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[two_columns border=”border” height=”225″]Organic Color Systems’ reconstructors represent the pinnacle of advanced organic hair care products. They are specifically designed to repair, revive, and damaged or color treated hair by rebuilding strength and elasticity to severely damaged hair.

While other hair treatments simply coat the outside of the hair cuticle with synthetic chemicals, our reconstructors are specifically designed to penetrate the inner structure of the hair shaft. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”250″] [imageeffect type=”lightbox” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ alt=”Hair Reconstructors” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/organic-reconstructors.jpg” ] [/two_columns_last]

Organic Reconstructive Hair Treatments

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Aqua Boost Reconstructive Treatment

Aqua Boost Treatment is an intense moisturizing reconstructor formulated from a range of certified organic ingredients including aloe vera extract, wheat protein, vitamin B5 and natural sunflower seed extracts to nourish hair, leaving it soft and smooth. It will release very hard hair and should be used before coloring or perming as a primary preparation step. It is very beneficial to use it before coloring resistant grey hair, as it easily releases a tight, course cuticle allowing it to open more quickly, ensuring better penetration of the color pigments.

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Power Build Reconstructive Treatment

Designed to re-build damaged hair and give fine limp hair more body. Power Build Treatment is an intense volumizing reconstructor that is 80% protein and 20% moisture. It is formulated from a range of organic extracts to lift fine, limp, colored or bleached hair, leaving the hair soft and smooth.


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Why Organic Hair Reconstructors Produce the Healthiest Hair

By using certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts that are characterized with very small molecular weight and sizes, organic reconstructors are capable of penetrating the cuticle and repairing the hair from the inside out. These particular products are optimally formulated for use with the Organic Color System because they:

• Will not strip color or harm curls
• Contain no surfactants, no sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfates, no artificial colors or synthetic polymers
• Safe and recommended for use with all Organic Color Systems products
• Are 100% free of parabens, ammonia, formaldehyde, thioglycolates, or other harmful toxins
• Designed to return hair to its isometric ideal pH level
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Reconstructors – The Secret to Great Color Results

Colorists should consider using reconstructors prior to a color treatment if the client’s hair is porous or very fragile, demonstrates signs of being resistant grey hair, lacks the feeling of a soft and healthy cuticle, or seems to have buildup from silicone products, mineralized water, or environmental pollutants. Organic Care System’s Reconstructive Treatments are designed to restore strength and moisture to damaged hair.

The Natural Hair Care Alternative to Synthetic Treatments

Organic Color Systems reconstructors are the natural answer to the popular synthetic based silicone-based hair treatments that are popular on the market today. Although synthetic silicone gives the hair shine and a silky feel, it is entirely cosmetic and eventually becomes detrimental for a myriad of reasons:

1. It builds up on the hair shaft suffocating the cuticle from exposure to air and not a thick synthetic barrier preventing color from penetrating it.
2. It makes the hair dry, brittle, and unhealthy which increases its vulnerability to breakage.
3. It clogs the follicles and pores in the scalp making it difficult for new hair to grow and creating the single easiest controllable cause of premature hair thinning.
4. It coats over the scalp’s sebaceous glands, which incapacitates the production of sebum (the hair’s natural moisturizer) making it impossible for the hair to naturally control its proper moisture balance without applying additional damaging products.

Rather than infusing a thick coat of synthetic silicone to the cuticle and scalp, Organic Color Systems’ reconstructors naturally repairs and rejuvenates the inside of the hair shaft. Our reconstructors are ideal for reviving damaged or color damaged hair and have been specifically designed for use prior to an Organic Hair Color treatment to perfectly prepare the hair to accept color in the healthiest, most effective, and nourishing way.

By doing a wet stretch test you can determine exactly what the hair may be lacking before any color or perm service allowing you to prepare the canvas before creating your work of art.

Active Certified Organic Ingredients

Natural wheat protein, organic sweet almond, organic jojoba seed, and infused with a vibrant healthy blend of active plant extracts.