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OWAY Stylist Spotlight: Maren McKenna

This month, our OWAY Stylist Spotlight is on Maren McKenna of Verde Salon in Chandler, AZ. Maren keeps on surprising us with her killer balayage skills on social…

Daphne March 7, 2017
Educator Spotlight: Maureen Fox-Meyer

Educator Spotlight: Maureen Fox-Meyer

Changing Salons For The Better As our tribe of passionate Holistic Hair Stylists continues to grow, we want you to get to know our educators! These are the leaders…

Organic Expert September 30, 2016

Oway Stylist Spotlight: Abigail Waldrum

This month, our Holistic Hair Stylist Spotlight is on Abigail Waldrum! Abigail is a hair stylist at Sepulveda Hair Studio in Deland, FL., and is an active member…

Organic Expert August 25, 2016
Oway Stylist Spotlight: Jenn Kidd

Oway Stylist Spotlight: Jenn Kidd

At Simply Organic Beauty, we  strive to create a community of Holistic Hair Stylists who can share their passion, experience, and endless creativity. Once…

Organic Expert July 19, 2016

O&M Stylist Spotlight: Courtney Curtis

Let's give big Internet high-fives to our June 2016's Stylist of the Month: Courtney Curtis! She's always catching our eye with her gorgeous blondes and creative…

Organic Expert June 24, 2016
Oway Stylist Spotlight: Serena Jarvis

Oway Stylist Spotlight: Serena Jarvis

Our May 2016 Organic Way Hair Colorist is Serena Jarvis! Not only is Serena a certified Organic Hair Colorist, but an inspiring young entrepreneur who…

Organic Expert May 25, 2016

O&M Stylist Spotlight: Josie Ragains

Josie Ragains is our O&M Colorist of the Month for April 2016! She has been posting some beautiful blondes and rich browns in our O&M Colorist Forum,…

Organic Expert April 21, 2016

Oway Organic Stylist Spotlight: Kaila Ward

Kaila Ward is Oway Colorist of the Month for April 2016! She has been sharing everything from subtle balayage to bold fashion shades in our Oway Holistic Stylist…

Organic Expert April 13, 2016

O&M Stylist Spotlight: Meredith Johnson

For the month of March the Spotlight is on Meredith Johnson, congratulations! She is the newest O&M Colorist of the month. She has been sharing some killer…

Organic Expert March 9, 2016

Oway Stylist Spotlight: Star Rummelt

Congratulations to Star Rummelt from Midori Organic Salon in Largo, FL! She is our crowned Oway Stylist of the Month for March 2016. Midori, which originally…

Organic Expert March 7, 2016