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Summertime hair is full of sunkissed strands, fun, and shine! To celebrate the upcoming months, we put together our favorite summer hair color trends with formulas, enjoy!

Summer Hair Color Trends


Amber Heard Hair Color Formula

Not only is bronde one of the hottest haircolors of 2014, it’s also one of the most versatile. Feel free to add a few more lighter pieces if you’re look for a more blonde than brown look, but this color formula is a great base to start with!

Color Formula
Starting Level: 5
Base: 5GD (1oz), 5N (1/2oz) mixed with 20 vol creme developer (1 1/2oz)
Baylayage/Ombre: Hand paint or foil pieces with 1 scoop of Naturlite Blue Powder (Bleach-free), mixed with 2 scoops of creme developer (10 vol)

summer hair color formulas
julia roberts hair color formula

Julia Roberts Hair Color Formula

The key to any dimensional copper bronde is those beautiful face framing highlights. Since Julia Roberts is the queen of copper reds, we decided her dimensional ombre hair color was a perfect trend for summer. Note: Most people have more porous hair at the ends, avoid over processing them.

Color Formula
Starting Level: 5
Base to mids: 6GD (1/2oz), 6CR (1/2oz), 6N (1/2oz), mixed with 30 vol Hairmonics developer (1 1/2 oz)
Ombre: Naturlite White Powder (1 scoop), mixed with 2 scoops 10 volume cream developer


elizabeth olsen hair color formula

Elizabeth Olsen Hair Color Formula

Dark ash blonde with subtle, warmer pieces at the bottom is a great way to kick off summer. The sun’s rays will likely lighten the color up by mid summer, leaving nothing, but beautiful natural highlights in it’s wake.

Color Formula
Natural Level: 6
6AH (1oz), LXAH (1/4oz) mix with 20 vol developer
Ombre Baylayage:
Naturlite Blue Powder (1 scoop), mixed with 10 vol cream developer

*NOTE: Check porosity level of ends, and be sure to tone with a warmer color, as ends tend to pull more green than at the root.



Britney Spears Auburn Red Hair Color Formula

Not everyone has to go blonde in summer, and Britney Spears proves that! Achieve this gorgeous auburn red hair color trend for your clients by following the color formula below:

Hair Color Formula
Natural Level: 6
5CR (1oz), 6CR (1oz), 6BC (1/4oz) mixed with 30 volume developer (2 1/4oz)


Kate Bosworth Hair Color Formula

There’s no denying it. One the most popular hair color tones for summer is copper! Copper blondes, reds, and brondes – your orange and red additives should be highly stocked the for the warm summer season.

Color Formula
Natural Level: 6
Base to Mids: 7GD (1/2oz), 8CR (1/2oz), XBO (1/4oz) mixed with 30 vol Hairmonic Developer (1 1/4oz)
Ombre Ends: Naturlite White Powder (1 scoop) mixed with 10 volume cream developer (2 scoops)


Khloe Kardashian Blonde Ombre Hair Color Formula

To all those who despise the rooty looks of the ombre hairstyle, just know this… it shows no signs of going anywhere! So, brush up on your baylayage technique, and get ready to turn your brunettes blonde with a weave of your magic hair stylist wand.

Color Formula
Natural Level: 4
Base: 3N (1oz) mixed with 20 vol developer (1oz)
Ombre: Naturlite Powder (1 scoop), mixed with 10 vol cream developer (2 scoops)
Toner (Optional): 7GD (1oz), Silver Concentrate (1/4oz)


Jenny McCarthy Hair Color Formula

Many hollywood stars have opted to go platinum blonde this summer. To join the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Jenny McCarthy, and Anne Hathaway, follow this simple platinum blonde hair color formula.

Color Formula
Natural Level: 5
Heavy Highlight: White Naturlite Powder (1 scoop) mixed with 30 vol cream developer (2 scoops).
Toner: 11HS (1oz), 11HA (1/4oz), Silver Concetrate (cap full) mixed with 10 vol


Pastel Pink Hair Color Formula

While pastel hair color has been gaining ground the past few years, no other color has been in high demand like pink. Pink is the perfect summer hair color trend for those clients who like to flirt with fun fashion colors during brighter months.

Color Formula
Pre-lighten hair to pale blonde tone with 1 part XBRR (extra bright red) and 2 parts naturlite oil, mixed with equal parts 10 volume cream developer.

Which summer hair color trend is your favorite?

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