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Without the right protection, the harsh summer heat can be very unforgiving on the hair. And if your client already has dry hair, excessive sun exposure and heat can cause even more damage if not treated in time.

Organic Way offers solutions to hydration and strength issues in their treatment options, and one favorite is the Phytoprotein Mist. The Phytoprotein Mist is part of the Frequent Use line and is formulated to be gentle and effective for everyday use.

Benefits of Oway Phytoprotein Mist

  1. The pH of the Phytoprotein Mist lies between 5.5 and 6.5 and therefore, a great way to restore the hair’s pH balance after it has been through stresses such as mechanical, external, or chemical damage. A combination of organic chestnut, soy, and wheat proteins form a barrier against external aggressors while increasing moisture content and renewing shine.
  2. It instantly detangles knotted hair and protects the hair from forming split ends. The soy and wheat proteins offer added protection, easier comb-ability, and hydration.
  3. This miracle mist is not only a hair damage solution, but it can also be used regularly to maintain healthy hair. When hair feels dry, dull or limp, simply use the mist to give the hair the nutrients and energy it needs. The organic chestnut proteins in the mist provide the strength, vitality, and shine the hair needs. These nutrients are harnessed from the biodynamic organic ingredients in the formula – a no-rinse formula which allows the active ingredients to penetrate the hair and scalp effectively.
  4. Phytoprotein spray is also effective in assisting in hair color services. It locks the color molecules into the hair once the hair has professionally been colored. Color molecules bind with proteins, making the hair color richer and longer lasting.
  5. This is a must-have for any professional stylist as it functions as both a unique treatment and a styling aid at the same time. It performs like a two-in-one protein mist: treat and style!

How to Use Oway Phytoprotein Mist

Spray into dry or damp hair daily to give nutrition to thin, dry, and damaged locks. Do not rinse. It detangles, while also helping to coat the hair fiber to protect from split ends. Phytoprotein Mist is your daily energizing and revitalizing solution for limp and lifeless hair without weighing the hair down.

Phytoprotein Mist vs. Hrestore


Like Phytoprotein Mist, Hrestore aids in repairing and restoring damaged hair to health with the use of multiple plant proteins. But unlike Phytoprotein Mist, Hrestore is a professional-only backbar protein treatment that’s strictly used by stylists during chemical services.

oway-hrestoreWith a pH between 4 and 5, this spray is the perfect spray after lightening or color services to bring protein and structure back to the hair strands. It acts as a porosity-balancing agent, locking protein into the places it is missing and allowing the color to take more deeply and evenly.

To use, spray evenly over wet or dry hair, focusing more on mid-lengths and ends. Do not rinse, style as desired. It is not recommended to use more than five times in 72 hours.

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