Fall + Winter 2014 Hair Color Trend Guide

The crunch of crimson colored leaves and alluring scent of autumn spice can only mean one thing – fall is in the hair! So sit fireside, warm up your Pinterest pinning-finger, and check out these fall 2014 hair color trends.

Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends


Auburn Harvest Hair Color

The red-orange undertones of Auburn Harvest, one of the most sought-after fall hair color trends, are an ideal match for warm skin tones – pale or dark.

Auburn’s brownish-red tint will bring out your skin color’s naturally golden hues, giving you a soft, healthy glow.


Pumpkin Spice Hair Color

Channeling fall’s favorite flavor, pumpkin spice hair color is perfect for light skin with peachy or golden undertones. Think Rachel McAdams with her soft coppery strands and subtle pieces of light, golden blonde.

The key is to not add too many blonde highlights, you can go from pumpkin princess to brassy blonde with one too many foils and completely miss the mark.


Red Velvet Hair Color

Rich and delectable, red velvet is sure to please any sweet toothed, true olive-skinned lady, like Ariana Grande (seen left).

Don’t worry porcelain complexions, you can have your cake and eat it too – easily adapt this color for cooler skin tones by adding some bluish hues (seen right).


Plumberry Hair Color

Fall Hair Colors Fall 2014 Hair Color Ideas

Ruby red with jets of violet? Give a warm welcome to Plumberry.

This fall 2014 hair color trend is the perfect match for cool or neutral skin tones looking for a dark red hair color.

Have a warm skin tone? Save the welcome and steer clear of too much violet in your hair color formula – they tend to make your skin color look yellow and sallow.


Black Currant Hair Color

For those with black or dark brown hair color, say hello to black currant. This purpley-black hair color compliments cool brunettes looking to add a little (or a lot) of violet.

Adding this color to a soft sombre or reverse ombré, is the optimal way to blend imperial purple with a natural brown hair color.


Frosted Chesnut Hair Color

Frosted chestnut is a great option for ashy brunettes who want a sunkissed look (without the upkeep).

Look to your baylayage technique to seamlessly melt chestnut brown with taupe highlights for an effortless fall hair color for brunettes.

Note how Kate Beckinsale’s frosted chestnut hair color brings life to her fair skin tone (seen left).


Salted Caramel Hair Color

It wouldn’t be fall without ribbons of caramel highlights frolicking hand-in-hand with a rich, mocha hair color.

For brunettes with a warm base and skin tone, shy away from the frosted chestnut, and embrace your hair’s natural shade with these toffee tones.

For added dimension, pair subtle copper hues with caramel highlights to brighten the face area.


Chocolate Truffle Hair Color

Simply irresistible, chocolate hair color can come in different shades, depending which flavor you’re trying to embody.

For a warm, milk chocolate color, look to soft copper highlights to add dimension.

For dark chocolate, focus on your cool brown shades.


Amber Romance Hair Color

If you sported a stunning shade of apricot hair color during summer, embrace the idea of amber romance when making the seasonal transition.

Amber’s saffron-orange undertones are ideal for gold-laced complexions, and can range from honey hues to bright copper shades.


Cool Breeze Blonde Hair Color

Remarked for its ashy tones, cool blonde hair color is a breeze for fall.

The pairings of dark ash and clear blonde is a popular fall hair color trend for blondes, especially since keeping light hair fresh during winter can be a hassle.

To achieve this dimensional appearance, look to your baylayage technique.


Icy Platinum Hair Color

Meet this winter’s most-sought after hair color – platinum blonde.

If you haven’t caught wind of the hoards of celebrities trading in their long locks for a short, platinum crop, let us politely ask, “where have you been?”

From Jennifer Lawrence to Miley Cyrus, platinum blonde is a white hot fall hair color trend that can’t be ignored.

Bonus points if you take us up on platinum’s icy cousin by eliminating yellow hues and adding a iridescent, silver tint.


Primrose Gold Hair Color

This fall hair color trend for 2014 will have you blushing.

This is winter’s take on the highly desirable, rose gold hair color. Primrose gold embraces more pink and less gold, and can even be paired with a darker root for a fun contrast.


Winter Storm Hair Color

Gone are the days when grey hair meant your hair color was simply “maturing.”

This hair color evokes the stormy grey skies of winter, and may be just what us fair-skinned folks need to embrace some wisdom highlights.


Juniper Breeze Hair Color

Juniper hair color is sprightly with its delicate tints of pastel blues and greens. You can choose light blue or green as the predominant tone, achieving a spearmint green or baby blue.

This is a fresh take on the pastel hair color trend, and is best suited for cooler skin tones.


Amethyst Hair Color

Winter’s amethyst is a transparent shade of purple, embracing lilac hues. It’s another popular pastel hair color trend seen on celebrities like Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne.

Soft metallic hair colors are definitely trending this season – why not try out sparkling amethyst?

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Did we miss any fall hair color trends? Let us know below!