3 Hair Care Tips to Remember When Traveling

3 Hair Care Tips to Remember When Traveling

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or just planning a quick escape, the summer season is always a good time to go on adventures. From last minute plane bookings to hauling luggage all around, hair and skin maintenance may fall to the back of your mind in all the chaos.

Because your typical day-to-day products are nearly impossible to travel with due to their large size and weight, people aren’t able to keep up with proper hair and skin care. On vacation, everyone wants to look their best, and lucky for you, we have the perfect tips and travel friendly products to help avoid any hair mishaps during your summer getaways.

Travel Hair Care Tips

  1. For daily care. Every location has a different climate that reacts with hair differently. Depending on your hair’s strength, texture, and color, it may be unpredictable how your hair will react when introduced to a new environment.

Whether your hair is naturally dry or oily, chances are you’ll run into one or two hair dilemmas while out and about. It’s important to have an on-the-go product that’ll keep your hair maintained under any circumstance. Ideal for all hair types, the Oway Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath gently cleanses and detoxifies the hair and scalp. After a long day of facing all sorts of environmental aggressors, your hair is in dire need of revitalization. Loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, the Biodynamic Lemon refreshes dull and dehydrated hair, while the Fair Trade Aniseed Extract provides soothing, anti-septic properties that promote a healthy scalp. This travel sized wash is gentle enough for everyday use and is filled with aromatherapy benefits to invigorate the hair and mind. While you’re at it, try out the Oway Frequent Use Conditioner to moisturize without weighing down your hair.


2. For curly care. While traveling from place to place, it’s common to spend an extended amount of time packed into a car, plane, train, etc. Without proper hair prep, your hair cannot maintain its volume for hours on end. This is a struggle for most curly hair because taming curls is a job on its own, especially during this time of year. Packing a product that has the ability to withhold your curls all day long is a traveling must-have. Both long-lasting and hydrating, the Oway Curly Potion helps you embrace your natural locks by creating healthy, bouncy curls that will keep their shape and definition all day long, thanks to the Plant Cellulose Polymers that provide an excellent hold. You can eliminate undesirable frizz and dryness so curls are left soft, touchable, and frizz-free.

3. For color care. Spending all hours of the day under the sun’s overpowering rays leaves the hair an easy target for damage and color fading. The best way to prevent this is by wearing a hat to shield the hair from harmful UV rays and protect your color. Applying the Oway Color Protection Hair Mask before sun exposure can also help preserve and prolong your color, while polishing the cuticle with Biodynamic Red Vine, Organic Goji Berries, and Fair Trade Kakadu Plum. Additionally, these key ingredients will strengthen and improve your hair’s health and structure. For optimal results, we highly suggest using the Oway Color Protection Hair Bath to cleanse and clean the hair before applying the mask. This organic shampoo contains a powerful antioxidant blend that provides the hair with the utmost protection from free radicals and external aggressors.

To ensure your hair is maintained whenever, wherever, stock up on your favorite travel size products. Be sure to check out our summer hair care recommendations below!

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