to use on previously colored hair, it must give a firm enough curl so she's not back in my chair every other month and the odor mustn't be too noxious for my own health. I'm quite sensitive to odors and if too strong will give me a headache. I've been doing hair for over 35 years so old lungs! lol Let me know please! thanks! Richard

    • Richard, from everything we're reading, you're going to love our perms! You can expect little to no fumes because we've removed ammonia, parabens and thioglycolates and replaced them with Cysteamine HCL, a much gentler, but very effective ingredient.

      Another thing you'll love is the customizability of our perms! You mentioned your client having pre-colored/lightened hair. We have two formulas that can be customized to make the EXACT strength your client's hair needs. For this case, it sounds like you need WaveShaper 1B - it's ideal for fine, fragile or chemically-treated hair.

      We highly recommend our Perm Package which gives you everything you need to start offering our perms at 25% OFF discount. :) Check it out here: https://shop.simplyorganicbeauty.com/products/waveshaper-organic-perm-package-for-curls

      P.S. As always, you can call in at 888-213-4744 to receive help from our Salon Advisors or just reply to that text! ;) Hope this helps!

      • Thank you. I don't do allot of perms so don't need allot but I'll look things over. I'm also curious about how the perm is processed. I've really enjoyed exothermic perms in the past which I feel is gentler on the hair than sticking my clients under a hot dryer.

        • Usually, exothermic perm products are the ones that have the strongest smell because they use pure chemicals/solution to create the heat. They are actually very good for thick/coarse hair and not always recommended for finer, more damaged hair types (depending on the strength).

          Oway Wave Shaper is endothermic. You don't necessarily need heat to process it, especially in your client's case. You only need heat in very resistant situations, other than that a processing cap will create enough natural heat to get the job done!

          Since you don't do many perms, we'd just recommend:

          WaveShaper 1B (for fine, fragile or chemically-treated hair) - https://shop.simplyorganicbeauty.com/products/oway-wizout-waveshaper-1b-non-toxic-perm

          WaveShaper 1A (for coarse, resistant hair) - https://shop.simplyorganicbeauty.com/products/oway-organic-perm-waveshaper-1a

          WaveShaper 2 (neutralizer) - https://shop.simplyorganicbeauty.com/products/oway-wizout-waveshaper-2-perm-neutralizer

          P.S. Because you customize the strength and amount, there also isn't product waste like other perms. Win, win! :)

          • You're welcome, Richard! Welcome to #holistichairtribe - please contact your Account Manager, Sally if you need any assistance: 888-213-4744 EXT 128 :)

          • Will do. Just ordered the perms, neutralizer and the cream bleach as I need that.

            This is off topic question... how does the color hold up? I use another brand that is very stable, meaning my clients come in with very very little fade between services for cuts. Like many of my clients will schedule a color/cut, then the next appointment will be just a cut and then next a color/cut. So for many it's about 8 to 10 weeks between color and yea with the current brand very little faded color issues. While it's a good line always on the lookout for alternatives. This one is odor free too which is quite nice.

          • Good choice! You will Hbleach, it's one of our hero products in the community! Just make sure you use a scale, mix 1:2 and the liquid plant butter developers from Oway make it even better than your typical developers.

            As for the color, if your clients come to you for the no smell, no fade and no damage approach, you will love Hcolor. Even on our reds, the results are vibrant and you get little to no fading between appointments (you know how tough that is)! A lot of it has to do with pH and Hcolor is gentle, nourishing and effective. When the pH of the hair is kept as close to the isometric pH as possible, then the cuticle can re-close with ease. A closed cuticle means gorgeous shine and very little fading!

          • Happy to send that to you in an e-mail, Richard! We don't disclose prices in public because of price expectations between stylists and clients. We're sure you understand ;)

            That being said, our color tubes are a whopping 3.4oz and the mixing ratio when not covering grey is 1 to 1.5 - so, when you break down the cost per ounce, it's not much more than your average color line.

  • Hi there I just sent in my information and am hoping to get a price list. I am changing color lines and your looks like the winner

  • Good Morning!
    I'm looking for a salon in the Portland OR area using the Waveshaper Perm system. Any recommendations? thanks!