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Every client dreams of having strong, healthy hair that doesn’t turn into a frizzy mess when styled or when there’s a sudden change in weather. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to sit in the salon for an hour and get a hair treatment.

But what if we tell you, there’s a treatment that can bring your client’s tresses back to its optimum condition in just 15 minutes?

With only your Oway Hrestore Protein Treatment Spray and Infrared Remedy Iron, you can transform dry, damaged strands into shiny, healthy hair. This treatment also helps increase the longevity of your client’s hair color as it refills the hair with vegetable plant-based proteins and color protective amino acids.

As stylists, we know that protein and color are heavily attracted to one another. Protein creates the canvas for the color, so without proteins the color will fade in no time.

One way to restore lost proteins in the hair is to do a protein treatment. But unlike other treatments, Oway Hrestore Protein Spray has a light molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate deep into the hair. It has a pH of 4.0 – 5.0, which help balance the hair’s pH level as well.

Meanwhile, the ultrasonic vibrations and the cold fusion technology in Infrared Remedy Iron pushes the nutrients further into the cortex, reinforcing the hair. The iron does not use heat, as heat can cause the cuticles to rise, creating openings for color molecules to escape.


How to Use Hrestore with Infrared Remedy Iron

  1. Perform the Mist Test to check if the iron is working.
  2. Mist Hrestore onto towel-dried hair so Hrestore doesn’t get diluted and hair absorbs all nutrients.
  3. Section with Oway Straw Clips.
  4. Spray Hrestore again onto section of hair, then pass the iron through the hair three times on each side, making sure to flip the iron so the plate goes on both sides of the hair. You want to make sure the nutrients are thoroughly absorbed by the hair.
  5. Leave it in. You can also perform this treatment before applying your toner on dry hair or over a gloss to lock in nutrients.

With spring and summer coming up, many clients will start their transition to blonde. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce this treatment to clients as ultraviolet radiation risks and environmental stresses are at their peak during this time of year. Furthermore, blonding takes out pigment, which disturbs the porosity of the hair. The Hrestore treatment will help strengthen it and bring back its porosity by refilling gaps in the hair.

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