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Our Stylist of the Month is not your ordinary hair stylist. From vibrant vivids to bombshell beach blondes, Erica Walker, aka magic.maker on Instagram, is one to watch. She does not back down from a challenge and has a bold, fresh style that’s definitely her own.

Check out our interview with Erica below!

Tell us about yourself. How did you get your start in the industry?

I was giving out kitchen scissor haircuts and cap highlights by 12 years old. There is just some kind of therapy in creating. writing, drawing, and painting. I gotta spill my heart out onto a canvas, but hair was the medium that allowed me to grab hold of a livelihood at a young age.

What made you choose holistic hairdressing?

My path actually crossed with Simply Organic 10 years ago when specializing in another non-toxic brand, but when I stumbled across Oway last summer — I was sold! The bar for green chemistry has been set, ladies and gentlemen. With so much in the world out of our control, it is a privilege to get to be mindful of what is going onto and into our bodies. And as if the products don’t already speak for themselves, Owayans pour out support and education.

Your balay work is amazing! Any tips you can share? Do you have a go-to Oway hair color formula?

Trust the trial and error. Develop your skill with patience and practice, and then never stop practicing. Every session can be a lesson. For me, Oway Hbleach is a balayage dream! I think I speak for most of the tribe — Oway Hcolor 11.17 is the go-to toner. The way it can beige and ice your blondes — money, honey!

What are your favorite Oway hair styling products?

Hands down, my number one is Nurturing Drops! No matter if I’m just dusting off the split ends during your lunch break or losing my religion over that all-day color correction, I need the drops to polish and protect the cuticle.

What are the trends should we look out for this fall/winter?


I, at least, predict my clients will have me reaching for the more playful tones at the shampoo bowl rather than the usual neutralizing glazes.

What advice would you give to other stylists who just started carving their own career path?

Coincidentally, I’m in my first two weeks with a brand new salon, BLEACHED. Offered a master styling position by a personal and professional dear friend, we are very much approaching this as an opportunity to build up talent and confidence (because between me and you, I guarantee I was actually more nervous to change salons after 12 years than the fresh-out-of-schooler is during their first client.) You just go for it. Make the magic. Make the mistakes. But by all means, just make something happen!

See Erica's amazing work with Oway below!

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