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The Organic Way of Skincare

Oway Skincare is a thoughtfully curated line including everything from cleansers and toners to masks and boosters. If you’re offering your clients the cleanest in professional organic hair color, natural skincare is a good next step.

In episode 3 of our Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Class Series, learn how to offer biodynamic-organic skincare services and retail tips from Oway!

Learn about the foundation of Oway Skincare below and watch the recap above for a deep-dive into each skincare product!

Biodynamic Agriculture


As with all Oway products, only the purest and cleanest type of cultivation is used when planting and harvesting ingredients for Oway’s skincare line.

Zero pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers are used in the cultivation. Biodynamic farming for Oway Skincare follows three basic principles:

  1. Maintain the highest quality of soil and soil fertility, respecting humans, plants and the soil alike throughout the entire process.
  2. Cultivate the healthiest and strongest plants so that they can survive among environmental stressors without the use of any synthetic chemicals.
  3. In turn, this produces the ingredients of highest quality, continuing the process from planting to the way the ingredients are extracted. This provides the strongest and most pure active ingredients in each skincare product.

Fair Trade Ingredients

Oway supports the development of less fortunate communities around the world by sourcing fair trade ingredients. Organic Way Skincare is Fair Trade Certified.

Fair Trade ensures an ethical partnership between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries, providing ethical working conditions and livable wages. It puts the people and planet first by fighting poverty, climate change and economic crisis.

For example, Oway Skincare ingredients like Pataua Oil and Green Clay (1) are sourced from the Amazon through their supplier-partner. The Purple Rice (2) is from South-East Asia.

These climates and environments produce the highest quality ingredients active in their natural skincare products, while still staying uncompromising on ethical and farming standards.


Oway Skincare Standards

Oway Skincare uses twice the pure water in their products. Water undergoes 2 purification processes to eliminate foreign substances. By using both reverse osmosis and ozonation, you have the cleanest and most pure natural skincare products.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that removes ions, unwanted particles and larger molecules from water by using a partially permeable membrane. This process removes a pretty large spectrum of contaminants.

Then, the water undergoes the ozonation process. This is a water treatment technique that infuses ozone into water. Ozonated water has been shown to have antibacterial effects, making it ideal to have in skincare products.

With this twice purified water process, you can be sure not only your Oway Skincare, but all Oway products, are giving you the highest quality at all times.

Oway Skincare Pillars



Talk about clean! Oway Skincare contains no SLS & SLES, parabens, silicons, petrolatums, PEGS. PPGS, BGS, EDTAS, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants or phthlates!



Between biodynamic farming and the twice pure water process, Oway Skincare contains raw and natural ingredients from plants grown organically and biodynamically.



Powerful and concentrated essences are extracted by way of green chemistry, ensuring the most active and powerful ingredients are included in all products.



All Oway Skincare is both nickel tested and dermatologically tested, so you can be sure you’re receiving great products that are safe for everyone, even the most sensitive of skin. Certified

In case you weren’t convinced yet, Oway Skincare is certified! The prestigious protects and promotes natural organic cosmetics to benefit consumers worldwide.

This certification means that Oway organic skincare is anywhere from 98.6% – 100% biodynamic, organic, natural or naturally derived. Plus, it ensures that Oway products are ethically and sustainably produced.

Love what you've learned? Shop certified Oway Skincare below!


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