Scalp Care Microservices for the New Year

One of the best ways to earn extra income on top of your existing clients is to offer microservice add-ons! This could be anything from a soothing scalp massage to a mini facial at the bowl. These services generate extra revenue and leave your clients feeling pampered while providing an authentic opportunity to try a new service.

The new year is all about resetting and refreshing your client’s scalp care routine. Offering a scalp care microservice gives you the chance to mitigate your guests’ scalp concerns and introduce them to products they can use at home. Check out our favorite microservice rituals below and learn what you need to incorporate them at your salon!

Intelligent Nutrients Soothing Scalp and Conditioning Massage

Soothe and balance irritated scalps with this Soothing Scalp routine. Science-backed products penetrate the scalp and instantly relieve, balance, and moisturize, visibly reducing itchy dry patches and flakes.

  1. After consultation, apply the Soothe-Sayer Bi-Phase Scalp Treatment liberally to your client’s entire scalp on dry hair. Apply the Fortifi-hair Conditioner to the ends of your client’s hair.
  2. For the next two minutes, massage your client’s scalp with slow, intentional movements, working the product into the scalp.
  3. After massaging, wrap your client’s head in a hot wet towel.
  4. Take your hands, and with medium pressure, press and release for a minute around your client’s entire head where the towel has been placed. 
  5. Let the towel sit on your client’s head for another minute before removing it. Follow with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

MyVeg Purifying Ritual

This purifying ritual from MyVeg is the ideal scalp solution for clients experiencing excess sebum and greasy dandruff. Gentle, natural ingredients cleanse, deodorize, and decongest the scalp while normalizing oil production to prevent future scalp irritation.

  1. Once you’ve assessed your client’s scalp, apply Sinergia 3 to the 6th Chakra (middle of the forehead).
  2. Use a brush to apply Fitoargilla Funzionale to dry hair, massaging gently for at least 5 minutes. If the lengths of their hair are dehydrated, apply Panacea Alle Erbe to dry hair and massage for 5 minutes. 
  3. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes under a humid heat source or cover with a hot wet towel.
  4. Rise with warm water. Cleanse using Bango Funzionale Purificante
  5. Spray Elisir Sublime on lengths and style as usual.