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summer to fall hair
With summer winding down, your clients may be looking to get their hair in tip-top shape, before fall comes bustling in! As much of a blast summer has been, the combination of heat and pool minerals can wreak havoc on the color and texture of hair. But, no need to skip fun in the sun or sacrifice perfectly colored locks to avoid the wrath of solar heat and other potentially harmful environmental elements. We’ve got you covered on how to transition from summer to fall hair with ease.

summer to fall hairTo be fair, the sultry sun does serve a purpose in maintaining the overall wellness of the planet, plus it gives skin and hair a potent dose of Vitamin D! And, the minerals found in pool water keep algae and bacteria at bay. Problem is, the heat emitted from the sun oxidizes elements in pool water, which tends to change hair color and dry out texture, causing green, straw-like hair. *cue horror music*

Luckily, there is a remedy to revive stressed tresses, prepare for prime hair color and create a successful transition from summer to fall hair. The key is to restore health from the damage that locks have been exposed to during the past season. We’ve detailed a few solid products below to give you a head start, before your chair starts filling up with clients eager to plan their fall hair look and routine.

summer to fall hairDetox the Locks

It’s best to start with a good cleansing shampoo, which will wash away any impurities without stripping the natural oils from the hair. By removing deposits, such as natural buildup of oils and styling products, it preps the hair to better absorb the subsequent products. We recommend using Original & Mineral Detox Shampoo. Just use a few dollops and slowly work in the shampoo, gently lathering the hair and massaging the scalp. Bonus: All natural, Australian River Mint in this product invigorates the senses, while it cleanses.

For those who have been taking dips in the pool during summer, their hair may have been tainted by chlorine and copper. These elements tend to be drying and even turn hair a greenish hue. Malibu Crystal Gel is a nifty demineralizer, which solves this problem. The product naturally cleanses hair by removing minerals from your clients’ hair, which is helpful for priming the hair and prolonging haircolor. Apply to rinsed strands by saturating the hair and processing for 10-45 minutes. Voilà — goodbye chlorinated hair!

Treat, Don’t Cheat

summer to fall hairNext, it’s a good idea to do a treatment on hair, in order to rejuvenate the texture and refresh the color. The following O’right treatments are a couple of options:

  • White Tea
  • Sunflower
  • Golden Rose
  • Purple Rose

When doing a treatment on hair, it’s worthwhile to let it soak in for a fair amount of time, as this will ensure that the product is revitalizing the scalp and restoring the hair’s elasticity. Plus, a good treatment will increase the longevity and vibrancy of your color service, as healthy strands tend to hold color better than damaged hair.

Color Security

After you’ve created a haircolor masterpiece, the last thing you want to see is dull hair. To avoid the sun fading your client’s color, be sure to protect with a product that is specially formulated to lock in haircolor and secure the cuticles. A great option is Simply Organic Color Lock Hair & Cuticle Sealer.summer to fall hair

This finishing spray is packed full certified organic ingredients like Bergamot Fruit, Papaya and Rosemary. These potent ingredients promote hair growth, while delivering a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins that protect the hair from further stress.

Condition Mission

After getting the tresses in good shape, a perfect way to lock in moisture is to use a hair mask. Hair masks penetrate the cuticle to help rebuild strength and elasticity. It also provides color protection, and helps reverse damage caused by the sun, pool water and other environmental factors. We suggest the Moroccan Organics Restorative Hydrating Hair Mask. Use a liberal amount over the entire head of hair and let it absorb for at least 15 minutes.

Lastly, encourage your clients to enjoy the last few moments of summer 🙂

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  1. Lois Beigli

    thank you Rebecca! in Tucson we still have summer until November! projekK wishes you a happy late summer 😀

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