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Our Non-Diversion Pledge to our Clients

At Simply Organic Beauty, we have recognized the importance of exclusive, non-diverted, high quality, socially conscious, and environmentally responsible products in developing the businesses and professional careers of our clients. We have not, and will never, sell our products to anyone who is not a licensed salon professional. This is precisely why you have never, and will not ever, be able to find any of our product lines on retail store shelves anywhere throughout the United States or Canada. We simply refuse to divert our products, despite what might benefit our bottom line, because we understand that it will be at the cost and detriment of our clients. This is not how our company rewards loyalty. This is simply an unfair business practice that is perpetuated by all companies who say they don’t divert and blame boogie-men when their products show up on retail shelves.

The effects of Diversion throughout the salon industry

It seems that most product distributors and manufacturers have abandoned their commitment to the professional salon industry by diverting their products and brands into the likes of the Targets, WalMarts, and Walgreens across the nation.

While this will surely benefit the manufacturer’s or distributor’s revenue and profit, it is always at the expense of the very salon professionals that built these brands. So many salon brands are available, in one form or another, as off-the-shelf products that dilute the perceived benefit salon professionals are able to provide their clients. Moreover, when the economy slumps, and more people begin to consider at-home treatments rather than going to their salon, it is the brand manufacturers and distributors that thrive while their loyal salon professionals suffer.

There is an excellent article on product diversion here.

[styledbox type=”warning” align=”center”]Despite what manufacturers say, it is simply impossible for a rouge distributor to sell products to large retail chains. To get a product on the shelves of Target, Wal Mart, or CVS; a manufacturer must supply product liability insurance certificates, subject themselves to an ISO 9000 quality manufacturing process audit, certify that they own the rights to the trademarks, and jump through 100 other hoops. The ONLY person that could possibly get a product into large retail stores is the product’s manufacturer. Any assertion other than this is simply incredible and untruthful.[/styledbox]

Transforming from a Hairdresser into an Artist

As salon owners, operators, or professionals; your image is the pinnacle component of a returning and loyal clientele. Your image is developed by a vast array of qualities you convey to your clients including your skill, artistry, service quality, professional attitude, environmental responsibility, personal attention, and product knowledge. However, among the most important qualities of the image you portray is the sense of exclusivity. When your clients understand that you offer a service that is of higher quality, unique, limited by your personal time and attention, and in high demand you will cross the chasm from being a hairdresser to being an artist. Artists are able to demand more money for their time and services because their services offer an intangible quality that can only be determined by those who appreciate it the most; your clients!

When you achieve this you will no longer be providing a commodity service subject to the supply and demand forces of your local market. You will be providing a valued and coveted art form that will be considered priceless by those few that can appreciate the value of beauty and a sought-after desire for those who can’t.

[styledbox type=”warning” align=”center”]The combined revenue of just Wal Mart and Target is 50X larger than the entire professional beauty supply industry combined. Product manufacturers would be insane to ignore this outlet and exclusively focus on the professional market. Organic Salon Systems has made this part of its core business model and believes that selling exceptional, clean, non-diverted, high-performance products exclusively to the professional market is a worthwhile venture that will help fundamentally transform the professional salon industry…for the better.[/styledbox]

The critical importance of exclusivity and non-diversion

One of the most important components of developing this image is the products you select to partner with in developing your image. The instant your client realizes that they can find your product in the corner drugstore or supermarket is the very moment you have lost every opportunity to become an artist in their mind. No matter how fined-tuned your skills are, how professional your attitude is, and how much time and expense you spend on continuing education; your clients will always have a tendency to credit the products with their fantastic experience. This is especially true when the product manufacturer spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year promoting how their product solves the very problem your client presented to you. This is where product diversion becomes nothing less than a theft of the time YOU put into their product. The very product you are loyal to and pay so much money for is using you to advance their sales while undermining your long term career!

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Our Company Ethos

  • • To only distribute the highest performance, healthiest, most natural, and gentlest products available;
  • • To support the salon industry by distributing  professional only, non-diverted product lines;
  • • To continually recognize that the best way to grow our business is by helping our clients grow theirs;
  • • To fully disclose all product ingredients and act with transparency, honesty, and integrity;
  • • To maintain an ethical environmental policy;
  • • To not tolerate any products ever tested on animals;
  • • To train, educate, and provide information which will enable the industry and our clients become healthier while improving their service quality;
  • • To provide world-class service to our clients and always strive to become the best at what we do in every regard.