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The hair salon and black uniform have been going together for decades like lightener and foils. Black looks great on just about anyone, and can easily be dressed up or down. Most importantly, it hides stains! Because of these reasons, many consider black as the (unofficial) standard for salon professionals.

However, adhering to this notion can prevent your business from standing apart from the rest. This year, ditch the black plastic capes and adopt these fresh, sustainable ways to spruce up your salon’s professional and green appeal!

Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection


The Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection is a set of eco-friendly and biodegradable covers that will change your client’s perception of your salon. Each item in the collection is thoughtfully crafted with the highest standard of fabric cutting, assembly and finish to create timeless, classic pieces you and your clients can use without guilt. They are made with 50% repurposed cotton scraps weaved with natural cotton yarn to produce soft and breathable garments that bring both style and comfort.

Neatly adorned with the Oway embroidered logo, each garment also comes in an elegant drawstring bag for safe storage. Because let’s be honest – these pieces are too pretty not to protect!


Oway Regenerated Cotton Kimono

Wrap your clients in style with the Oway Regenerated Cotton Kimono. A true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, this charming garment introduces clients to the world of holistic hairdressing. It’s designed with wide sleeves and cotton belt to ensure mobility and put the wearer at ease.  Trendy and elegant, your customers will not be disappointed.


Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape

The Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape gives a twist on the classic salon cape. With a wide and enveloping design, it is specifically made to fit all clients. It also comes with an adjustable, soft cotton tie strap, so it does not give that tight-around-the-neck feeling traditional salon wraps do. With this comfy cape, you can now kick your Velcro and button closures to the curb!



Oway Regenerated Cotton Apron

Wearing matching garments is key to setting the mood and adding a professional touch to your services. Oway has created the Regenerated Cotton Apron – a lightweight, modifiable apron to complement the Kimono and Cape. It’s designed with highly functional pockets and fine metal loops to customize the apron according to your needs. After all, the stylist’s ability to move effortlessly is just as important as the clients!


Oway Biodegradable Capes

For an extra layer of protection, try Oway’s Biodegradable Capes sourced from maize, a renewable corn material. These salon capes are completely decomposable and reusable, making them eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Plus, they comes in a box of 30, so they’re plentiful to boot!


Many hair stylists prefer black as it is the least likely to show color, spills or other salon mishaps. But with the new Oway Regenerated Collection, you can now add a twist to your salon uniform. Not only can you experiment with your looks, you also get to choose a more environmentally friendly option and make a stand against waste!

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