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Frequently Asked Questions

We are consistently asked “what is the right hair color for me?” Below are the answers to this among the many other frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer here then send your inquiry to our technical support. You’ll receive a very prompt answer.

Q: What is the mixing ratio with the Activators?
A: The colors are mixed equal parts with the Activators. (1 to 1) The High-lift series are mixed 1 part Color to 2 parts (40 Volume) Activator

Q: How big is the bottle?
A: The bottles are 5.10 oz or 150 ml. You can get 3 -5 applications per bottle.

Q: Why is it that big compared with other products?
A: This cuts down on waste and packaging and ultimately costs.

Q: Is the color a gel, cream or liquid?
A: The product is a liquid, which turns to a gel when you mix it with the activators. The more you mix it, the thicker it becomes. You have the ability to adjust the thickness to whatever you want.

Q: Do you have a Clear Gloss in the Range?
A: Yes! The Naturlite Oil can be used as a clear gloss, mixed in equal parts with 0 Vol or 5 Vol.

Q: Is there a Lightening Powder, (Bleach) within your product line?
A: Yes there is. Naturlite Lightening Powder is an Ammonia free lightening powder. (Bleach.)

Q: How much lift or lightening can I expect to get from the Naturlite Powder?
A: This depends on the base level you are starting from in the first place. (As with any lightening powder or bleach.) It depends on the strength of activator you use also. Up to 5 to 6 levels of lift can be achieved.

Q: What if I want to do on the scalp lightening?
A: For on the scalp lightening (bleaching) you would add the “Naturlite Oil” to your formula. This makes the process gentler for scalp lightening.

Q: Will I get the same effects out of your different strengths of Activators as what I currently get from the Range I use?
A: No! It is important to understand a slight change with OCS. With Ammonia based colors there is a boosting effect that occurs with Activators/Developers. Without Ammonia in the Colors you need to go up (1) one strength of Activator than what you would normally use with an Ammonia based color. Example – If your formula was normally a level 6 with 20 Vol, with OCS it would be level 6 with 30 Vol.

Q: You have different types of Activators. Why is this?
A: The liquid Activators are for use with the Colors. The Cream Activators are for use with the Naturlite Lightening powder. The Hairmonics Activators are for use with resistive gray or reducing the processing time. (On normal Hair.)

Q: Can you lift with OCS and up to how much lift or lightening can I get out of the colors?
A: Yes you can lift natural color up to 3 levels with the colors. High-lift Series up to 4 levels (with 40 volume.)

Q: Can I leave a client under the dryer for longer?
A: Yes you can! This is relevant for instance with resistive hair.

Q: Can I leave someone under the dryer for a shorter time?
A: This would depend on the hair and the result you wanted to achieve. If you wanted to get less cuticle penetration as in a demi, result, this most certainly can be done.

Q: What is the purpose of putting a client under the Dryer?
A: With OCS we are softening the cuticle of the hair with oils, and then using heat to open it instead of a chemical such as Ammonia. This is much gentler on the hair as well as the client.

Q: Can I use the Liquid Activators (For the Colors) with the Naturlite Lightening Powder?
A: No! This is not recommended. It makes the product to runny and hard to work with. Only use the Naturlite Cream Activators.

Q: Can I use the Naturlite Cream Activators with the color line?
A: Yes you can.

Q: There is an Activator “0” what is that used for?
A: It is used as a dilutor (by mixing with 10 Vol or 20 Vol) to create lower volumes (Strengths) of activators for semi permanent results.

Q: Can I use the Activator “0” by itself?
A: NO! You would not do this; it will not develop color by itself.

Q: Can I use another company’s Activators?
A: No! It’s not recommended. The activators are designed to go together to achieve a specific pH. The quality of the ingredients is different, too. Would you get a decent result? Yes! But not the same quality as when you use OCS Activators.

Q: Is there anything different about rinsing the color out of the hair?
A: Yes. It is important to massage or emulsify the color with a small amount of water before you rinse it out of the hair. Then shampoo with Status Quo Shampoo. Next condition with Status Quo Conditioner. This will allow you to return the hair back to its normal pH and fully close the cuticle.

Q: Why do you advocate massaging the color at the basin for 2 to 3 minutes?
A: The emulsifying of the color before you start to rinse is to remove all the oils from the hair before you start to close the cuticle back down.

Q: Can I use any type of processing cap?
A: We have found that the elastic, bouffant processing caps are not as good to use. They are too small as well as they can scrape the color off of the hairline. We have a source for big processing caps that are the best to use and make it easier for you. They are less expensive also.

Q: Is it necessary to cover the hair under the dryer?
A: Yes you can! As long as you have the heat range 100° to 110° and it covers the head of your client.

Q: Can I use other heat sources?
A: Yes you can! As long as you have the heat range 100° to 110° and it covers the head of your client.

Q: How hot should the dryer be?
A: You Need 100° to 110° Fahrenheit. Normally the low to medium setting on a dryer will achieve this temperature.

Q: What if I can’t massage the colors at the Shampoo basin?
A: (I have done a RED and A BLONDE next to each other and don’t want to have the BLONDE affected by the RED?) There are circumstances where it is not possible to emulsify colors together, as in above scenario. In this case it is recommended to rinse very well and shampoo the hair twice at minimum before you condition the hair.

Q: Will Organic Color Systems cover grey hair?
A: Yes, it will. Plus, for extremely resistant grey hair, we have a NN Series, specifically designed for colouring this hair type.

Q: Will Organic Color Systems work over another brand of hair colour?
A: Yes, except metallic based products, such as Compound Henna, or colour restorers for grey hair.

Q: How many colors are there in the Organic Colour Systems range?
A: There are 60 shades in Organic Colour Systems and they are all fully intermixable, which means there is no limit to the number of shades which you can create.

Q: Is Organic Curl Systems suitable for all hair types?
A: Yes, it is. You only need to stock one perming product for all your clients’ needs.