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OWAY Stylist Spotlight: Maren McKenna


This month, our OWAY Stylist Spotlight is on Maren McKenna of Verde Salon in Chandler, AZ. Maren keeps on surprising us with her killer balayage skills on social media and rightfully deserves a spot in our list of holistic hairstylists to follow. Below she shares with us her go-to OWAY products and why she chose the organic way of life.

Don’t forget to check out some of her amazing work at the bottom!

Who inspires you in your life and why?

My father is my biggest inspiration in life. He’s always striving to improve not only as a person, but at life as well! I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone make so many self-improvements. As I’ve watched my parents journey through life, they remind me most that as much as life knocks you down, you can make it through anything as long as you keep persevering. He’s the best.

What are some ways you market yourself?

When it comes to marketing, I have been very fortunate to work for a salon that speaks for itself. Verde Salon is an all-organic salon, that once people find out, they can’t stay away. Working with organic color and products is a huge gift. I believe we are at the forefront of the hair industry and hopefully, all hair products will head in this direction. I’ve also been spending a significant time building my Instagram page to showcase my work. This is how I’ve found some of my favorite artists, and learn lots of tips and tricks from them!


What suggestions do you give your clients before leaving your chair on home care etc.?

I’ve found that when I use products I’m passionate about such as OWAY, my clients see that and trust my recommendations implicitly. I personally use OWAY at home and share that with my clients as well (My hair is actually long again! Hooray!). I always recommend shampoo and conditioner to insure their color lasts and stays vibrant and shiny, particularly the Color Protection line. Styling products sell themselves once I use them in their hair.

What OWAY product is your favorite and who do you primarily use it for?

My favorite OWAY product? There are too many! Glossy Nectar first and foremost. I use it on pretty much every client. I love that it cuts down on drying time pre-blow dry and I love finishing with it to tame fly aways and add some glorious shine! Flux Potion is a close second. I love the lightweight hold and volume it creates. It makes my clients hair feel thicker without that “too much product” feeling. The third is probably the Bio-Rich Water because what’s not to love! I use it as a cutting lotion on every client because I love the fragrance and the added benefits I get from all those essential oils. I tell my clients it’s like vitamins for their hair.

Do you have a go-to formula?

My favorite OWAY formula…this is a tough one as I’ve become so fond of the whole line! I must say I really like breaking the base with the 90 series. Using 90.2/90.11 double 40 vol for no more than five minutes (to avoid exposing too much warmth) is a go-to for me. The mixed tones are wonderful too! I like mixing them together especially for rich lowlights, and I love the 6.62. I try to use it whenever I can.

If you were to travel anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?


If I could travel anywhere, it would probably be back to Ireland. I was fortunate enough to go on a family vacation back in 2007 to learn about my family’s heritage. We learned that the McKennas still reside in Northern Ireland! I fell in love with the miles of rolling green hills and the friendly people. I would love to go back and experience more of it one day. I wouldn’t say no to getting married there either.

Words of wisdom on converting to a Holistic brand and way of life?

Living a more natural way of life is still something I’m striving to get better at day by day. I’m learning to be more aware of what I eat and about the products I use on my body. I must say being more conscious of these things makes me feel better than I ever have. Working with organic hair care is a true gift and is the only way I plan to do hair as I continue with my career. I’m very grateful that I found it early on as a stylist. The great thing about OWAY is that it’s not only a natural, more gentle color line, but it supersedes traditional color lines in my opinion. I always get questions about it, like does it last as long, does it work as well, etc. — the answer is most definitely YES!

Check out Maren's work with OWAY!


Join Maren and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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Educator Spotlight: Maureen Fox-Meyer


Maureen Fox-Meyer

Changing Salons For The Better

As our tribe of passionate Holistic Hair Stylists continues to grow, we want you to get to know our educators! These are the leaders helping us pioneer the holistic hair revolution beyond the chair. As Educators, they help their fellow hair stylists gain knowledge and inspiration by teaching in-salon and online classes.

In the spotlight this month is Maureen Fox-Meyer. She owns The Change, an organic salon in Sartell, Minnesota.

Organic Salon Educator

What got you into the world of using healthier, holistic beauty products?

My journey into healthier products stems from my Dad passing away from pancreatic cancer. I was kind of lost and trying to find my path in life at that time. I got a Bachelor’s degree in vocal music and a minor in Psychology, but didn’t want to do music as my career anymore. So I had been cutting and coloring all my family and friend’s hair simply because I really enjoyed doing it as a hobby and seemed to have a knack for it. When my Dad got diagnosed, it really put things into perspective and I realized that the passionate career I was seeking was right there in front of me and all I needed to to was get my degree and get started.

Going through the process of my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, I started to realize just how important the things we use in and on our bodies really are. We did many natural treatments and dietary changes that really helped improved his quality of life and prolonged his time here with us. It wasn’t a fun or easy time in my life, but without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I made a promise to myself before I even started beauty school that my goal was to start the most natural and non-toxic salon that I possibly could. At the time, I didn’t know if products like Oway even existed, but I was determined to find the best thing out there.

I graduated beauty school in the spring of 2008 and opened The Change, An Organic Hair Salon in the fall of 2013. I tried many product lines in my search of the best non-toxic color line and now am very happy with the results and healthy hair I now get with Oway!

Who has inspired you to be an educator?

There have been a number of great educators in my life that made me see how fulfilling it is to share your passion with others. My voice teacher, Mitra Sadeghpour, was really inspirational to me because she was always positive and motivating. She saw the potential in me and made me believe it for myself.

Cristina Hupe was my haircutting instructor and friend (we are about the same age but she did hair school first and I went to a 4 year college first). She taught me to be very exacting in my expectations for what students can achieve and to not settle for good enough, when you know they can do great things. Finally, my mother was always teaching me about everything around from rock formations to birds to how to make a million crafts and science experiments. She really taught me to love learning and that there is wonder and beauty in everything and everyone.

In addition to being paid to do what you love, how else has your hair life created value to you?

Through all the things I have tried to do for work (music, realtor, retail sales, flooring sales, educator, etc.) I find that the thing that gives me the most satisfaction is being able to use my creativity and talents to make people’s lives better. I get that everyday in this profession.

I get to use my knowledge, help other stylists, teach clients, be creative and get direct feedback about how I am making everyone feel better about themselves which can then lead them to making other people feel good, too.

Seeing the smile on my client’s face as they leave is one of the best compliments I could ever receive.

What is one of your favorite looks you have created with Oway and what products were used?

I have done a lot of transformations with Oway that really excite me. The latest work of love that I created was on a woman who came in for a color correction. She had never been in to our salon before and had 3 colors going on. Her base was a grown out 2 inches of a neutral level 9, the mid lengths were a level 7 gold that was so heavy it was practically copper, and her ombré ends were very golden level 10.

Her hair strength was good, but needing some serious moisture. We decided on a heavy highlight lowlight because she wanted dimension and depth for fall. My formula was 20 volume hbleach for the highlight that I painted down to where the ombré highlights started, the lowlight I used from root to tip; it was 28 grams 4.0+ 3 grams 0.7 9 volume htone. I used a heavy natural looking foil pattern and processed for 30 minutes.

I shampooed her with hbalance shampoo, rinsed and then I applied hmilk and left it on for 5 minutes while I mixed up a toner. I used 20g 11.17+ 20g 10.1 9 volume htone. After rinsing the hmilk from her hair it was a much better moisture content so the toner could take more evenly. I put the toner on towel dried hair and let it process for 6 minutes before rinsing, shampooed again with hbalance shampoo and finished with hbalance mask. To finish I styled her with glossy nectar and frozen glaze cocktailed together, blow dried and loosely curled.

Hair Color Correction

Which styling tool/products are your best friends?

My number one product is Glossy Nectar. I use it on everybody! It gives me such shine and moisture while also protecting the hair from damage. I don’t really enjoy stickiness or overusing products on hair that I have just colored, so I tend to be a minimalist with products. Plus, clients get overwhelmed if you use more than 3 stylers on them!

I have naturally fine, curly hair and I like to wear it natural a lot- so for myself I can’t live without boho pomade. It gives you definition, takes down frizz, but adds volume all in one product. It’s great for second or even third day curls! At first the texture is a little odd, but just ignore that and scrunch it in- you can’t go wrong.

As far as tools go, at the salon, we have all recently fallen in love with the Epic Professional Wet brush-pro Quick Dry Brush. Its a vented detangling brush that cuts down your blow-dry time on those long haired clients that take forever to dry. It is curved to it grab more hair and is gentle to the scalp.


What is your favorite type of client?

My favorite kind of client is someone who has had trouble finding the right stylist, is possibly disheartened with our profession or needs a serious color correction.  I love the process of winning their trust and showing them that many of us do really know what we are doing and that they can have amazing hair again!  The transformation in their attitudes and self-esteem really give me a sense of how I  have an impact on a person’s life simply by showing them the beauty they already possess and enhancing that for them.

If you could makeover a celebrity, who would it be and how would you do it?

A celebrity I would love to make over is Miley Cyrus. She wants to be bold and edgy but it comes off harsh and unpolished. I like her blonde but would like to soften it with some peaches and pinks toward her base and give her a nice shadow root with a 8.1 brushed out over the blondes. The peach I would make with 9.43+ 9.0+ 0.6 and the pink 11.17+ 0.6. That would still give her a fun and bold image, but be more fitting to her skin tone.

Simply Organic Education

Tell us what you love about educating others.

I love educating others because I believe that everyone should know the options available to them. I like to show other stylists what is possible and watch the process of discovery in them. Many people are so used to the ammonia-based systems that they are very wary about things that are new and different. I like to gently show them what can be and let them see it for themselves.

My salon’s name and motto is based on “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi. I believe that by using products that hold the client, the stylist and nature in the highest regard, we really can change the world.

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Abigail Waldrum

Abigail Waldrum

This month, our Holistic Hair Stylist Spotlight is on Abigail Waldrum!

Abigail is a hair stylist at Sepulveda Hair Studio in Deland, FL., and is an active member of our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum on Facebook! She dazzles our community with her beautiful balayage techniques and willingness to help others – and we just love that!

Obviously, we had to get to know Abigail and showcase some of her beautiful work with Oway!

Get to know Abigail!

Oway Hair Stylist

How do you think that hair relates to a person’s confidence?

Hair can drastically change a persons appearance. When you can help someone feel beautiful or attractive you can directly impact their self esteem. I think as stylists we often underestimate the impact we have on our clients.

We touch, we enhance, we nurture and we strengthen. We physically, emotionally and sometimes even spiritually enhance our clients lives.

It is a gift to do what we do. We blend artistry with nurturing. I love it!

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

Oddly enough, it was probably a therapist I saw years ago who nudged me forward to pursue my passions. I used to be a clinical social worker and was very comfortable in that world.

But something big was missing.

I so admired Vidal Sassoon even as a child. I was enamored by designers and stylists. But I pursued a more traditional education and went on to graduate school and a career. When I finally gave myself permission to be an artist, it’s like the floodgates opened. I have never once looked back or regretted that decision.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of investing my time and energy into being my authentic self. It has lead me to my career and my passion.

It has lead me to the most beautiful salon I have ever worked at. And it’s lead me to products that are in line with my personal beliefs. I truly believe that like attracts like. I fell into meeting David Sepulveda, the owner of Sepulveda Hair Studio. I have learned so much from him including falling in love with Oway.

It’s so exciting to know you can be successful and holistic in the beauty industry. I did not think that was possible before.

Check out Abigail's work with Oway!

Join Abigail and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Jenn Kidd


At Simply Organic Beauty, we  strive to create a community of Holistic Hair Stylists who can share their passion, experience, and endless creativity.

Once a month we put the spotlight on one of our community members and let them share their story with you.

Our July 2016 Oway Hair Colorist is Jenn Kidd! She’s a Hair Stylist at Apotheclaire Salon in Akron, Ohio – where they take an eco-responsible approach to hair, beauty and personal care. Learn more about Jenn in our exclusive interview with her below!

Get to know Jenn!

How did you become interested in becoming an organic hair colorist?

Quite simply, I became sick.

I developed serious allergies in the salon that were escalating into other symptoms. After years of trying everything, including using steroids on my hands every night and covering them with gloves, I knew it was time to make some changes. Because of the severity of my sensitivities, I knew my only two options were to find a space where I was in complete control of what was being used or to quit doing hair.

That is how Apotheclaire came to be and that is how I discovered Oway. I was immediately drawn to Oway because of the packaging, let’s be honest – it’s fantastic. I did lots of due diligence and research and testing of other “organic hair color” lines. None of them fit what we were looking for like Oway did.

On a side note – I used to have to take a prescription antihistamine on a daily basis to be able to work. I have not had to take one since making the switch!

You have posted some beautiful balayage work. Do you have any tips or tricks for using Hbleach when lightening? Do you have some “go to” Hcolor formulas for when you’re toning?

Thank you! I am crazy about hbleach. I love the consistency of it and how soft in both color and feel the results are. I am a cautious bleacher and I refuse to compromise anyone’s hair, ever. Using hbleach allows me to push the lightening process a little bit further without the need of any -plex products, knowing how gentle the process is.

When doing balayage, I always like to keep a dry tint brush on my tray and use it at an angle to diffuse and blend any strong lines. This gives extra control and adds extra detailing.

I’m not finding toners as necessary for correcting as much as I am loving the way they can enhance. I have always loved a warm / cool balance with hair color and the .31 series provides perfect tone for that dimension!

Oway has an extensive retail line. Can you tell us your top three picks?

Glamshine Cloud– I spray it on my hands to put in the hair and it gives me extra control over placement.
Flux Potion – That is our swiss army knife of products at the shop.
Scuplting Mist – We do not use aerosols in the shop. So thankful for this non-aerosol gem

non-aerosol hairspray

Do you have any predictions for 2016 Fall Trends in hair color and hair style?

Always! I think that people are looking for new ways to change up their look with ease. Playing with texture will be huge coming into the fall, on both short and long hair. There are a million ways to get great texture without using heat tools and I love sharing them with clients.

Long hair? Sleep in a braid or twist hair into a bun before going to sleep. Wake up and shake it out. Throw some boho pomade in there and voila! Playing with an extreme side part or adding in vintage accessories are also a fun way to change it up.

I believe color is going to start shying away from all of the bold, direct dyes and steer more towards emulating nature. More gingers, softer blondes and dimensional browns with both warm and cool tones combined. Warm for the winter and cool in the summer!

As a member of our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum Group on Facebook, can you tell us how it has helped or benefited you with your craft?

It has been a great tool to help myself and my co-stylist learn the line. I love that we have such a valuable real-life, in-salon resource to look at and learn from. I’ve been doing this for ten years and switching color lines was intimidating, no matter how well I knew color. I called Rebecca Gregory one day when I was especially freaking out and she talked me through it. The Facebook group and technical support offered by Simply Organic has been priceless. We look at it and are inspired by everyone’s work on a daily basis!

How does your personal style influence your work on clients?

I wear what I want without ever giving a thought to what others will think of my style, because I like it. I truly believe that if you feel great, you can pull anything off with your look. I am not a fan of the “if you’re this size you can’t have short hair” or “if you’re this age you can’t have long hair” rules that some people believe. I hope that I can inspire people to be a little more carefree and wear whatever makes them feel their best!

Check out Jenn's work with Oway!

Join Jenn and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Courtney Curtis

Courtney Curtis


Let’s give big Internet high-fives to our June 2016’s Stylist of the Month: Courtney Curtis!

She’s always catching our eye with her gorgeous blondes and creative fashion colors, but this young, talented Hair Stylist is wise beyond her years. In this month’s interview, she not only shares some of her favorite Original & Mineral products, but also a valuable perspective on chemicals in the beauty industry.

As always, the answer is knowledge, education and courage!

Check out Courtney's interview below!



1) Tell us about yourself! How long have you been a Hair Stylist / where do you work?

I am 22 years old and I have been doing hair for 4 years. I work at a salon in St George Utah called Destinations Organic Salon and Spa. It’s the only organic salon in our area!

2) Why clean, non-toxic hair color from O&M? Why do you think this is important for the industry?

When I worked at my old salon I learned a lot about what’s in hair color and obviously when you start to learn about what’s going into them and getting on your skin and on your clients skin it’s kind of scary! When I found this salon I figured if I’m going to do this the rest of my life I need to do it with something that won’t hurt me or my clients. And the more I’ve learned the more and more passionate I’ve became about it. I will never go back!

Working in an all organic salon I have heard some crazy stories about how non organic hair product has had long term effects. I’ve heard about clients and hairstylist BOTH being affected.

It’s important for the industry because obviously hair stylist can’t keep putting these bad toxins in our body and we shouldn’t be doing that to our clients either if we are we are doing them a disservice. The industry will not change unless hair stylist get on board and make them change! We have the right to safe product! (though we’ve noticed it’s been VERY hard to make stylist switch) it’s out salons goal to educate everyone and introduce them to a way better way!

3) What’s your favorite O&M styling product or cocktail?

I’m REALLY in love with Project Sukuroi and Style GuruSukuroi adds the perfect amount of shine moisture without getting to heavy plus it smells amazing. And style guru gives a perfect base to my blowouts.

4) What is your favorite feature in the O&M product lineup?

I’m a blonde and I love Blondes so the conquer blonde is one of the best purple shampoos I’ve ever used!


5) You’ve done some beautiful fashion colors with O&M. Do you have any tips for your fellow stylists to achieve their best fashion color yet?

With fashion colors or any color is don’t rush it, don’t compromise the hair trying to get there. Take your time and really study your color theory and color wheel and practice, practice and keep pushing yourself!


6) What’s your favorite quote to live by?

“Decisions Determine Destiny.”


Check out Courtney's work with O&M!

Join Courtney and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Serena Jarvis


Serena Jarvis

Our May 2016 Organic Way Hair Colorist is Serena Jarvis!

Not only is Serena a certified Organic Hair Colorist, but an inspiring young entrepreneur who knew from a very young age what she was destined for! Below you’ll learn about Serena and why she chooses the Organic Way!

Get to know Serena!

Tell us about yourself! How many years have you been a Stylist?

Last year, I decided to make a big leap and open my own business: Serena Rose Styles.

The passion and love I have for my craft has carried over into the business side of things too. It is hard to believe that I started working for a beauty salon when I was 14, and now I am an entrepreneur! Before I finished high school, I started an apprenticeship and embarked on a career path that has groomed me for the past 11 years into where I am today!

Now, I am a certified organic hairstylist, an up-do’s specialist, an award winning make-up artist, and a beauty coach!

What prompted you to adopt non-toxic, organic salon products?

My preference to obtain a healthy lifestyle started with the choice to become vegetarian at the age of 12. From there, my awareness and desire to better myself grew. The change to non-toxic, organic salon products was natural and effortless! The healthier option, is always the route I choose to take!

What’s your favorite Oway product?

One would think this question would be the easiest to answer, however, I pondered this one the longest!

If I HAD to pick one, I would say Glamshine Cloud is my favorite Oway product. I use it on every person before they leave my chair, and utilize it every weekend during wedding season! It steps up every look and each color shade with a few simple spritz’s!


Why Oway? What about their philosophy and products make it the perfect fit for Serena Rose Styles?

Honestly, I didn’t realize how good of a decision I was making when I chose Oway!

There were so many decisions to be made, and I knew this was one that would shape the rest of my business. Customer service and educating my clients, are 2 things that I pride myself in. They also are 2 (of the many) things that Oway is best at! Patricia (my representative) was so kind, informative, patient, understanding, and happy to be serving me – she sold me on the line! Later, I learned how deeply the company cares for it’s patrons and the environment, without jeopardizing the quality of the product!

In my experience, Oway’s philosophy and products trump all other lines out there and every stylist should be using them!

Do you have any go-to formulas or tips you can give new Oway users?

We all have clients that ask for highlights when they are not booked for them, and with summer approaching everyone wants to ‘be a bit lighter’ before the season starts! I have found a fun and easy way to satisfy customers that takes NO EXTRA TIME!

Pop in a few highlights on top, and pull through the ends (surrounding the highlights and elsewhere) 50% 0.0 and 50% 8.1 or 9.1 with 9V or 20V. Every single person has left happy!

What’s your life quote?

You can only change yourself!

Check out Serena's work with Oway!

Join Serena and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Josie Ragains

Josie Ragains


Josie Ragains is our O&M Colorist of the Month for April 2016!

She has been posting some beautiful blondes and rich browns in our O&M Colorist Forum, so we took the time to interview her to see if she could share some of her secrets with us. Below she tells us how she made the journey to non-toxic beauty products and gives her advice on O&M color for the newbies.

Don’t forget to take a look at the photos of her work at the bottom!

Get to know Josie!



Congratulations on your new space, Josie’s Organic Hair Studio! How did you originally become interested in healthier beauty products?

Thank you! 🙂 Honestly, what originally made me interested in healthier beauty products was to try to find a company that didn’t test on animals or use any animal products since this is a belief I practice in my everyday life. The fact that it’s a healthier alternative to mainstream hair products is just icing on the cake.

I was getting progressively sick as a hair stylist and thought I would have to give up a career that I loved. My health has improved tremendously since I made the switch. I have no idea how much my health would benefit from eliminating toxic chemicals in my work place.

What O&M styling and care products do you find yourself using the most and why?

My go-to styling product is definitely styling guru. A little goes a long way and it makes my blow-dries go quickly and smoothes even my most coarse haired clients.


What do you like most about O&M color?

Besides that it matches my personal core values, I love that O&M has made it possible for clients to be able to get their color done again that had developed sensitivities to hair color throughout the years. Since it’s free of gluten, ammonia, PPD and resorcinol, my clients feel safe knowing there is a decrease in harsh chemicals during their hair service.

You’ve shared some beautiful blondes in the group! Do you have any tips you can share about the Keratin lightener or toning with O&M?

Sure, I find that I get the best blonde tones when I don’t over lighten the hair. I use primarily 20 volume because it gives me great control in tonality to avoid turning the hair bright yellow or orange. I find that I rarely need to to tone with this lightener, but when I do I love using /16 series. It’s the perfect blend of ash and violet.

Do you have any words of advice for new users of O&M color?

This is a color line has so many benefits, it’s definitely worth learning. Make sure to always measure your color properly, take advantage of the matte series and 0/33 will be your best friend. Adding 0/33 to your formula creates the perfect grey coverage, so I use it in almost all my formulations.

Check out Josie's work with O&M!

Join Josie and other like-minded stylists in our O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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Oway Organic Stylist Spotlight: Kaila Ward

Kaila Ward

Kaila Ward is Oway Colorist of the Month for April 2016!

She has been sharing everything from subtle balayage to bold fashion shades in our Oway Holistic Stylist Forum. She has even shared her fun updos and styles created with Oway’s styling range.

Obviously, we had to interview her to find out more about how Kaila became an organic hair stylist and what her favorite formulas are. Below she shares her story with us and some pictures of her awesome work!

Get to know Kaila!


How did you become interested in organic hair color?

I think it started when I became more aware of the food I was consuming and understanding the benefits of putting good food in my body versus the dangers of consuming bad food with harmful chemicals. That journey quickly led to the products I was using and being exposed to on a daily basis. The biggest one being a chemical service.

And not just for me, but for my clients, as well. I got to a point where I had had enough of the chemical burns in my nose and difficulty breathing during a color service that I finally switched entirely to a cleaner line and never looked back!

We’re loving the hairstyles you share as well, from subtle waves to braids and updos. What are your favorite Oway products to create these fun looks?


Sea Salt Spray is my ultimate go-to to add the texture I need for waves. And finishing those styles off with the Sculpting Mist…it’s perfection.

For my braids and updos I am forever hooked on Precious Wax! It allows me to have flexibility and slip when styling while also taming the fly aways without making the hair greasy. It’s great to be able to use products that not only contain amazing ingredients but actually work!


We’ve seen you post some great balayage looks. Do you have any tips for using the Hbleach butter lightener?

I’ve been using the suggested 1:2 ratio (lightener to developer), and it’s been great for free hand painting and inside foils. It coats every part of the hair, so I never worry about spots.

Do you have any frequently used or favorite formulas you have done that you would like to share?

Well, who doesn’t love 11.17 with 9 vol to tone with? Am I right? Seriously, that’s my absolute favorite when toning blonde hair to cancel out that yellow and make it nice and cool.

I recently tested out Hnectar on myself. My natural level is a 6. I used equal parts of 5.0 and 7.35 with 9 volume for about 20-25 minutes. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on the color and shine. It was the perfect “brunette”. I will definitely be using that formula on myself again and clients.

What advice do you have for hairstylists that are new to Organic Way hair color?

Just jump right in! The benefits out way all the hesitation or fears you might have of trying something new. And the amount of support and passion that everyone has using it is overwhelmingly awesome! I can’t even express how much richer the experience of using Oway has been with people behind it that believe in it so much. Not to mention the color line is just down right amazing. I feel like I found my color line soul mate.

Check out Kaila's work with Organic Way Color + Styling!

Join Kaila and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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O&M Stylist Spotlight: Meredith Johnson

Meredith Johnson


For the month of March the Spotlight is on Meredith Johnson, congratulations!

She is the newest O&M Colorist of the month. She has been sharing some killer fashion shades that she created and we just couldn’t get enough! Below we interviewed her on her O&M journey and where she plans to go next.

Don’t forget to take a look at her gorgeous work at the bottom, you might just find some spring inspiration!

Get to know Meredith!

Meredith Johnson

In the world of non toxic hair color what about O&M CCT stands out to you?

O&M stands out because it’s a very wide range of tones, the possibilities are endless and that’s exactly what the stylist needs in this creative color era.

Do you have any tips or tricks you could give to a new O&M stylist?

I myself am fairly new to O&M , I would say the color chart is key. Understanding the undertones and using them to your advantage will guarantee success.

Also, O&M tends to look dark when processing, do not feel fearful and rinse before the recommended processing time has been fulfilled .

Do you have any favorite styling products?

My favorite product is the O&M Surf Bomb.

Once I’ve curled the hair in a wave pattern, I let the curls cool, then I tousle them and spray the Surf Bomb simultaneously to create the perfect beachy look.

O&M Surf Bomb

Your work is flawless! Where do you find inspiration for these beautiful fashion shades and do you have any favorite O&M colors or formulations?

That’s the compliment all stylists want to hear but never think we deserve. Thank you so much.
I could say I draw most of my inspiration from nature, which is true, but my clients inspire me more than anything else.

Their individual beauty, personalities, and triumphs through life give me all the inspiration I think I’ll ever need.
My absolute favorite in the O&M line right now are the Pearl tones .

For example, 8/81 + 9/8 + 10/16 is the perfect toner for a pearlescent blonde.

What color trends do you foresee for spring 2016?

2016 is already a rebellious year in the hair world. Playing with warm and cool tones in a way that they compliment each-other without clashing. Creating fantasy colors at every level, fun colors aren’t just for blondes anymore .

Check out Meredith's work with O&M!

You have been awesome with sharing your work in the online forum, what about the online community do you enjoy the most?

I love the online forum! It is vital for stylists to be able to communicate, formulate and problem solve together. The O&M forum gives us a fun, judgement free zone to do just that.

Join Meredith and other like-minded stylists in the O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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Oway Stylist Spotlight: Star Rummelt

Star Rummelt

Congratulations to Star Rummelt from Midori Organic Salon in Largo, FL! She is our crowned Oway Stylist of the Month for March 2016.

Midori, which originally launched in Clearwater, FL is one of the first North American salons to completely adopt the Organic Way and will soon be opening it’s doors to a third location, so congrats all around!

Below, we interviewed Star about her experience with Oway hair color and what spring trends might be emerging this year. Be sure to check out the pictures of her gorgeous work!

Get to know Star!

Oway Hair Colorist Review

How did you become interested in organic hair color? What about Organic Way do you love the most?

The smells in the salon that I was working in previously made me ill. I was looking for a better option for myself and found Midori. Since becoming an Organic Colorist I was able to continue coloring hair, have twins, and stay in a healthy work environment! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love that it has the effect of healing the hair. I love the use of essential oils. I love how soft it makes the hair feel! But I also truly love how effective the performance of the color is. Lots of love!

Oway’s organic retail and care lines are pretty extensive! Do you have any favorites so far?

I love Glamshine Cloud because who doesn’t love super shiny hair?

It’s like pixie dust. Everyone must have it!

I also love the boho pomade it’s great on short and long hair because it never feels sticky or heavy but adds the texture and separation to really show off a great haircut.

Oway Glamshine Cloud Product Review

Have you discovered any tips or tricks with Oway hair color that you can share with our new users?

I enjoy using the 90 series with added boosters to create muted colors such as slates, silvers, and rose golds. I also used the 11.17 with .1 booster and that made a really unique iridescent silver / gray which I am currently rocking on my own hair and loving!

Use your downtime to play. Save hair and formulate. I always save old extension hair and see what I can come up with. I’ve been an organic colorist for over 6 years and a cosmetologist for 8 years. I never stop playing! Get creative and have fun this line, it’s amazing!

Do you have a favorite Organic Way color or formula you would like to share?

My best formula so far is 1/2 9.0 and 1/2 10.1 for a beautiful natural blonde on 100% white hair! I have struggled with coverage for years with one of my guests and now with this formula she is beaming every time I see her!

She even comes in more often now because she loves her hair that much. This formula is more translucent but plays up her white hair and adds just enough blonde to be perfect! You can see her pictured here on the right – all smiles!

Blonde Grey Coverage

Which hair color trends do you foresee for Spring 2016? Is there anything you hope takes off this year?

I’m hearing a lot about the denim hair color trend. I think we will see a lot of this. Our grey trend is going a little blue! I am playing with formulas already and will share results to the forum!

I like a rooted look but am preferring to break it up a bit with microlites. This is my favorite look right now.

Social media is a powerful tool, has our Oway Holistic Hair Stylist Forum Group on Facebook benefited you in any way?

Absolutely. I get to connect with other organic colonists and share experiences which is an excellent resource for all of us. I would like to see the industry change and together we can create a strong community to make this happen!

Check out Star's Oway hair color transformations below!

Join Star and other like-minded stylists in our Organic Way Holistic Hair Colorist Group here!

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