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Plastic-Free Hair Styling ProductsOrganic Color Systems has always promoted “plastic-free” styling. Not only do plastics cause complications for hair colorist, but now there is additional proof that they cause serious health problems and even more risk for pregnant women and their unborn fetus.

Plastics Are Simply Bad for Hair

Plastic ingredients come under many names including Silicones, Acetates, and many “certals” or other alcohols. If you’re not a cosmetic chemist, you may find it difficult to translate a styling product’s ingredients label to determine if it contains plastics. However, only a select handfull of styling lines have successfully eliminated plastics from their ingredients and those that have proudly and predominately advertise this accomplishment. Organic Control Systems is one line that is know for plastic free styling and is used by thousands of organic salons in over 40 countries around the globe.

They make it difficult for colorist to produce professional results because they coat the cuticle with a silicone coating that is difficult to penetrate for color pigment to penetrate. Plastics make it difficult to impossible to promote hair health because the synthetic coating seals in bacteria which promote hair decomposition. The plastics found in hair styling products also clog hair pores in the scalp making it impossible for the hair to be moisturized by the sebaceous glands, which product sebum, the hair’s natural moisturizer. Plastics will also clog hair follicles which make it difficult for new hair to grow, a leading cause of hair thinning and balding in women.

The Dangers of Plastics in Hair Products

New research published in the Journal of Pediatrics has linked the exposure of pregnant women to certain plastics to hyperactivity and other behavior disorders in female children. Further, Phthalates, a group of hormone-disrupting chemicals used to soften plastics which are commonly found in hair styling products, have been linked to birth defects, damage to the reproductive systems, and obesity. Hundreds of animal studies have shown that phthalates can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Because phthalates do not have to be listed on ingredient labels, there is no way for pregnant women to avoid purchasing products containing them. However, Plastic-Free styling products do not have a need for ingredients that soften plastics as no plastics are used in them.

Research is Ongoing

There is a great deal of ongoing research into the roles that plastics play in our modern well-being. Special emphasis is being placed on hair care product ingredients as well as product packaging for such items that seem as benign as water bottles. When dealing with clients that have a special concern for their well being, such as pregnant clients, cancer patients, or survivors of challenging diseases; a special duty of care should be undertaken by their licensed cosmetologist as they put their trust in your professional knowledge. Please be aware of product ingredients, keep up on the latest research, and exercise common sense when making product selections and recommendations.

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