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Which O'Right Organic Shampoo To Use For Chemically Treated and Colored Hair

Have you ever wondered which O'Right organic shampoo to pair with chemically treated and colored hair? Read on. What do you think about being a part of creating…

admin June 12, 2012

What Are Paraben-Free, Vegan Beauty Products?

What Are Paraben-Free, Vegan Beauty Products ? What are Vegan Beauty Products recommended by the Society of Cosmetics and Beauty? Vegan means the product contains…

admin May 17, 2012

Sell your Client on the Features, not the Benefits

When speaking with a client regarding a new hair color procedure, speak to them about the benefits not the features. While features are important, benefits relate…

admin December 5, 2011

Introducing O'right Eco-Friendly Hair Care

We have long acknowledged the significant stress the beauty industry burdens our environment with by contributing to the 90% of non-biodegradable landfill waste,…

admin August 1, 2011

Dangerous Toxins In Your Salon

There is a very simple principle known as "Toxins In, Toxins Out" That this video does such a fantastic job of simply demonstrating to us.  While this video relates…

admin July 28, 2010