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Remove mineral and chemical buildup on the hair and scalp caused by certain water conditions with these proven treatments!

It is known that up to 80% of the households in the United States have a water supply that is considered “hard”.  Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and lead along with the chemical oxidizer chlorine, which is commonly added to our water supply at levels greater than is allowed in public swimming pools. These minerals have the opposite electrical charge of of the hairs protein structure. They in effect become a “wall of dissolved rocks” which can wreak havoc with hair feel and texture as well as interfere with chemical services. In addition,  stopping the oxidizing action of peroxide can be challenging when we are rinsing with water containing chlorine. All of this can add up to unexpected tonal results, grey coverage challenges, premature fadeage, and hair that feels dry and lacks shine.

Malibu Wellness products use a patented, fresh dried vitamin complex that is water activated to normalize the ph of the hair and scalp and remove minerals and oxidizers to ensure consistent and superior salon services.

Making Water Well® System Kit

malibu_making-water-wellHelp your clients maintain the results of your in salon demineralizing treatment with this three pronged approach. The synergy of these three products is a must for clients with the challenges of severe water hardness.

Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer

malibu_hard-waterHelp your clients maintain the results of your in-salon demineralizing treament by sending them home with Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer. For the cost of a latte your clients can give themselves a weekly demineralizing treatment at home! This helps to ensure consistent color results and keeps the hair prepared for their next salon visit.

Crystal Gel Professional Normalizer

malibu_crystal-gelCrystal Gel Professional Normalizer is an In-Salon treatment that is your best choice for removing minerals from your clients hair. Mineral or medication deposits can cause or contribute to inconsistent results, grey coverage challenges, rapid color fade and color that fades “Off-Tone”.

Color Prepare

malibu_color-prepareMineral deposits can cause or contribute to inconsistent results, grey coverage challenges, rapid color fade and color that fades “Off-Tone”. Color Prepare is the choice when you don’t have the time for Malibu’s Crystal Gel Normalizer. Color Prepare can be used at the shampoo bowl without heat to remove minerals from your clients hair.

Blondes Weekly Brightener

malibu_blondesHard water mineral buildup can dull blonde and highlighted hair. Blondes Weekly Brightener can be used before color or highlight retouches to remove the dullness that can make it challenging to match your retouch color to the previously colored hair. This is also a great retail product to help your clients maintain the color purity of their blonde hair.

Malibu Swimmers’ Wellness System Kit

malibu_swimmersHelp your clients solve the unique set of challenges that competition or fun in the pool can cause. This comprehensive take-home kit will help to maintain healthy, shiny hair and ensure that their hair is ready for their next color service.

Un-Do-Goo Shampoo

malibu_undoUn-Do-Goo Shampoo is a gentle solution system for removing stying product build-up such as hair sprays, gels, mousses, and is effective in seconds. Because Organic Color Systems works at a lower, more gentle pH and doesn’t use the corrosive chemical ammonia, these buildups can impede the action of our color. Preshampooing with Un-Do-Goo is the perfect solution!