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Professional Beauty AwardOrganic Salon Systems’ exclusive O’Right, the world’s most eco friendly salon products, have been named the Editor’s Choice Award by Hot magazine, a leading professional beauty industry magazine that is universally celebrated for it’s unique approach to embracing the evolving industry. The editors of this magazine, who “swear on a stack of scissors to always celebrate the art and business of professional beauty”, raved about O’Right in their most recent issue by saying:

“Buy a bottle of shampoo and plant a tree? O’Right, licensed exclusively by Organic Salon Systems in the U.S. and Canada, is an extensive brand of organic haircare products that are segmented into eight lines – including Camelia for oily hair and Champagne Rose for gentle care.

Here’s the clincher: Every product is packaged in plastic-like cellulose bottles, derived from tapioca root, with encapsulated tree seeds. When clients finish a product, the can plant the bottle, which breaks down to become nutrient-rich fertilizer that directly nourishes the emerging seedlings. When it comes to being green, it doesn’t get much better than this!”

Download the Hot Hair’s How magazine article now.

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