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Recognize Client Type & Dialogue Starters


Part 1 of 2 series

Be aware of the vital importance of every consultation and the enormous earning potential it contains. Consultation is key to building your hair color business. All around the country, I see huge opportunities for profit just waiting for professional colorists to make. In this two part series, I will outline ideas to not only help you earn more, but to increase your confidence while at the same time demonstrating greater professionalism to you clients, customers and prospects.
Building your rapport & assisting in your approach: Your approach prepares people to listen to you. It sets the stage for your color recommendations. By recognizing individual client types, you can begin to see every consultation as a unique opportunity to add to your hair color business. It is time to increase your color business and empower your communication skills.

Blind Date:

First time client; Looking forward to a stylist that can offer them something new and for a salon that will soon be their next home. Strong consultation skills and active listening are essential. Don’t forget you only have one chance to make a first impression. You need to lay the ground work for your future relationship and instill confidence in their selection in you as their new stylist.

Color Cautious:

Interested in hair color, but doesn’t want the results to appear too obvious or they might have fallen victim to a bad color service in the past. These clients are also reluctant to make changes or maybe need to be enticed into switching from their line to an Organic Color Systems option. Education is the key when approaching these types of clients. You can now make them feel comfortable by offering them a naturally derived and organic option to hair color

Time Challenged:

Running a mile a minute, doing a million tasks at once and carrying a coffee, this client generally needs their roots retouched and their ends treated.


Always wants the Newest & Greatest. A Walking Billboard of your work. This type of client wants you to customize their color to them, and may look for change on every visit. Don’t miss this opportunity to show off your creative talent and expertise. These are people that love to get attention with their hair and are sure to bring you many referrals.

Root Rejection:

Anxious to minimize obvious regrowth. If the client has been getting full foils for years, but still wants to have more dimensions to blur the stark variation between her regrowth and highlights. They might also be tired of the costly maintenance this look requires.

Accelerated Fader:

Loves that just walked out of the salon, fresh color look. This client might experience pre-mature fading much sooner than your other clients. Offering tips, altering the formula, or including color refreshers in between services will make you their “hair hero”.

Cut & Dried:

Low maintenance, frequent haircut client, with dull hair that has settled with their style. Just by adding a little brightness and shine you restore the look of healthiness and make a great difference.

New to Gray:

Slightly distressed from watching the gray hair creep in. This client might be looking for a non-drastic solution that will disguise or blend it in. Maybe new to color, it is important to offer gentle, non-toxic choices like Organic Color Systems.

Price Sensitive:

On a budget but could benefit from a little change. Money might be a delicate topic for them. They might ask for discounted services or express concern about prices or the cost of upkeep. Without devaluing your service or embarrassing your client you need to find a happy medium.

See Part 2 for Dialogue Starters for these specific client types

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