Organic Way Colorist of the Month: Victoria Van Slyke

November 2015: Victoria Van Slyke

As a community of passionate Holistic Hair Stylists, one of the most valuable things we have is learning from one another. Each month, the Simply Organic Beauty team highlights one Colorist who not only shares their exceptional work, but one that helps others in our online community.

This month of November, you’ll get to know Victoria and what she loves about our Organic Way color line, and of course, get to see some of her gorgeous work!

Read her interview below!


What got you interested in trying organic salon products?

In school, I was trained in Goldwell color, and realized quickly that the color was bothering me. I would have red, itchy eyes, a runny nose and severe contact dermatitis after a day of school!

I also am very against animal testing, and found that most of the products I was using in school had in fact been tested on animals. I knew I had to switch to something greener and more ethical. I started an internship at an Aveda salon, and they hired me as I was finishing up school.

Even at the time I could tell Aveda was “greenwashed,” although my reaction wasn’t as severe, I was still reacting adversely to the color. Eventually, I started a second salon job in an ethnic salon, I was using wella, goldwell and matrix, and I was a toxic mess! When a local health food store posted an ad for a hairdresser, I figured, why not try it?

Why did you choose Organic Way(Oway)?

When I heard about Oway, I was scared to switch from my other beloved organic color line, but the other line did have its drawbacks. I am always looking for the best, cleanest, purest line on the market, and when I researched Oway, that’s what I found!

Switching my clients to this superior line was a no-brainer for me.. It is by far the best color and styling line I have ever used.

What’s one of your favorite shades or formulas from Organic Way (Oway)?

I know this sounds silly, but every shade in this line is gorgeous. From the natural coppery reds, to the icy blondes. I do a lot of balayage, and I’m loving how beautifully this color is blending and creating these multi-dimensional looks.

Do you have a favorite retail product? If so, why?
My favorite retail product is Bio Rich Water.

It’s light, yet rich in nutrients that I think every head of hair needs! I love how effortlessly my comb glides through the hair when spraying this during a haircut. The scent is delicious, and I use it to set my makeup and hydrate my skin.

Her Favorite Styling Product!


How important is it for Hair Stylists to build communities and empower each other?
Owning a one-stylist salon, it is extremely important for me to connect with other hairdressers. Sometimes, you just need a second set of eyes to solve the puzzle. Over the years, Rebecca Gregory has always been extremely helpful with any and all formula questions I’ve had.. I love being able to connect and help others too.

Organic Stylists are truly a different breed. I love the sense of camaraderie we have! The online forums are a great way to get a quick answer, or to get inspired by someone else’s talent and work.

If you could give one piece of advice for new stylists using Organic Way what would it be?

The line is true to color, be cautious and knowledgeable, but you don’t need to “overthink” your formulas like I did with my previous line (OCS).This line is colorist friendly. But don’t be afraid to play either, because this line has allowed me to push to the extremes. Anything is possible with Oway!

Check out Victoria's work with Oway!

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