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Bridgette D'Angelo

To kick off 2016, Bridgette D’Angelo is our crowned Organic Way Colorist of the Month for January!

She wowed us in our OWAY Holistic Hair Stylist Forum last month with the talented works she shared. Fun Fact: she just recently opened her own organic salon, Head Rush, in Enfield, Connecticut, so we got all the details on her experience and a few fun tips!

Also, be sure to check some of her beautiful Organic Way color creations below to find some inspiration for the new year!

Get to know Bridgette!


Congratulations on opening your new salon! What inspired you to want to start an organic salon?

I wanted to set myself apart from all the salons in my town.  Starting an organic salon has caught people’s attention and they want to know more!  I absolutely love telling clients and potential clients all about the Oway line because I stand by it 100% and want others to know how much healthier their hair can be by switching over!

Why did you choose to use Organic Way (Oway) products?

I tried out a few other organic colors in the past but my heart fell in love with Oway.  It is everything I have ever wanted in a color line, excellent grey coverage, beautiful shine, lots of richness to the colors!  My clients have been loving their hair and have already noticed a huge difference in just how it feels and styles everyday!

Which Oway products are your best sellers?

Personally, I always stray to the oils, so the nurturing drops and glossy nectar are my best friends!  The softness they give to the hair is amazing!  I would have to say these two are my biggest sellers so far!

I really do love the boho pomade as well.  I love how it gives added texture to curls once I’m done styling to give them a more lived in look!

Oway Organic Salon

Have you learned any tricks with this color line that you would like to share with the other Organic Way users?

Being fairly new with this color line, I don’t have many tricks up my sleeves just yet! But I will say, challenge yourselves and dare to take the color risks because this line will not fail you!

What are your goals for the new salon in 2016?

My salon goals for 2016 would have to include reaching out to more people and spreading the word about Head Rush Salon and Oway!  I love when people are just as excited about organic products as I am.  I have also added two more stylists to our team, so I want to work on building them up and educating them on the organic stylist life!

Do you have any advice for other stylists looking to open an organic salon in the future?

My advice would be to follow your dreams and go with your gut!  You will have a few people who may question the organic line you carry, asking if it’s just as good as other lines or will it cover the greys, but if you chose the right line and believe in it then you will do just fine!

My favorite part in all this is seeing the happy smiles and “ahhh” looks on my clients faces after they sit in my chair!

Check out Bridgette's work with Oway!

Join Bridgette and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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