Organic Hair Care

Professional Organic Hair Care

Oway’s professional organic hair care products are artfully formulated with biodynamic botanicals, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. All products are certified cruelty-free and are free from common toxic ingredients.

Oway Hair Care

Daily Act

Cleanse, hydrate and protect hair daily with Organic White Tea, Biodynamic Lemon and Fair Trade Aniseed.

      ❁ For Daily Use

      ❁ Gentle Cleansing + Hydration

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Protein Mist


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Hydrate and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair with Biodynamic Hazelnut, Organic Honey and Fair Trade Murmuru Butter.

      ❁ For Dry, Damaged Hair

      ❁ Intensive Hydration + Nourishment

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Leave-in Spray


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Color Up

Preserve and protect colored hair with antioxidant rich Biodynamic Red Grape Vine, Organic Goji Berry and Fire Tulip Tree .

      ❁ For Colored Hair

      ❁ Contains exclusive Amino Acid Complex

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Color Protection Spray


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Add volume and body to limp, lifeless hair with Biodynamic Yarrow, Organic Ginger and Fair Trade Purple Rice.

      ❁ For Thin, Lifeless Hair

      ❁ Increase Volume + Thickness

      ❁ Shampoo | Volumizing Root Spray


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Bring bounce and shape to curly or permed hair with Biodynamic Licorice, Organic Hypericum and Fair Trade Crabwood Oil. 

      ❁ For Curly or Permed Hair

      ❁ Weightless Hydration + Healthy Curls

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Curly Potion


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Create sleek, straight hair styles with Biodynamic Caraway Extract,  Organic Rose and Fair Trade Buriti Oil. 

      ❁ For Frizzy, Unruly  Hair

      ❁ Tame Frizz + Increase Shine

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Cream | Serum


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Silk’n Glow

Repair and restore damaged, over processed hair with Biodynamic Oats, Organic Cupuacu butter and Fair Trade Brazil Nut.

      ❁ For Very Damaged Hair

      ❁ Repair + Strengthen Strands

      ❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Restorative Serum


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Detoxify and control oily scalps and hair with Biodynamic Sage, Star Anise Essential Oil and Fair Trade Amazonian Clay.

      ❁ For Oily Scalps

      ❁ Regulates + Controls Excessive Sebum

      ❁ Shampoo | Sage Treatment | Control Clay 


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Alleviate and soothe red, irritated scalps with Organic Aloe Vera, Biodynamic Chamomile and Pure Helichrysum.

      ❁ For Irritated or Sensitive Scalps

      ❁ Relieves + Soothes Irritated Scalps

      ❁ Shampoo | Helichrysum| Gel | Spot Remedy 


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Hair Loss

Stimulate and promote hair growth while densifying strands with Biodynamic Mint and Cedar Essential Oils, and Plant Stem Cells.

      ❁ For Thinning Hair

      ❁ Innovative Hair Spa Growth Complex™ 

      ❁ Shampoo | Densify Remedy | Vivify Remedy


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Relieves and eliminates dandruff on dry or oily scalps with Biodynamic  Rosemary & Thyme Essential Oils and advanced Puricomplex.

      ❁ For dandruff

      ❁ Advanced  Healing Puricomplex™ 

      ❁ Shampoo | Thyme  | Rice Wax 


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Repair and restore extremely weak and damaged hair with customizable in-salon and at home treatments.

      ❁ For very compromised hair

      ❁ Intense Protein + Structural Restoration

      ❁ Shampoo | Mask | Serum| Hyalominerals | Ceramides F



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