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With Memorial Day coming up and summer season just around the corner, many of our clients will be skipping the salon for a much-need time away. Before they leave for that beach trip, make sure to remind them of these precautions to protect their skin and hair from the sun.

How to Protect the Hair and Skin from the Sun


Like the skin, the hair needs sunscreen as well. Stepping out without protection leaves the hair and skin prone to dehydration and damage. Hair colors are at risk for fading due to oxidation as well. Prevent that by applying SPF on the skin and spraying a protective serum like Oway Sunway Sun Protective Elixir. The energizing blend of Biodynamic Green Anise, Organic Baobab Oil and Fair Trade Passionfruit Oil contains all-natural UV filters that keep the hair shiny and protected from the sun.



Nothing beats the old-school way. Using a scarf or hat when out in the sun not only helps shield harmful UV rays but it also helps keep the scalp moisturized. Got newly colored clients? Advise them to always cover their hair if they don’t want their investment to fade fast.


Yes, even how we style our hair can contribute to damage. If your client’s hair tends to be dry and frizzy during the summertime, comfortable, boho-inspired hairstyles like messy braids are perfect alternatives. They not only keep the frizz under control, but they also minimize exposure to the sun. Tight ponytails and buns can pull and tear the hair, damaging it further.



Some shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils, dehydrating the hair. Conditioning regularly helps locks get back on track by restoring the hair and scalp’s natural pH and giving them an extra shot of moisture.

Our Oway Sunway After Sun Hair Mask replenishes stressed-out hair strands after a day out with Vitamin C and nourishing fatty acids from Avocado, Ethical Passionfruit, Organic Baobab and Brazilian Jicama Extract, repairing damaged cuticles and sealing in moisture.

PRO TIP: If possible, recommend a lighter conditioner to keep the hair light and breezy. Heavy conditioners tend to weigh the hair down as they tend to make the hair sticky and leave residues.


When not rinsed properly, salt and chlorine (even sunscreen) can leave the hair and skin dry and dull. Recommend washing with a Vitamin C-infused hair and body bath (like Oway Sunway After Sun Hair & Body Bath) to cleanse the hair and skin of any trace of toxins. Follow with a regenerating moisturizer like Oway After Sun Body Balm to soothe sunburn and repair the skin.

During the summer, the heat and humidity can wreak havoc not just on the skin but also on the hair. As a holistic hair stylist, we must be ready to provide our clients effective products that will protect their investment.

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