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Oway Styling — Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Series EP2

Learn everything you’ve wanted to know about the Oway Styling range and more in Episode 2 of our Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Class Series!

Vice President of Education Rebecca Gregory dishes on everything Oway Styling products, from hold and shine factors to tried-and-true product cocktails. Uncover the ins and outs of Oway’s plant-based, high performance styling range here.

Find our 4 key takeaways from the Oway Styling Product Knowledge Power Class below!

1. Oway Styling Hero Ingredients


Biodynamic White Horehound

Biodynamic White Horehound is the first active ingredient found in the Oway Styling line. Horehound is a very astringent, invigorating and refreshing extract. Biodynamic White Horehound will reinforce the skin and hair structure, as well as provide UV protection! It is a soothing anti-irritant that is great for after-sun care. We love that it defends against ultraviolet radiation, even in styling products!


Organic Black Quinoa

Organic Black Quinoa is known as “vegetable caviar” rich in high quality plant proteins and amino acids to strengthen and protect the hair. It repairs hair naturally by nourishing and hydrating the scalp.


Biodynamic Lemon Balm

Biodynamic Lemon Balm is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that revive and brighten lackluster skin and hair. As a hydrolate, which is what is left after the steam-distillation, it has soothing and calming properties properties. It is a great ingredient for those who tend to have excess oil, as it helps balance those levels. 

2. More Than Just A Styling Product


All Oway Styling is free from:

❌ Parabens ❌ Synthetic Fragrance ❌ Petroleum ❌ PPG, PEG’s/BG ❌ Sulfates ❌ Artificial Colorants

The Oway Styling line is more than just a group of styling products. The low-tox, eco style benefits don’t stop there! Oway Styling products treat the hair as well.

From the shine serums to finishing sprays, there are fortifying ingredients in each that help to nourish, heal and hydrate the hair shaft. Along with the 3 hero active ingredients, there are plenty of biodynamic-organic botanicals that benefit hair styling and hair health.

3. Oway Styling Insider Info

Alright, let’s skip to the good stuff. Here are cocktailing tricks and tech tips for each Oway Styling product from the webinar:


Glossy Nectar

Glossy Nectar repairs and adds shine to dry, damaged hair while adding an enviable sheen and shine you can’t get anywhere else.

Cocktail Tip: Mix Glossy Nectar with Curly Potion for your curly and wavy haired clients. It’ll give their locks shine and great frizz control at the same time! Especially great for humid environments where a sealant is needed to control frizz.


Bio-Rich Water

Bio-Rich Water is a nourishing cutting and refresh spray.

The ultimate cocktail tip for this styling product is to mix Bio-Rich Water with Boho Pomade. This helps to sculpt the hair without weighing it down by making a slightly lighter-weight pomade.


Nurturing Drops

Nurturing Drops are ultra-concentrated serum drops for split ends. It’ll seal damaged ends while also adding intense shine and protecting the hair from heat!

Pro tip: Use these drops to speed up drying time on thick, wavy and frizzy hair.


Glamshine Cloud

Oway Glamshine Cloud is a lightweight finishing spray that adds elegant sheen and shine, while calming frizz and fly aways at the same time.

Glamshine Cloud alone has no hold, but if you spray in on your palm and cocktail it with Boho Pomade, it’ll beautifully define wavy hair.


Thermal Stress Protector 

Thermal Stress Protector guards against heat from hot tools and can act as a medium hold hairspray at the same time!

Did you know that if you spray on your palm and mix with Boho Pomade, it will expertly define wavy hair? Use before curling and expect your style to last for days!


Sea Salt Spray

Oway Sea Salt Spray harnesses the power of Balinese sea salt to create enviable tousled waves and texture with just the right amount of grit.

If you’ve got a wash-happy client, suggest the Sea Salt Spray for them. This styling product is ideal for those who shampoo everyday as it keeps the hair structure moisturized!


Flux Potion 

Flux Potion provides flexible, voluminous looks sans all the residue. With medium shine and medium hold levels, it’s a great replacement for mouse.

Cocktail Tip: Mix with Curly Portion to give hold and softness to curly locks.


Sculpting Mist

Sculpting Mist is a strong hold eco-friendly hair spray. It adds control without weighing the hair down.

Sculpting Mist is ideal to define braids and chignon hairstyles, while at the same time leaving the hair supple. Plus, no aerosol!


Boho Pomade

Boho Pomade is one of the most versatile pomades for curls and piece-y looks.

If you mix Boho Pomoade with Glossy Nectar, it becomes extremely soft and sculpting, making it ideal for wavy and frizzy hair.


Shabby Mud

Oway Shabby Mud is a soft-hold matte wax made with kaolin clay sustainably harvested from the Amazonian Rain forest.

Did you know that sunflower oil is one of the active ingredients? It has a protective and brightening effect on hair, which is where this styling product gets its matte yet powerful look.


Precious Wax

Precious Wax is a multi-functional, zero hold shine wax. It decreases volume and adds shine with a soft definition.

Pro Tip: Use this wax as a hand and lip balm! Its natural formula is ideal to nourish lips, hand and feet as well as hair!


Shaping Putty

Oway Shaping Putty is a strong hold, fibrous styling putty for achieving hairstyles with stark definition, structure and body.

If you mix Shaping Putty with Precious Wax, it’ll heighten the shine so you have max hold and shine all in one product!


Frozen Glaze

Oway Frozen Glaze is a strong hold clear pomade with a high shine finish. Perfect for creating sleek, “wet looks” with lasting sheen and definition.

If you mix with Bio-Rich Water, you can obtain a softer consistency that will work much better for thinner hair types.


Quick Glue

Quick Glue is the strongest hold for extremely defined hairstyles. Ideal for short to medium hair, it will give a matte finish.

Tech Tip: Use Quick Glue to obtain static effects, such as crests and locks.

4. Styling In Review

These are Oway’s yellow-label, true to name styling products. Remember, many of the Oway products are extremely versatile. Other products considered hair care and treatments are often used in-salon and at home for styling. For product knowledge on Oway hair care and treatment product, go here.

If nothing else, remember:

Waxes, Muds and Pomades are used to define, separate support and texturize.

Nectars, Drops and Lotions nourish, rebuild and give hair a shiny, seductive look.

Glazes, Glues, Sprays and Heat Protectors are best for hold, to sculpt and to give structure and support to the hair.

Let us know the Oway Styling product you can't live without in the comments!

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