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Courtney Curtis


Let’s give big Internet high-fives to our June 2016’s Stylist of the Month: Courtney Curtis!

She’s always catching our eye with her gorgeous blondes and creative fashion colors, but this young, talented Hair Stylist is wise beyond her years. In this month’s interview, she not only shares some of her favorite Original & Mineral products, but also a valuable perspective on chemicals in the beauty industry.

As always, the answer is knowledge, education and courage!

Check out Courtney's interview below!



1) Tell us about yourself! How long have you been a Hair Stylist / where do you work?

I am 22 years old and I have been doing hair for 4 years. I work at a salon in St George Utah called Destinations Organic Salon and Spa. It’s the only organic salon in our area!

2) Why clean, non-toxic hair color from O&M? Why do you think this is important for the industry?

When I worked at my old salon I learned a lot about what’s in hair color and obviously when you start to learn about what’s going into them and getting on your skin and on your clients skin it’s kind of scary! When I found this salon I figured if I’m going to do this the rest of my life I need to do it with something that won’t hurt me or my clients. And the more I’ve learned the more and more passionate I’ve became about it. I will never go back!

Working in an all organic salon I have heard some crazy stories about how non organic hair product has had long term effects. I’ve heard about clients and hairstylist BOTH being affected.

It’s important for the industry because obviously hair stylist can’t keep putting these bad toxins in our body and we shouldn’t be doing that to our clients either if we are we are doing them a disservice. The industry will not change unless hair stylist get on board and make them change! We have the right to safe product! (though we’ve noticed it’s been VERY hard to make stylist switch) it’s out salons goal to educate everyone and introduce them to a way better way!

3) What’s your favorite O&M styling product or cocktail?

I’m REALLY in love with Project Sukuroi and Style GuruSukuroi adds the perfect amount of shine moisture without getting to heavy plus it smells amazing. And style guru gives a perfect base to my blowouts.

4) What is your favorite feature in the O&M product lineup?

I’m a blonde and I love Blondes so the conquer blonde is one of the best purple shampoos I’ve ever used!


5) You’ve done some beautiful fashion colors with O&M. Do you have any tips for your fellow stylists to achieve their best fashion color yet?

With fashion colors or any color is don’t rush it, don’t compromise the hair trying to get there. Take your time and really study your color theory and color wheel and practice, practice and keep pushing yourself!


6) What’s your favorite quote to live by?

“Decisions Determine Destiny.”


Check out Courtney's work with O&M!

Join Courtney and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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