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Which O’Right Organic Shampoo To Use For Chemically Treated and Colored Hair

Have you ever wondered which O’Right organic shampoo to pair with chemically treated and colored hair? Read on.

What do you think about being a part of creating beautiful hair, while using products that help the environment stay cleaner and safer for our health and future? O’Right has developed some innovative ideas for giving back to our earth by creating  purity and harmony between beauty and nature.

A high percentage of salon revenue comes from in-salon color services.  O’Right has developed a sensational line of products that work for the colorist  to protect, seal-in color and prevent color fadage by using supreme quality ingredients that are safe for the you, your clients, and the environment.

At times, color treated hair can prove challenging  to maintain; we are her to provide you with the best salon tools to ensure  vibrancy, optimum tonal shade and hair integrity.  We know that if hair does not appear shiny and healthy clients, then will not fully appreciate the awesome color job that has been created for them.  What products you suggest and sell  for at home use to your clients contributes to  how their hair will maintain their color service, and ultimately reflects back to you as a professional.  If the clients hair is fabulous, her friends will notice, and people will ask her; thus, creating wonderful word of mouth movements that increase foot traffic in your salon.  Choosing the correct home care products can help the client to enjoy their color better and have their hair smelling great, as well as even give back to our environment by growing a tree from their used bottle. It is exciting to think that instead of just tossing the used bottle that now something can be not just recycled but grown into a tree.

O’Right has a luxurious line of products that help to reduce color fadage issues and have supreme quality ingredients creating excellent results for color treated hair.  Just about every manufacturer has a “color-treated” line of products and sometimes it can be confusing as to what to choose.  These color preserving shampoos both deliver maximum color benefits for preservation and keeping the hair healthy, shiny, silky and sought after.

The world of hair is quickly moving in the direction of being conscious of beauty blended with wellness. Organic use of products is on the rise and O’Right has just the right touch of class, sustainability and premium products to suit all hair types. Here we have cultivated  a list of shampoo and conditioner duos to recommend to clients:






Champagne Rose Shampoo – Shampoo for color treated hair


With selected champagne rose essential oil and botanic color care formula, this shampoo gently cleanses hair and prevents color oxidation. It will preserve the hair color and radiance, leaving color treated hair, elastic and shiny. The enchanting rose scent also makes your client feel pleasant all day long.



Green Tea Shampoo –   Shampoo for chemically treated hair                                    

With green tea extract (a natural antioxidant), this shampoo was created especially for chemically treated hair. It will prevent residue peroxide and free radicals in the hair and oxidation resulting salon services. Green Tea Shampoo will promote healthy hair and scalp while protecting from damage caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. The exclusive refreshing formula relaxes the scalp and soothes tension.




Purple Rose Shampoo –  Shampoo for chemically treated hair or damaged hair

With natural purple rose essential oil, and a rich moisturizing essence, this shampoo gives your hair long lasting and intensive moisture that will prevent tangles, split-ends and frizz. Makes your hair soft, smooth and glossy. Purple Rose has a full-bodied rose scent with hints of grape.


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What Are Paraben-Free, Vegan Beauty Products?

What Are Paraben-Free, Vegan Beauty Products ?

What are Vegan Beauty Products recommended by the Society of Cosmetics and Beauty? Vegan means the product contains no animal-derived ingredients, including any ingredients produced by animals. It’s this last clause that differentiates vegetarian and vegan products:  Vegetarian products contain no animal ingredients, but they may contain animal-produced ingredients, such as honey or beeswax.

Vegan products contain no honey, beeswax, or any other animal by-products.

What are Parabens? Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products, and can give many people allergic reactions. There are many types of Parabens such as, propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben; these are synthetic preservatives commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products like shampoos, skin creams and deodorants. They are suspected to be endocrine disruptors, and they have been found to mimic estrogen in laboratory experiments. Many people have allergic reactions to these preservatives causing skin rashes and irritation. Needless to say, there is a great ongoing debate as to the safety of products containing parabens.

SKIN is the largest organ of the body and absorbs whatever you put onto it; therefore, it is vital to keep the ingredients that we use non-toxic.  Through the use of organic, chemical-free products we believe that we have a much better chance at fighting unwanted aggravations, and possibly even cancer.

Here at Simply Organic Beauty, we strongly feel it is in our best interests to stay aware of what is in all of the products, lotions, makeup and hair products that we add to our bodies.  Have you ever turned over the bottle of product, and took a real look at all the long names of ingredients that you cannot even pronounce?  Rest assured that upon further research you might be appalled as to what you would find out and wonder “why am I using this stuff?”

Fortunately, there is a growing demand for paraben-free products with the increasing awareness of the harmful effects of these ingredients.  It is a scary thought to think that so many of the products that we use contain so many ingredients that can have long term harmful effects to our health.  It is best to be educated about what we are really using on ourselves, clients and our children.

Skeptics: There will always be people that scoff at the idea of organic and eco-friendly products, and think it is some kind of unnecessary way of life.  Ask yourself if your health is worth it to you?  If so, take some time, educate yourself on the issue and make your own decision as to what is really important to you.  If you feel that beauty an health can be integrated, and feel good as a stylist about offering safer options to your clients, we are here to be examples o f a company that cares for our stylists’, that breathe in all those toxic fumes, as well as the clients’ that are soaking up these unnecessary chemicals into their scalps.

Thankfully, we offer professional hair color lines that are paraben-free, cruelty free, vegan and free from many other toxic chemicals commonly found in most hair color.  We strive to bring the highest quality of certified organic ingredients because we care about the health of our planet and users.  Unlike some other beauty companies, at any time we offer public information about what is in all of our products.

We have a vision that in time, everyone will see the importance of raising awareness of what we are actually putting into our bodies and releasing into our environment. The desire for beautifying has remained evident over the decades, and it is our hope that we can help to always bring safe, toxic-free products, and hair color to our clients for many years to come. We pledge to stay current with the most up-to-date information about organics and sustainability to add positivity to the world of beauty.

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Sell your Client on the Features, not the Benefits

When speaking with a client regarding a new hair color procedure, speak to them about the benefits not the features. While features are important, benefits relate the features to the client.

For example, if you are consulting your client on a demi-color dye, rather than explaining that its no or minimal ammonia, explain that the dye is gentle on her hair. Rather than explaining that it uses un-oxidized dye molecules, explain that it has good gray coverage even for tough resistant hair.

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Introducing O’right Eco-Friendly Hair Care

Oright Tree in a Bottle SproutingWe have long acknowledged the significant stress the beauty industry burdens our environment with by contributing to the 90% of non-biodegradable landfill waste, which is comprised largely of plastic bottles from beauty products like shampoos and conditioners and other products like water and soda.

But today, Organic Salon Systems is pleased to announce that they have decided to do something about it! Organic Salon Systems is proud to introduce the innovative new O’right line to the professional beauty industry. O’right is manufactured in Taiwan with only the purest natural and organic ingredients. Their facility was the first GMP certified “Green Factory” in Taiwan under the guides of a solid environmental mission, which fits perfectly with Organic Salon Systems ethos. This is certainly exemplified with the revolutionary “Tree in a Bottle” range of products that are packaged in an organic plastic bottle which, when planted in the ground after use, will grow a tree! These internationally patented shampoo bottles biodegrade into a high-nutrient fertilizer, which nurtures seeds that are in the bottle and will grow a tree.

“We welcome Organic Salon Systems in joining us to become a socially responsible business with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable world for our future generations”, said Steven Ko, O’right’s chief executive officer.

O’right offers a comprehensive salon wet-line that encompasses all hair care and styling needs. It has everything from shampoos and conditioners to specialized treatments and tonics. While most of the line was designed for unisex use, there are specific ranges tailored to children, men and women. One key features of the O’right line is the eight botanical blends that are used to treat a variety of common hair needs. Since O’right is a professional line, it comes in a myriad of sizes from backbar to retail. There is also a big focus on refills for both salons and their clientele because of O’right’s eco-friendly ethos demonstrated by their 10 Liter backbar sizes and more economical and environmentally friendly refillable retail packages.

Scott Mitchell, Organic Salon Systems chief executive officer, said “The substantial burden that the waste of the beauty industry has on our eco-system is one that environmentally responsible salon professionals can no longer ignore. Today’s affluent salon client acutely understands the culpability of their salons for the ongoing pollution of our planet and they continue to reward the more environmentally responsible salons with their loyalty and support. It is this trend that makes the introduction of the undisputed most eco-friendly hair care product line in the world so important to our salon’s business as well as our environment. We have fundamentally heightened the concept of recycling. Soon, salon clients will not be checking if your bottles are made with recycled plastics, but rather if your bottles grow their own trees!”

Ethos, Manufacturing and Certifications

At the core of their own corporate mission statement Organic Salon Systems vows to only distribute salon products that maximize the use of natural ingredients while minimizing the need for harsh or toxic chemicals. The O’right product line is completely aligned to this mission at all levels. O’right is committed to being a forward thinking, eco-friendly company by reducing their carbon emissions, using certified organic ingredients, printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials wherever possible. Recently O’right became the first manufacturing facility in Taiwan to be GMP certified as a “Green Factory”. This factory uses wind, solar and recycled water to make their manufacturing practices sustainable. O’right also uses Certified Organic Ingredients in their products and their product packaging has been certified as non-toxic by both SGS and RoHS. Organic Salon Systems is proud to be partnering with a company that provides a fundamental “green” example to the professional beauty industry.

Tree in a Bottle

Taking their “green” ethos to another level O’right conceived, patented and is now producing the one-of-a-kind “Tree in a Bottle” packaging. The bottle is made from a 100% certified biodegradable plastic that comes preloaded with seeds. Once the hair care product has been used then the bottle itself can be planted into the ground. As the bottle breaks down the organic plastic becomes the fertilizer that nourishes the seeds that will grow a tree! This is the world’s only beauty product that from manufacturing to disposal will yield a negative carbon footprint. Organic Salon Systems believes that the “Tree in a Bottle” products from O’right will capture the support of salons and consumers in the United States and Canada.

The Products

The O’right line provides hair care and styling products that can meet all the needs of a professional salon. Aside from the normal lineup of shampoos and conditioners, they also have special creams, tonics, treatments and even a range of body washes and lotions. One of the unique lines from O’right allows stylists to assess the state of their client’s hair and formulate a special deep conditioning treatment for them from a range of intermixable essential oils. These same essential oil blends form the basis of the botanical ranges in which the products are grouped. Each botanical range is designed for a certain type of hair or condition.

The Botanical Ranges

The Camellia range has been formulated to help control oily hair and skin. It has a delicate floral scent similar to freesia with hints of carnation and honeysuckle.

The Champagne Rose range has been designed to give gentle cleansing and conditioning. It is also great a hair color protector. It has an airy fragrance of white roses with a touch of dryness.

The Dandelion range is O’right’s children’s line. It has a light, fresh floral aroma. It is a hypoallergenic and is a tear-free formula.

The Green Tea range was created especially for chemically treated hair. It is an excellent antioxidant that is perfect for color treated or texturized hair. The Green Tea products have a refreshingly light scent with hints of bamboo with lemongrass undertones.

The Ice range of shampoo and body wash is cool and invigorating. It is designed to remove oily buildup, while cleansing and tightening the scalp and skin. Ice has an invigorating eucalyptus scent with a tingly menthol finish.

The Oolong Green Tea range is formulated to comfort and moisturize the hair and skin. It has antioxidant properties that protect the hair and leave it soft. Oolong Green Tea has a gentle, sweet aroma reminiscent of a blossoming orchard.

The Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel and Exfoliating Powder is a gentle skin cleansing system that will absorb oil and remove dead cells leaving skin clear and bright. It has a soft pear scent with calm lavender undertones from the essential oils it is blended with.

The Purple Rose range is designed to provide maximum moisture leaving hair and skin soft smooth and glossy. For hair these products are great for split ends and frizz fighting. It is also a superb detangler. Purple Rose has a full-bodied rose scent with hints of grape.

The Tea Tree range is made with pure Australian Tea Tree oil and has excellent antibacterial properties. It is great for preventing dandruff and itchiness. It has a refreshing natural botanical scent.

All of the O’right ranges are color coded for easy identification whether in the salon or at home.

The Sizes

O’right is a professional only salon line exclusively from Organic Salon Systems. It comes in a wide variety of sizes from backbar refill to retail that salons will find useful. The main sizes for the hair care wet lines are 10 liter refill, 5 liter refill, 1 liter backbar, 400 milliliter, 150 milliliter retail, 120 milliliter refill and 100 milliliter retail. In an effort to help salons to become more sustainable O’right and Organic Salon Systems encourages them to begin using refills for their backbar and to offer a refill option for their clients.

Organic Salon Systems believes that bringing O’right to their beauty industry customers is another giant step towards changing salons for the better. An innovative line like O’right with their environmental commitment, unique products, and elegantly attractive packaging will only serve to further differentiate an Organic Salon making them the authority of cutting edge natural beauty products in their marketplace.

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Dangerous Toxins In Your Salon

There is a very simple principle known as “Toxins In, Toxins Out” That this video does such a fantastic job of simply demonstrating to us.  While this video relates specifically to chemicals in cosmetics, the implications for professional salon products are even more profound.  After watching it, please give us a call and talk to us about improving the health, safety, and wellness of your salon. Continue reading…

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