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Have you ever wondered which O’Right organic shampoo to pair with chemically treated and colored hair? Read on.

What do you think about being a part of creating beautiful hair, while using products that help the environment stay cleaner and safer for our health and future? O’Right has developed some innovative ideas for giving back to our earth by creating  purity and harmony between beauty and nature.

A high percentage of salon revenue comes from in-salon color services.  O’Right has developed a sensational line of products that work for the colorist  to protect, seal-in color and prevent color fadage by using supreme quality ingredients that are safe for the you, your clients, and the environment.

At times, color treated hair can prove challenging  to maintain; we are her to provide you with the best salon tools to ensure  vibrancy, optimum tonal shade and hair integrity.  We know that if hair does not appear shiny and healthy clients, then will not fully appreciate the awesome color job that has been created for them.  What products you suggest and sell  for at home use to your clients contributes to  how their hair will maintain their color service, and ultimately reflects back to you as a professional.  If the clients hair is fabulous, her friends will notice, and people will ask her; thus, creating wonderful word of mouth movements that increase foot traffic in your salon.  Choosing the correct home care products can help the client to enjoy their color better and have their hair smelling great, as well as even give back to our environment by growing a tree from their used bottle. It is exciting to think that instead of just tossing the used bottle that now something can be not just recycled but grown into a tree.

O’Right has a luxurious line of products that help to reduce color fadage issues and have supreme quality ingredients creating excellent results for color treated hair.  Just about every manufacturer has a “color-treated” line of products and sometimes it can be confusing as to what to choose.  These color preserving shampoos both deliver maximum color benefits for preservation and keeping the hair healthy, shiny, silky and sought after.

The world of hair is quickly moving in the direction of being conscious of beauty blended with wellness. Organic use of products is on the rise and O’Right has just the right touch of class, sustainability and premium products to suit all hair types. Here we have cultivated  a list of shampoo and conditioner duos to recommend to clients:






Champagne Rose Shampoo – Shampoo for color treated hair


With selected champagne rose essential oil and botanic color care formula, this shampoo gently cleanses hair and prevents color oxidation. It will preserve the hair color and radiance, leaving color treated hair, elastic and shiny. The enchanting rose scent also makes your client feel pleasant all day long.



Green Tea Shampoo –   Shampoo for chemically treated hair                                    

With green tea extract (a natural antioxidant), this shampoo was created especially for chemically treated hair. It will prevent residue peroxide and free radicals in the hair and oxidation resulting salon services. Green Tea Shampoo will promote healthy hair and scalp while protecting from damage caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. The exclusive refreshing formula relaxes the scalp and soothes tension.




Purple Rose Shampoo –  Shampoo for chemically treated hair or damaged hair

With natural purple rose essential oil, and a rich moisturizing essence, this shampoo gives your hair long lasting and intensive moisture that will prevent tangles, split-ends and frizz. Makes your hair soft, smooth and glossy. Purple Rose has a full-bodied rose scent with hints of grape.


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