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11 Ways to Tell Your Clients You Appreciate Them the Stylist Way

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow and clients rushing in for last-minute hair cuts and treatments, it’s the perfect time to let your them know how much you appreciate them – the stylist way, of course. We pooled together 11 charming Valentine’s Day sayings and added some #HolisticHairTribe twist to them.

Download and display them in your salon or create a V-Day card out of them. Whichever way you choose, your client will surely appreciate them.

Check out these holistic hair stylist quotes!

1. Sometimes it’s not just words and actions that make you fall in love but the first Hbleach experience you shared together.

2. Or your shared love for organic serums.

3. Let her know she’s your one great love.

4. For that favorite client who always gives you the creative freedom to do whatever you want.

5. And always goes for the boldest cuts.

6. Or the funkiest hair colors.

7. When she deserves props for following your hair maintenance program.

8. When she enters the salon and you instantly fall in love with her energy.

9. When she needs some pep talk from her trusted (hair) therapist for her date tonight.

10. When she’s obsessed with Oway as you are.

Learn more about Oway.

11. Finally, you want to let her know how much you enjoy having her in your chair.

Which are your favorite hair stylist quotes? Sound off in the comments!

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