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The sweet, sultry air of summer goes hand-in-hand with windswept waves, boho braids, and layered haircuts.

With long days and humid nights ahead, you’ll need sun-sational summer hairstyles that embrace the freedoms of the season.

So, go ahead and Choose an epilator guide – indulge. Take a look at the hottest hair trends summer has to offer:

Braided Summer Hairstyles

Half Crown Braid

The half crown braid is the perfect summer hairstyle for keeping hair out of the face and in the spotlight.

If french braiding isn’t in your repertoire, try its twisted sister counterpart. Instead of braiding, simply twist the hair back from each side, then pin into place.

braided summer hair styles summer hairstyles 2014

Butterfly Fishtail Braid

This braided hairstyle is great for loose, low hanging hairstyles that don’t tug or pull the hair.

Start with your normal part, then pull back hair from both sides of the head, and secure it neatly in place with a small plastic band. You’ll then begin your fish braid; once complete, simply lock in the braid with another small plastic band, and snip the previous one that was holding the hair in place.

braided summer hair styles summer hairstyles for long hair

Best Summer Updo – The Braided Bun

Also known as the upsidedown french braid, this hairstyle is ideal for keeping the hair off the neck during the hot days of summer.

Bonus points if you add a bow. 🙂

summer 2014 hairstyle summer updo

French Braid Fringe

Ladies who are growing out your bangs, listen up!

This summer hairstyle is great for long and short hair lengths, or just about anyone who doesn’t want frizzy bangs blocking their view.

summer 2014 hairstyle summer-hairstyle-for-bangs

Summer Haircuts for Medium Hair

Shoulder-length Wavy Hair

Kill the flat iron already, or at least stick in a drawer until fall!

Summer is the time to embrace your hair’s naturally flowing waves. For a long lasting look, lock it in with a sea salt or texturing spray.

PRO TIP: Be sure to use a spray with added moisture, since salt can dry out the hair.

shoulder-length-haircut-2014 wavy-summer-hair

Wavy Bob Haircut

We’re calling 2014, the year of the wavy bobs!

Quite possibly the most sought-after haircut of summer, wavy bobs embrace the hair’s natural shape, making it your super secret weapon against the relentless heat and humidity of the season.

wavy-bob-hairstyle long-wavy-bob-haircut

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short Asymmetrical Bobs

This is the wavy lob (long bob) with a slight edge!

Short asymmetrical bobs keep it cool in the back, and throw a party in the front. Basically, your favorite friend this summer.

summer-hairstyles=2014 asymmetrical-bob-hairstyle

The Classic Pixie

The pixie is a classic, and what better time to give it a try than summertime?

Short strands may keep heat a bay, but make no doubt about it, this summer hairstyle is nothing but hot!

summer-hairstyles-for-short-hair short-hairstyles-for-summer-2014

Summer Haircuts for Long Hair

Simply Long Layers

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean all hair should lose length.

If you’re a long-haired beauty looking to change things up, add some long, face-framing layers!

summer-hairstyles-for-long-hair summer-haircuts-for-long-hair

Long Side Bangs with Layers

Is just long layers too boring for you?

Try adding side-swept bangs for the perfect match to your long layers. Note: Save the bold, blunt bangs for fall – sweaty bangs are 1) annoying 2) dreadful.

long-haircuts-for-summer long-hairstyles-for-summer

Did we miss any summer hairstyles? How about your favorite summer haircut? We’d love to hear from you!


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