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Formula Friday: Romantic Hair Colors For Valentine's Day


Have you been watching pinks pop up all over your timeline for the month of ~love~, but not sure how to recreate them?

We found the six best pinks and reds that are trending this month and got their holistic hair color formulas so you can give clients color that is perfect for February.

Check out our favorite tones using Oway and O&M!

In Your Dreams


For the playful gal or guy who is always slightly out of reach, try this playful rooty pink. 

Hair by @amandamaebeauty formula:

I heavily hand painted balayage with O&M Paint Powder Clay LightenerO&M Ammonia-Free Keratin Blue Powder Lightener 35/40.

For the pink, I combined O&M CØR.color Dusty Pink Toner + O&M CØR.color Pale Pink Toner.

Make Me Blush


For a whimsical pink that will make any date swoon, try this custom gloss. 

@havendoeshair formula:

I prelightened her level 7 hair with O&M Ammonia-Free Keratin Blue Powder Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator.

The pink gloss is 10g O&M CØR.color 0.00 Clear+ 30g O&M CØR.color Pale Pink Toner + a little dot of O&M CØR.color Ice Toner + 60ml O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator.

Heart Breaker


This pink and purple melted color is so fun, bright and dimensional. To recreate:

@hairby_victoriataylor formula:

She is a natural level 3. She was prelightened to a level 9 on top and 10 on the ends. I first toned her to remove any yellow tones with O&M CØR.color 9.16 Light Very Ash Violet Blonde + O&M CØR.color 5 vol ActivatorI dried her hair and applied Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment with a dropper of Oway Hmelt Playful Rose to the top and melted into Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment  + 4 drops of Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple.

Queen of Hearts


We love this funky mix of blended reds for the daring and caring clientele. 

@mosscny formula:

The color to developer ratio is 1:1.5 with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer. Color is Oway Hcolor 6.43 Copper Golden Dark Blonde and Oway Hcolor 7.6 Red Blonde equal parts washed with Oway Hbalance Post-Color Neutralizing Shampoo. Towel dried the hair and then hand painted with O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener with O&M CØR.color 40 vol Activator on wet hair just through the top sections of the hair to add dimension.

Cupids Arrow


This pink shoots straight to the heart. For a true take on hot pink, use the formula below.

@courtneyalisonhair formula:

Open air balayage using O&M Ammonia-Free Keratin White Lightener with O&M CØR.color 30 vol Activator moving up to O&M CØR.color 40 vol Activator.

Pre-tone for 20 minutes using O&M CØR.color Dusty Pink Toner and O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator.

Finish with a custom Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment plus a generous amount of Oway Hmelt Playful Rose. The color in your bowl will be true to how it appears on the hair.

Sweetest of Hearts


This dusty pink is perfect for darling clients. To recreate:

@hairbyemmajanne formula at @davidmurrysalon:

Regrowth scalp lighten was O&M Ammonia-Free Keratin White Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator processed for 30 minutes.

Once roots were ready I did a lightening cleanse on the mid-lengths and ends to remove previous lavender using O&M Ammonia-Free Keratin White Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator + 2 pumps of O&M Original Detox Shampoo applied at the basin for 10 minutes.

Toned roots to ends on damp pre-conditioned hair using 30g O&M CØR.color 9.5 Very Light Red Blonde + 10g O&M CØR.color 9.6 Very Light Violet Blonde + 10g O&M CØR.color 10.0 Lightest Blonde + 4g O&M CØR.color 55.55 Light Red Intense Brown + O&M CØR.color 5 vol Activator.

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