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As Colorists, Sometimes We Just Need to Brighten Things Up a Bit

Our full range of Brighteners are designed to be used with any Organic Color Systems color to brighten the results or on applied to pre-lightened hair on their own to provide funky fashion colors. These oxidative permanent pigments do not have their own base tones as they are pure colors and can be intermixed together and with other colors to empower the Professional Colorist with additional creativity. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”250″] [imageeffect type=”lightbox” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ alt=”Hair Color Brightener” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/brighteners.jpg” ] All of our Brightners are 100% PPD & ammonia free but rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, certified organic ingredients, plant extracts, and other nutrients.[/two_columns_last]

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Brighten Your Color With Our Proprietary Brightening Pigments

Organic Color Systems’ Brighteners provide boldness to any hair color formula. With sharper pigments, designed to illuminate and bring that special breath of life and zest to your client’s favorite hair color. The Brighteners are an oxidative pigment, so they require mixing with Organic Color Systems Naturlite Activator to perform. While Organic Color Systems’ intensifiers are semi-permanent, the brighteners will provide permanent results.

Create bright and exciting tones with absolutely no compromises to your creativity. Our exclusive range of color tools, which include our Concentrates, Intensifiers, and Brighteners; support Organic Color Systems and truly empower you to express your true artistry in ways that traditional hair color can never be capable of.

Organic Care Systems is the unique combination and collection of natural-based shampoos, highly effective design treatments (treatments) and great hair care (conditioner).

All products are designed to preserve the natural structure of the hair where necessary to repair and prevent a decline in color intensity. Organic Care System is specially tuned to the colors of Organic Color Systems to get every hair color as long and as brilliant as possible.

Therefore, four product families have been developed with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients – each for a specific hair type: Status Quo for normal, Aqua Boost for dry, Power Boost for fine and Soothe Plus for sensitive hair and for the sensitive scalp.

Organic Shampoos

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Aqua Boost Shampoo

For dry hair. Designed to soften the hair’s natural inner protein and add moisture to the cuticle allowing it to open and close making the hair more pliable. Designed for every day use.
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Power Build Shampoo

Provides hair with strength and volume while protecting from UV damage with Wheat proteins and vitamin B5.
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Status Quo Shampoo

Gentle enough for every day use on normal and color treated hair. Contains certified organic extracts, sun flower seed to protect hair from UV damage and wheat proteins for inner strength.
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Soothe Plus Shampoo

Calms, cleanses, and rebalances irritated and sensitive scalps naturally. Packed full of botanical and certified organic ingredients to provide a calming and soothing effect.
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