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Planning for Profit: How to Stay on Top of Business After a Crisis

When those salon doors get ready to re-open, you should already have a plan put in place to maximize profit and know where to save to rebuild from the inside. There will be a mass influx of business, so it’s imperative you know how you are going to handle everything, from new cleaning protocols to balancing the books.

Watch our last Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series video above for everything you need to plan a successful first month back in the business and keep on reading for key points to earn and organize your soon-to-be profit.

Bounce back and plan for your profit today with our tips below!

New Season, New You!

When salon doors re-open, clients are going to be itching for a change in their look. Stay ahead of this rush by doing Skype Consultations now to discuss and plan with your clients. This way, you have an idea of who will be coming into your salon when. You can plan what inventory you need to order first and, if you’re a Type A, possibly draft out a schedule of your first weeks back so you can ensure you fit everyone in.

During these Skype Consultations, be detailed and thorough. Set up a Pinterest Board for each client. They will love it and it will keep them engaged with you and inspired. Having a game plan will put everyone’s mind at ease and possibly help prevent them from reaching for that box color.

On that note: the tone in the salon when it re-opens should be positive. If your clients did reach for the box color, it’s no time to shame them. Be gentle with them and with yourself! Our businesses are changing and will be different, but be ready for it and direct the change. If you plan, you can be ready with a new approach that works for everyone.

Be prepared to welcome new clients.

While you’ll be busy fitting all the regulars in, you also need to plan for new clientele. Whether your salon has the perfect time and date open for them or they had to relocate to a new area, be sure to have times open with your junior staff. Although it might feel overwhelming, growth is always positive and with it comes new profit. New clients bring fresh opportunities to junior staff to enhance their skill and expertise.

Be a leader.

Continue to nurture relationships with your staff, clients and followers alike. Talk about new opportunities and new plans you might have for the salon. It’s important to continue to keep everyone engaged, inspired and excited for the changes that lie ahead for your salon.

When the time draws near to re-open, review the experience of the past few months with everyone. What did they get out of this? What can we take away from this time? Now, you and your team are prepared to get through and thrive through any crisis together.

For help supporting your salon team and for best communication practices, be sure to review episode 2, all about fostering strong relationships in a time of crisis.

Visit beauty schools.

When the beauty schools in your area re-open, look for new talent to assist you and your team when the inevitable boom happens.

When the salon gets busy you need time set forth to foster the relationships in chairs, but also to keep up with the growth and demand. Finding new talent in beauty schools helps introduce them to a professional salon environment and is a great way to give back to your community.

You might need help shampooing and sweeping the floors, but also consider creating and having them implement a new standard operating procedure for cleaning. A new Cleaning Ritual will most likely be a huge thing clients look for in the future. Ensuring your salon is a safe space and having a strict regimen in place will help everyone feel more comfortable and this is something new talent can easily be trained in and help you and your staff with when busy.

Keep up with online certifications + tools.

One thing we suggest doing with your time at home is to complete the Barbicide Online Certification class. This free class takes less than an hour to complete and ensures you are ready and committed to providing a safe and clean salon environment.

Also continue to keep up with and grow your online retail sales business with Holistic Hair Tribe. Look back through your books for client reports and see what products they need. Shoot out a text message or send a DM on Instagram to remind them and tell them about your new affiliate code.

For more tips on making the most out of your Holistic Hair Tribe account, revisit episode 3, all about continuing to make profit while you’re out of the salon.

Finally, finances.

Really look through your Profit & Loss Statements. Stay focused when you’re back to the salon. Save the first $10 you make every day and set it aside in an envelope. It might not seem impact, but if you work a 5 day week, by the end of that week you’ll have $50 saved up. And by the time you’ve put 40 weeks into the salon, you’ll have $2,000 saved up in that envelope. This is a no-brainier way to save that profit for a rainy day.

Be sure to print out our Monthly Budget Checklist to keep you expenses and profit in-check and help you plan for your debut back in business.

Thank you for coming on our Safeguarding Your Salon Business Journey! We hope you feel energized and prepared to get back in-salon successfully.

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