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Oway Care & Treatments — Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Series EP1

Oway Organics touts an extensive line of hair care and scalp treatments full of biodynamic-organic goodness and green chemistry. As one of the cleanest professional lines on the market, it comes with many benefits and up-sells that many clients and even stylists, at first, are not familiar with.

What do you need to know about Oway in order to talk about it and sell it in your salon? How should you talk to clients about these holistic products? What is most important to know?

Episode 1 of our Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Series takes you through the entire Oway Hair Care & Scalp Treatments offerings and teaches you everything you need to know to successfully carry, use and sell the line in your salon.

Read on for our 4 key takeaways from our Oway Care & Treatments webinar below!

1. How To Talk To Clients About Oway

First things first: have an in-depth consultation. Your consultation should teach you everything you need to know about your client and determine what you recommend and how you talk to them going forward. During your consultation, be sure to address the client’s hair type and style, their likes and dislikes of the style, tools and products used, their daily life and activity and how much time they prefer to spend styling. All of these things will give you clues as to how to move forward with their appointment best.

When you move into telling your customer about Oway’s products, start using descriptive words. Use interesting adjectives to describe their new look and the Oway products. Using more decadent words and unique blends to describe during the appointment will instantly intrigue and up-sell for you.

Next, consider including the use of the new Oway Tricho-Derm Profiler in your consultation. Use this to diagnose scalp and hair problems. You can show your client what their scalp looks like real-time on your connected device. This instantly takes your brand one step farther and separates you as a holistic, well-rounded stylist. This will also make your product and/or treatment recommendations much more effective.

Now you’re ready to design their Holistic Beauty Plan! This will include the Hair Baths and Masks you use at the shampoo bowl, suggested treatments to continue at home and any styling products as well.

2. Oway Brand Philosophy


Oway’s philosophy is root deep, literally. The process begins at the soil-level, which Oway takes special attention to properly care for and prep before the planting process begins.

The family farm Ortofficinia in Bologna, Italy centers around biodynamic farming. Biodynamic farming takes organic agriculture a step further as it pays special attention to each and every step in the process. Pure and clean harvests with zero chemicals or synthetic fertilizers allows for the purest, cleanest and most rich state of crops. They are harvested at optimal times for the most concentrated active ingredients that perform most effectively.

After harvesting crops at peak-performance, steam distillation is used to create the essential oils and active hydrolates used in Oway products. Oway uses the highest concentration of biodynamic, organic and naturally derived ingredients. Green chemistry, Fair Trade Networks and Sustainable Luxury Packaging are all at the core of Oway’s brand.

3. Oway Hair Care

All Oway Hair Care is free from:

❌ Parabens ❌ Synthetic Fragrance ❌ Petroleum ❌ PPG, PEG’s/BG ❌ Sulfates ❌ Artificial Colorants


DailyAct consists of the Frequent Use Hair Bath, Frequent Use Conditioner and Phytoprotein Mist. It gently cleanses for daily maintenance with ingredient Biodynamic Lemon, Organic White Tea, Fair Trade Aniseed and Organic Chestnut Properties. When describing to clients, mention the olfactory bouquet of Lemon, Grapefruit and Pepper. The aroma-therapeutic  action is invigorating and energizing for a delicate and normalized scalp.


The Moisturizing line hydrates and rejuvenates dry, damaged hair with Biodynamic Hazelnut, Organic Honey and Fair Trade Murmuru Butter. Moisturizing Hair Bath, Moisturizing Hair Mask and No-Rinse Conditioner Spray combine notes of Vanilla, Cinnamon and Orange for a rich and slightly spicy scent reminiscent of Christmas. This line as a relaxing and sensual aroma-therapeutic action.


For those who need extra help fighting color fading, there is the ColorUp line. Antioxidant rich Biodynamic Red Grape Vine, Organic Goji Berry and Fire Tulip Tree reserve and protect colored hair in the Color Protection Hair Bath, Color Protection Hair Mask and Color Protection Veil. Be sure to note the comforting and balancing aromatherapy of the Bergamot, Orange, Cedar and Fennel. These active ingredients combine to make an anti-stress and anti-oxidant action which preserves the bright reflections of color.


xVolume adds volume and elasticity to the hair with Biodynamic Yarrow, Organic Ginger and Fair Trade Violet Rice. The Volumizing Hair Bath and Volumizing Root Spray have an olfactory bouquet of Targetes, Geranium, Mandarin Orange and Coriander, which mixed together result in a floral and stimulating fragrance which provides tone and hold without the weight. An added benefit is the calming and intuitive aromatherapy experience.


BeCurly is for, you guessed it, all of our curly girls! Bring bounce and shape to curly or permed hair with Biodynamic Licorice, Organic Hypericum and Fair Trade Crabwood Oil which add moisture, not weight, for healthy and bouncy curls. The Curly Hair Bath, Curly Hair Mask and Curly Potion use Bergamot, Orange, Ginger, Juniper, Nutmeg and Mate to create a stimulating and eurphorant aroma-therapeutic action. Note that the pungent and spicy bouquet gives intense nourishment to curly and wavy hair.


Smooth+ consists of the Smoothing Hair Bath, Smoothing Conditioner, Smoothing Cream and Smoothing Fluid. This line is best for coarse, frizzy hair as Biodynamic Caraway Extract, Organic Rose and Fair Trade Buriti smooth and calm coarse and unruly locks. Cedar, Bergamot, Tea Tea, Elemi and Palo Santo Trees make for a sophisticated blend of wood and citrus notes for a softening and warming scent.


Silk n’ Glow, one of Oway’s most popular lines, restores and adds shine to dry, damaged hair with Biodynamic Oat, Organic Cupuacu Butter and Fair Trade Brazil Nut. Silk n’ Glow Hair Bath, Silk n’ Glow Hair Mask and Silk n’ Glow Serum combine Sweet Orange, Vanilla and Tangerine for a rich, sensual and nourishing notes that give long-lasting hydration. You can expect a softening and warming aroma-therapeutic experience.


The Rebuilding line restores substance to damaged hair by toning and relaxing the hair. Lavender, Basil and Lemon give a light floral and sweet citrus regenerate and illuminate energy. Th line features Rebuilding Serum, Hyalominerals, Ceramides F, Rebuilding Hair Bath and Rebuilding Hair Mask.

4. Oway Hair Care For Scalp Conditions

For clients with troubled scalps or trichological concerns, Oway has a range of holistic hair care to help combat everything from redness and irritation to dandruff or buildup.


WHAT IT DOES: The Purifying line relieves and eliminates dandruff on both dry and oily scalps


  • Biodynamic Rosemary – Helps promote micro-blood circulation while purifying that skin in order to help with cleanses and hair growth.
  • Biodynamic Thyme – Natural invigorator that helps with blood circulation while having antimicrobial and anti-septic properties.
  • Organic Willow – Particularly rich in flavonoids to have anti-inflammatory and toning properties.

OLFACTORY BOUQUETS: Rosemary and Bergamot bring freshness to the hair and scalp that deeply purifies.

PRODUCTS: Purifying Hair Bath, Purifying Rice Wax and Pure Biodynamic Thyme

AROMA-THERAPEUTIC ACTION: enhances the mood, fights fatigue and improves memory.


WHAT IT DOES: The Micro-Stimulating line promotes skin circulation and reinforces the hair bulb for hair growth.


  • Biodynamic Mint – Reactivating and refreshing action for micro-circulation, which provides immediate relief. Performs as an astringent on the scalp.
  • Organic Horse Chestnut– Most effective for its micro-circulation which stimulates the follicle. Helps in improving blood vessel for strengthening that hair bulb.
  • Ethical Teak & Mohogany – Helps in strengthening the hair structure, as well as, energizing and invigorating the hair.

OLFACTORY BOUQUET: Mint and Lemon stimulate the micro-circulation and strengthen the hair shaft.

PRODUCTS: Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath, Densifying Remedy and Vivifying Remedy

AROMA-THERAPEUTIC ACTION: Fights mental fatigue and stimulates the mind by improving concentration.


WHAT IT DOES: The Sebum line re-balances scalps prone to excess sebum.


  • Biodynamic Sage Has an activating and stimulating effect while improving the skin’s functions.
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil Made up of over 95% unsaturated fatty acids. Has soothing, softening and elasticizing properties.
  • Organic Euphrasia Extract – An invigorating astringent and anti-inflammatory action.

OLFACTORY BOUQUET: Sage and Anise deeply re-balance, refresh and calm unbalanced scalp environments.

PRODUCTS: Sebum Balance Hair Bath, Amazonian Control Clay and Pure Biodynamic Sage.

AROMA-THERAPEUTIC ACTION: Balsamic, purifying and soothing.


WHAT IT DOES: The Soothing line soothes sensitive and red skin. Great for bug bites, psoriasis and eczema alike,


  • Biodynamic Fennel  – Depurative actions to stimulate and remove toxins. Encourages the micro-circulation of the skin also.
  • Biodynamic Helichrysum – Soothing action that works against irritation and redness.
  • Biodynamic Chamomile – One of the best-known calming and anti-inflammatory remedies for medicinal plants.
  • Organic Aloe Vera– Proven to calm and eliminate pain. Also carries anti-bacterial actions to restore skin balance.

OLFACTORY BENEFITS: Bergamot, Fennel and Aloe Vera present crisp, soothing and rich notes that soothe and soften the hair and scalp.

PRODUCTS: Soothing Hair Bath, Zanthoxylum Soothing Gel, Pure Biodynamic Helichrysum and Soothing Remedy.

AROMA-THERAPEUTIC ACTION: Anti-stress and rest against mental fatigue.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday May 12th at 2PM for Oway Styling Product Knowledge!

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