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It’s time to have some fun. We’d like to tell you about a wide variety of Simply Organic styling products, a comprehensive scalp-to-ends system designed by and for today’s top stylists to create style, substance, and a great look. These products are packed with healthy ingredients that add shine, control, hold and pliability and enhance the hair’s natural texture.


Rejuvinating Hair and Scalp Sealer

The Simply Organic Rejuvinating Hair and Scalp Sealer is a wonderfully aromatic, low pH, 100 percent weightless product designed to smooth the hair cuticle and naturally balance the acid mantle of the scalp. By lightly detangling and evening porosity of the hair, the Rejuvenating Sealer prepares the hair for even cutting and styling.

When used as part of a daily regimen, Simply Organic Sealer adds natural shine and liveliness to the hair. The smooth cuticle keeps color from fading and protects the hair from heat and environmental damage.

Use the Rejuvenating Sealer immediately after the hair has been towel-dried, following a wash and rinse or other treatment service. Mist generously on the hair as you comb through, before you begin styling or cutting.



Simply Organic Moisturizing Soft Gel is a soft-hold, crème-based gel designed to give the hair a pliable hold while adding volume, shine and texture without flaking or drying. Our patented formula not only styles the hair, but treats and conditions too. Many stylists use the Soft Gel on almost every client as a base to build on to achieve their desired end result. 

As with many of our products, the soft gel is highly concentrated. A small dab can really go a long way so start with less and add more as needed.

To use the Soft Gel on wet or damp hair, apply a pea-sized amount to hands, emulsify, and work through the hair from roots to ends. Make sure to disperse gel evenly. It helps to put a small amount of Gel on the back of your hands to disperse it as you work it through the hair. Finish by blow-drying the hair to create a soft, pliable hold. You will notice that that weight and residue totally disappear.

On dry hair, emulsify Soft Gel in the hands and run through the hair to calm fly-always and apply texture.

Simply Organic Soft Gel is excellent for producing hold without hair feeling sticky or crunchy. It adds volume and shine to fine hair and brings out texture and body, emphasizing the hair’s natural beauty.


Earlier, we talked about cocktailing – mixing Simply Organic products together to achieve a desired result. This is one of the great things about Simply Organic products—how easily they can be cocktailed for added fun. After all, after all who doesn’t like a good cocktail?

Simply Organic Soft Gel can be cocktailed as follows:

 For more hold, simply add a few pumps of Simply Organic Control Medium Hold Hair Spray.

 For more shine, add a few pumps of Simply Organic Sun Shine Heat Activated Shine Spray.

 For more volume, add a few pumps of Simply Organic Volumizing and Thickening Spray. 

And to create a deconstructing paste, add a small amount of Simply Organic Control wax. Emulsify and style on short, dry hair.

Have fun and feel free to invent your own cocktails!


This lightweight anti-humectant is truly amazing! It controls frizz, calms the hair shaft, and makes life simple again. A favorite among our curly-haired friends, Simply Organic Anti-Frizz Crème is a lifesaver to anyone who has frizzy hair.

A little bit goes a long way, so start with less and add more as needed.

On wet hair, work the product into your hands and distribute evenly. Blow dry and notice smooth, frizz-free hair! Use on dry hair to finish and smooth away fly-aways and control frizz all day long.

Simply Organic Anti-Frizz Creme is created with honey and nettle extract. Containing a blend of essential oils that naturally prevent problem hair in humid weather, it leaves the hair moisturized, conditioned and under control.


Simply Organic Bangs and Ends Crème was designed to define, condition and style bangs, ends and curls. This unique product can be used to style wet or dry hair.  

Our Bangs and Ends Crème eliminates the need for multiple styling products. It also protects the hair, replacing vital nutrients lost through heat styling and chemical services. 

Place a small amount of Crème on the finger tips and apply to bangs and ends. This crème is great for accentuating bangs and controlling curly and wavy hair. It also calms fly-always during lengthy hairdressing sessions.

Specially blended with lemon peel oil and amino acids to give the hair definition and shine, Bangs & Ends Crème is perfect for smoothing and preventing split ends. It’s an ideal alternative for clients who refuse to trim their split ends! Simply Organic Bangs & Ends crème keeps curls tangle-free and enhances curl patterns and is a must-have in any stylist’s arsenal.


Simply Organic Control Medium Hold Hair Spray is great for all hair styles as an everyday finishing hair spray. Our specialized formula provides a flexible, lasting hold for all hair types without stiffness, crispiness or flaking. This is a great working hair spray and is perfect for use with flat irons to create curls.

To use properly, hold at least six inches from the hair and apply a fine mist, until desired hold is achieved. Remember, this is not an aerosol, so it can go on slightly wet. To prevent wetness, apply the spray to a paddle brush and work evenly through the hair.

Here’s a great cocktail tip: Combine Simply Organic Control Hair Spray with Simply Organic Soft Gel to create a stronger-holding gel.


Simply Organic Volumizing and Thickening Spray is designed to infuse maximum volume while giving the hair a healthy, natural look. Mist it over wet hair, using sparingly and concentrating on the root area. Then blow dry as usual.

Our Volumizing and Thickening Spray is specially formulated with vegetable protein to add fullness and body. This ingredient strengthens and restores the hair in a healthy way without damage to the integrity of the hair.

This product can be cocktailed with Simply Organic Soft Gel or Anti Frizz Crème to give the hair added volume and texture.


Simply Organic Sun Shine Spay is ideal for dry, lifeless hair. Just a small amount is all takes to create hair with a brilliant, weightless shine that lasts and lasts.

For best results, hold the spray six inches from the head and mist a small amount onto wet or dry hair. Like all Simply Organic spray-stylers, this spray works well when misted onto a brush and combed through the hair prior to blow drying or flat ironing.

Use Sun Shine Spray on a daily basis to keep hair looking vibrant without harsh chemicals or silicone. Our water-based formula doesn’t build up or cause the hair to become greasy over time.


Simply Organic Control Definition & Shine Wax is a wax-pomade designed to provide definition, shine and control. It’s great for creating a variety of styles and textures on all hair types. A little bit goes a long way, so start with a small amount to achieve your desired results.

For best definition, hold, and shine, work the wax into your hands and distribute evenly through dry hair. You can also use on damp hair for light control. Depending on the environment and temperature, you may also want to use a blow-drier to soften the wax, making it easier to disperse onto hands.

Our Control Wax provides flexible hold and is excellent for separation, definition and shine. It is easy to wash out and works great on short or long hair.

Here’s another cocktail tip: Combine Simply Organic Control Wax with Simply Organic Soft Gel to create a deconstructing or texturizing paste.  


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