O&M Stylist Spotlight: Jenn Marie

Jennifer Price


To kick off 2016, Jennifer Price is our O&M Colorist for the month of January!

She showed off some stunning transformation work in our Original & Mineral Colorist Forum last month and we couldn’t help but take notice. So we got the scoop on her journey to healthier hair and where she plans to take it in the coming year.

Be sure to check out the photos of her beautiful creations and find yourself a little new year inspiration!

Get to know Jennifer!



When and why did you become interested in more chemically-conscious salon products?

August 2015 my friend and now coworker introduced me to organic color, around this time my dad had just been diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. I truly wanted something I could offer clients without chemicals for their safety and mind. We eat well exercise and take care of our bodies, but most people do not consider their hair color and what they are putting directly on their head. I hope to enlighten people and give them a safe alternative while still keeping their hair beautiful (and in better condition).

What attracted you to the O&M brand?

You can call a lot of things organic but I did some intense research and found out what every ingredient was and the purpose of it. So being organic is the main attraction for me.

What are your favorite care and styling products and why?

I absolutely love frizzy logic it smells wonderful! Clients love it, and it makes their hair so shiny and smooth without being heavy or oily.

Favorite shampoo would be hydrate and conquer, being in Texas with the weather changing daily our hair needs the extra moisture.

Do you have any go-to formulas or tricks with O&M that you could recommend for those who are just starting out?

Starting out, I recommend sticking to your colour bible! Learn it, study it and go back to it every time!

Once you learn the rules you can tweak them. Mineral blondes- after you whisk your formula let it set for 2 minutes you will have less agitation on the scalp. Always use detox shampoo for the first shampoo. Let your colors set for the full time- don’t shampoo before your color has had a chance to do its job. I recently mixed a mineral blonde 12/89 and 12/71 (1 oz of each) and came out with an amazing shade.


Can you tell me about something positive you’ve gained through the Original & Mineral online community?

So much information and kind people from all over!  Color formulas when you need them quickly is definitely a positive!


What are your main goals for yourself as a stylist in 2016?

As a stylist, this year it is my goal to educate and enlighten as many people as possible about O&M products. I want to see it grow and become the normal hair color brand in my town. As for myself, my main goals would be to double my clientele with O&M, the more people that choose organic the better for everybody.


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