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Stylist Spotlight: Ka'ton Salon Tour

Andi Ka’ton is a Simply Organic Beauty Educator, Ka’ton Salon owner and visionary in the field. We took a trip to his salon in Fourt Lauderdale, Florida to check out his space and have a chat. Watch the video above for a tour of his eco-salon and keep reading to find out more about Andi and the why behind his hairdressing journey + decision to be an Oway salon.

Read his interview below.

Tell us how you started your career as a hair stylist and salon owner.

Coming from a humble country background in Georgia, I always saw the nature and beauty in most things, centering all of my jobs around being creative or being an influence of creativity. Starting with Aveda schooling and training, I got a job for Van council, of Van Michael’s hair salon, Horst Rechelbacher (the creator of Aveda) hair apprentice. With this great opportunity I saw how a multimillion-dollar salon was ran and it built my skill and artistry level through their training program. Keeping up with fashion and looks in the hair industry, I took education seriously, with years of trying with Toni&Guy and Keune on precision cutting and elevating by color application and theory with apprenticing George Alderete and other master colorist and educators.

What inspired you to become a hair stylist?

My journey into hair all started when I was younger and always watched Manga or Japanese animation. The amazing bright hairstyles and anti-gravity unbelievable hair of these characters had influenced me more then I knew. I also got influenced by a hippy culture, big hair rock bands, rave culture, and ethnic hair culture of Atlanta in the mid 90’s and the early 2000’s. It seemed that I was always supposed to do hair. Even when I was younger, my parents would look at the extreme hair style or color I had and say, “You’re going to own a salon one day. “ As luck may have it, I now own my own Salon.

How did you discover Oway? What made you decide to switch to the Organic Way of life?

Being a hippy at heart I always look for what is safest and best for my and our environment. I was using another brand but the brand’s message did not align with all of my beliefs. I actually was searching the internet to see if I was doing the safest and best organic keratin treatment that I could on my existing clientele when I stumbled upon Simply Organic Beauty and they were promoting a line that they had launched into the USA no less than 2 months earlier! This line was Oway. Coming form an Aveda background, the mission was clear and the innovation of how the product and packaging are created made me feel like I found a brand that is more like a family and home, hitting all my morals and values. This is why I switched to Oway to change the future, evolve with new concepts while still being as holistic and eco-friendly as possible, and products backed by 12 PhDs in chemistry that they accurately work!


Do you have a signature hair style/color that you enjoy doing? Which Oway products are you drawn to the most?

I am a blonding, color correction and hair restoration specialist. I am a shattered edgy full flow, dry cutter taking cues from Toni&Guy, Karg dry cutting, and Arrojo razor cutting. I love creating 100% seamless blondes that look completely natural, and platinum hair that will blend into a white wall. “The health of the hair is most important.” This is my hair life motto. With this being said I have achieved many amazing transformations with people and their hair through all the health remedies Oway has to offer. This allows me and my clients to see a path out of the drab and dead and into the fabulous and glamorous with the hair they were born to wear.

Which 3 Oway products do you think should be a staple in every client’s hair care regimen?

If you weren’t a hairdresser, what else would you do?

I have always been attracted to education. As a hairdresser and educator for Oway, O&M and Simply Organic Beauty, I get to achieve this desire. So if I was not a hair stylist I would be an environmental activist/educator, and a sculptor or interior decorator. I love creating and educating people to allow them to encompass an experience or feeling in the art or information I convey.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career so far?

Leaving the place I have called home for my entire life and making the leap of faith and moving to Fort Lauderdale. Starting over from scratch with no clients, building and starting an eco-friendly salon when no one had ever heard of one. With my salon built and the concept of eco-salons taking off, the new challenge is passing along my experience and knowledge while also educating all my staff as well as the clients.

What advice can you give to other stylists on how to find their very own style or trying to start their own business as a salon owner?

  • Don’t give up! It takes a vision and a drive.
  • Don’t be scared to evolve with your business
  • Know why you are a hair stylist…

All of my experiences lead me to one thing, that I love to create art, educate others, make people happy, and I love having fun.

And what’s more fun than playing with someone’s hair while catching up, making them more confident, and telling jokes, and oh yeah—getting paid to do it!

Check out Andi’s space!

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