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Organic Salon Systems would like to invite all salons to join us in celebrating World Earth Hour 2012 and honor their commitment to our amazing environment.

Salon Earth Hour 2012
Members of Organic Salon Systems Staff Wearing World Earth Day Shirts Provided by O’Right.  Special thanks for the wonderful team at O’Right!

One characteristic that seems to be shared among all of our clients is the drive to continually become better. Whether it be through education, a focus on health and wellness, creating balance and equilibrium in their lives, or through demonstrating a heightened level of social responsibility; Organic Salon Systems’ Salon Professionals have a drive and passion for continual personal and professional development and place a high value on integrity.

In our ongoing obsession with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, Organic Salon Systems is inviting all salons to demonstrate their value for our environment by joining us in participating in Earth Hour 2012. Earth Hour is the world’s largest mass participation event and this year will involve over 1 Billion people in more than 1,000 cities and 130 countries around the world who will turn their lights off for 60 minutes. This year World Earth Hour will become the largest voluntary action for the environment in history and we would like all of our salons to join us in participating in this monumental worldwide event.

Salons that are interested in participating can join us in celebrating your commitment to the environment by turning off all non-essential lights in their salons on Saturday March 31, 2012 at 8:30 PM for 60 minutes. Then, light a couple of candles if you’d like and take a photo of your salon with the lights out. Send us the photo at CustomerService[at] and we’ll included it in our Worldwide Earth Hour Mosaic and send you a copy as a commemorative of the event for your salon.

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