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Star Rummelt

Congratulations to Star Rummelt from Midori Organic Salon in Largo, FL! She is our crowned Oway Stylist of the Month for March 2016.

Midori, which originally launched in Clearwater, FL is one of the first North American salons to completely adopt the Organic Way and will soon be opening it’s doors to a third location, so congrats all around!

Below, we interviewed Star about her experience with Oway hair color and what spring trends might be emerging this year. Be sure to check out the pictures of her gorgeous work!

Get to know Star!

Oway Hair Colorist Review

How did you become interested in organic hair color? What about Organic Way do you love the most?

The smells in the salon that I was working in previously made me ill. I was looking for a better option for myself and found Midori. Since becoming an Organic Colorist I was able to continue coloring hair, have twins, and stay in a healthy work environment! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love that it has the effect of healing the hair. I love the use of essential oils. I love how soft it makes the hair feel! But I also truly love how effective the performance of the color is. Lots of love!

Oway’s organic retail and care lines are pretty extensive! Do you have any favorites so far?

I love Glamshine Cloud because who doesn’t love super shiny hair?

It’s like pixie dust. Everyone must have it!

I also love the boho pomade it’s great on short and long hair because it never feels sticky or heavy but adds the texture and separation to really show off a great haircut.

Oway Glamshine Cloud Product Review

Have you discovered any tips or tricks with Oway hair color that you can share with our new users?

I enjoy using the 90 series with added boosters to create muted colors such as slates, silvers, and rose golds. I also used the 11.17 with .1 booster and that made a really unique iridescent silver / gray which I am currently rocking on my own hair and loving!

Use your downtime to play. Save hair and formulate. I always save old extension hair and see what I can come up with. I’ve been an organic colorist for over 6 years and a cosmetologist for 8 years. I never stop playing! Get creative and have fun this line, it’s amazing!

Do you have a favorite Organic Way color or formula you would like to share?

My best formula so far is 1/2 9.0 and 1/2 10.1 for a beautiful natural blonde on 100% white hair! I have struggled with coverage for years with one of my guests and now with this formula she is beaming every time I see her!

She even comes in more often now because she loves her hair that much. This formula is more translucent but plays up her white hair and adds just enough blonde to be perfect! You can see her pictured here on the right – all smiles!

Blonde Grey Coverage

Which hair color trends do you foresee for Spring 2016? Is there anything you hope takes off this year?

I’m hearing a lot about the denim hair color trend. I think we will see a lot of this. Our grey trend is going a little blue! I am playing with formulas already and will share results to the forum!

I like a rooted look but am preferring to break it up a bit with microlites. This is my favorite look right now.

Social media is a powerful tool, has our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum Group on Facebook benefited you in any way?

Absolutely. I get to connect with other organic colonists and share experiences which is an excellent resource for all of us. I would like to see the industry change and together we can create a strong community to make this happen!

Check out Star's Oway hair color transformations below!

Join Star and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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