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Holistic Hair Stylist Spotlight: Kat Cline

Kat Cline

As our Holistic Hair Tribe continues to thrive, we can’t but notice some standout stylists! In the spotlight this month is Kat Cline. She’s the co-owner and stylist at Aura Holistic Hair in Mobile, AL. She specializes in hair color, highlights, cuts, and styling, but also men’s grooming and barbering services.

She’s no stranger to educating others on health, beauty and wellness, and has been able to combine her love for all three behind the chair.

Get to know Kat!


Tell us a little about yourself! What brought you to working with a holistic hair line?

Although I haven’t been in the hair industry for very long, I’ve been very involved in the holistic and health/wellness world. I started a food blog The Primordial Table in 2012 that was geared towards ancestral health. In the last several years, I have transformed the blog into mostly recipes and support for those who are hoping to control/maintain/reverse autoimmune conditions.

I have a very large Instagram following, where I also share my dedication towards finding all natural and less toxic cleaning supplies, makeup, skin care, hair care, and so on. To me, holistic wellness is a lifestyle, and I want to incorporate it into all aspects of life including my job and career.


What is one of your favorite looks to create and which products do you use to create them?

My favorite looks right now are the balayaged/ombre styles that are soft and blended. I love the reverse application process – that’s where you take a previously highlighted or blonde client and transition their base into a soft, blended, more low maintenance style.

I’ve been using Oway’s Hnectar color almost exclusively for these looks because the color line is so natural and almost flawless in the blending process. My clients are also loving the shine and silkiness of their hair post-color.

What is your favorite client story?

My favorite client story recently is probably my brother’s story. I don’t regularly cut his hair, but he’s had fine, thinning hair for almost the last decade. He’d tried everything and resigned himself to no hair within the next five years. We’ve talked and argued a lot about different products. I’ve given him samples, and so on.

On my last trip to Tampa to get Oway Certified, I met him for dinner since he lived in the area. We talked and argued about him trying Oway, and he was stubborn that he wasn’t going to try it. But he shared that he was almost out of the usual stuff he had so I bought a bottle of the Micro-stimulating hair bath and left it with my mom to give it to him. When he ran out, he decided to try the Oway since it was “laying around”.

He called two months after my visit to share with amazement that the shampoo was making his hair feel the strongest he’s felt it in years. And he also shared that he was no longer afraid to touch his hair because it used to fall out in his hands when he did.

He also wanted to remedy to go with the hair bath. Sure, this story makes me feel great because my older brother finally admitted I was right for the first time ever, but it’s also a reminder to not give up on a situation just because a client has! There’s always going to be new information or new products, and you never know what might work!


How do you relax after a long day at work?

I’m a huge foodie, and I LOVE to cook so my favorite way to relax after a long day is usually to cook a simple dish or enjoy a delicious meal from one of my batch cook sessions. Enjoying a meal with a glass of wine and a friend are always a bonus.

If you had one wish what would it be?

My one wish is for a more eco and environmentally aware society.

I love being a part of a community like Oway, and others that desire environmentally-friendly, sustainable products, that desire better farming and agriculture practices, that desire fair trade and sustainability, but I wish that more of society as a whole felt the same way. I’m happy with the revolution that is underway, but I can’t wait for it to continue to grow and become a very big thing that will change the world.

What would you like to see change in our industry?

The biggest thing I would love the see change in our industry are higher standards to continue to educate ourselves as hairstylists. I’m fortunate enough to work with coworkers who are always looking for new classes and information, but I know this isn’t always the case.

I think the industry is only as strong as our weakest link, and I would love to see more hairstylists working together to find new ways or better ways to do hair instead of being so competitive. I think the sharing of information is a beautiful thing that not only creates great hairstylists, but also creates happy clients and a world full of beautiful people with great hair.

What sort of trends do you see on the horizon for the beginning of 2017?

As for upcoming trends, I still see the “lived in” looks reigning supreme for most clients. With the 80s and 90s making some comebacks in the fashion world, embracing natural texture or enhancing tousled, bed-head texture for ease of styling seems to be the go to. I think texture, low maintenance, easy styling are going to be the key words for a while.

Hair Stylist Education

Join Kat and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Abigail Waldrum

Abigail Waldrum

This month, our Holistic Hair Stylist Spotlight is on Abigail Waldrum!

Abigail is a hair stylist at Sepulveda Hair Studio in Deland, FL., and is an active member of our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum on Facebook! She dazzles our community with her beautiful balayage techniques and willingness to help others – and we just love that!

Obviously, we had to get to know Abigail and showcase some of her beautiful work with Oway!

Get to know Abigail!

Oway Hair Stylist

How do you think that hair relates to a person’s confidence?

Hair can drastically change a persons appearance. When you can help someone feel beautiful or attractive you can directly impact their self esteem. I think as stylists we often underestimate the impact we have on our clients.

We touch, we enhance, we nurture and we strengthen. We physically, emotionally and sometimes even spiritually enhance our clients lives.

It is a gift to do what we do. We blend artistry with nurturing. I love it!

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

Oddly enough, it was probably a therapist I saw years ago who nudged me forward to pursue my passions. I used to be a clinical social worker and was very comfortable in that world.

But something big was missing.

I so admired Vidal Sassoon even as a child. I was enamored by designers and stylists. But I pursued a more traditional education and went on to graduate school and a career. When I finally gave myself permission to be an artist, it’s like the floodgates opened. I have never once looked back or regretted that decision.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of investing my time and energy into being my authentic self. It has lead me to my career and my passion.

It has lead me to the most beautiful salon I have ever worked at. And it’s lead me to products that are in line with my personal beliefs. I truly believe that like attracts like. I fell into meeting David Sepulveda, the owner of Sepulveda Hair Studio. I have learned so much from him including falling in love with Oway.

It’s so exciting to know you can be successful and holistic in the beauty industry. I did not think that was possible before.

Check out Abigail's work with Oway!

Join Abigail and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Jenn Kidd


At Simply Organic Beauty, we  strive to create a community of Holistic Hair Stylists who can share their passion, experience, and endless creativity.

Once a month we put the spotlight on one of our community members and let them share their story with you.

Our July 2016 Oway Hair Colorist is Jenn Kidd! She’s a Hair Stylist at Apotheclaire Salon in Akron, Ohio – where they take an eco-responsible approach to hair, beauty and personal care. Learn more about Jenn in our exclusive interview with her below!

Get to know Jenn!

How did you become interested in becoming an organic hair colorist?

Quite simply, I became sick.

I developed serious allergies in the salon that were escalating into other symptoms. After years of trying everything, including using steroids on my hands every night and covering them with gloves, I knew it was time to make some changes. Because of the severity of my sensitivities, I knew my only two options were to find a space where I was in complete control of what was being used or to quit doing hair.

That is how Apotheclaire came to be and that is how I discovered Oway. I was immediately drawn to Oway because of the packaging, let’s be honest – it’s fantastic. I did lots of due diligence and research and testing of other “organic hair color” lines. None of them fit what we were looking for like Oway did.

On a side note – I used to have to take a prescription antihistamine on a daily basis to be able to work. I have not had to take one since making the switch!

You have posted some beautiful balayage work. Do you have any tips or tricks for using Hbleach when lightening? Do you have some “go to” Hcolor formulas for when you’re toning?

Thank you! I am crazy about hbleach. I love the consistency of it and how soft in both color and feel the results are. I am a cautious bleacher and I refuse to compromise anyone’s hair, ever. Using hbleach allows me to push the lightening process a little bit further without the need of any -plex products, knowing how gentle the process is.

When doing balayage, I always like to keep a dry tint brush on my tray and use it at an angle to diffuse and blend any strong lines. This gives extra control and adds extra detailing.

I’m not finding toners as necessary for correcting as much as I am loving the way they can enhance. I have always loved a warm / cool balance with hair color and the .31 series provides perfect tone for that dimension!

Oway has an extensive retail line. Can you tell us your top three picks?

Glamshine Cloud– I spray it on my hands to put in the hair and it gives me extra control over placement.
Flux Potion – That is our swiss army knife of products at the shop.
Scuplting Mist – We do not use aerosols in the shop. So thankful for this non-aerosol gem

non-aerosol hairspray

Do you have any predictions for 2016 Fall Trends in hair color and hair style?

Always! I think that people are looking for new ways to change up their look with ease. Playing with texture will be huge coming into the fall, on both short and long hair. There are a million ways to get great texture without using heat tools and I love sharing them with clients.

Long hair? Sleep in a braid or twist hair into a bun before going to sleep. Wake up and shake it out. Throw some boho pomade in there and voila! Playing with an extreme side part or adding in vintage accessories are also a fun way to change it up.

I believe color is going to start shying away from all of the bold, direct dyes and steer more towards emulating nature. More gingers, softer blondes and dimensional browns with both warm and cool tones combined. Warm for the winter and cool in the summer!

As a member of our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum Group on Facebook, can you tell us how it has helped or benefited you with your craft?

It has been a great tool to help myself and my co-stylist learn the line. I love that we have such a valuable real-life, in-salon resource to look at and learn from. I’ve been doing this for ten years and switching color lines was intimidating, no matter how well I knew color. I called Rebecca Gregory one day when I was especially freaking out and she talked me through it. The Facebook group and technical support offered by Simply Organic has been priceless. We look at it and are inspired by everyone’s work on a daily basis!

How does your personal style influence your work on clients?

I wear what I want without ever giving a thought to what others will think of my style, because I like it. I truly believe that if you feel great, you can pull anything off with your look. I am not a fan of the “if you’re this size you can’t have short hair” or “if you’re this age you can’t have long hair” rules that some people believe. I hope that I can inspire people to be a little more carefree and wear whatever makes them feel their best!

Check out Jenn's work with Oway!

Join Jenn and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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