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Patty Brown


O&M Colorist of the Month for February 2016 is Patty Brown!

We have been in awe of the beautiful hair color makeovers that she’s been sharing in our online Facebook forum. If you missed it now is your chance to get in on the fun. Patty recently took the time to share some words of wisdom with us too!

Check out our interview and some examples of her latest work below.

Get to know Patty!



How did you become interested in the world of healthier hair color and products?


In September 2015 I was diagnosed with a benign tumor in my parotid gland and had to have surgery to remove it.

It was quite an ordeal and while recovering I started researching the chemicals I’ve been exposed to the last 30 years as a hair stylist. Believing there was a connection between the tumor and chemical use, I began setting my sights on trying to find a color line that would have less of a chemical load, as well as healthier ingredients.

I loved what I found in O&M for the full spectrum of color, lighteners and styling products but also the fact that there is no odor and no ammonia.


What do you like most about O&M color?

Other than knowing O&M is better for my health and for my clients, what I like best about O&M color is the hair is healthier after the color service than before. I can see that the hair shaft does not have any brittleness even after lightening the hair. The color retains its depth and shine in between appointments.

Are there any favorite styling or care products you have? And why?

I love the Detox shampoo and conditioner because the aroma is amazing. Maintain the Mane cleans well and conditions. I Love Frizzy Logic to calm my frizzy hair.

Frizzy Logic Hair Lotion

Do you have any go to color formulas you can recommend to other stylists?


Using the color concentrates 0/33 and 0/43 have helped to cover grey and add depth to the neutral line. Less developer has been useful to cover those stubborn grays as well.

I love the /73 and /75 tones, but the most successful color has been on my daughter. I use half 7/4 and 77/45  with 5 volume and her level 7 gold copper color does not fade like it used to and looks healthier and shiny. I recently used the velvet line and was very pleased!


What keeps you inspired in this ever-changing hair industry?

What has kept me inspired and loving my job is keeping up with the ever-changing hair industry. Instead of shying away from new techniques, styles and latest products, I am more than willing to learn and grow from them. I can’t tell you how happy I am discovering a healthier way to treat hair and the bonus has been my client’s hair color has improved ten fold, they look amazing and are very happy with the change.

Of course, that makes me happy too!

Check out Patty's work with O&M!

Join Patty and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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