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Suzannah Bellman

Through our social media forums, Simply Organic Beauty strives to create a community of Organic Hair Stylists who can share their passion, experience, and endless creativity.

Once a month we put the spotlight on one of our community members and let them share their secrets with you.

Our December 2015 Organic Way Hair Colorist is Suzannah Bellman! Learn a little more about her below and view some of her beautiful hair color creations.

Get to know Suzannah!


Why is organic hair color important to you?

Organic hair color is important to me because both the client and I can rest assured that we can get fantastic and lasting results without toxic exposure. These ingredients have been very thoughtfully picked. No fillers and each one serves a purpose. I don’t understand why you would want to use anything else. I feel it prolongs my career.


What are some of the myths or misconceptions about organic stylists that you would like to break?

I feel the misconceptions are mostly about organic color. They don’t believe that it works. But I have been a stylist at Sam Wong Salon for 7 years and I have seen first hand how great it works.

What is your favorite Organic Way back bar product, care product, and styling product?

For back bar the Hmilk No Stress is great, it is my go-to after highlights.

For care I love the Moisturizing Hair Bath, especially for this time of year.

For the styling products, I can’t pick just one. I love the Thermal Protection Spray and how lightweight it is, I also love the Smoothing Cream.


How have the online communities and social media outlets helped you and your career?

Facebook has been an awesome informal portfolio for me. I also use it as a platform to fill openings in my schedule and get the word out about new products that I have. I recently joined Instagram as well and I am getting a great response.

What tips or tricks would you like to share with our newest Organic Way users?

For super resistant/stubborn grey hair to use a 30 volume, mixing 1 to 1, and sometimes I also go down ½ a level with my formula depending on how much grey they have.

Check out Suzannah's work with Oway!

Join Suzannah and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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