Winter + Fall 2015 Hair Color Trends Guide


Fall is officially here, and your salon will soon be hustling and bustling with clients eager to try new looks for the season. Luckily, this ultimate color trend guide will take the majority of the guessing out of your work, and allow you to focus on creating the most memorable experience for you and your clients! So, let’s jump right into these fall 2015 hair color trends.

Autumn Orchid Hair Color

fall-2015-hair-color-trend fall-2015-hair-trends

One of our favorite fall 2015 hair color trends! This multidimensional purple and orange masterpiece incorporates vivid and artistic colors. You can intensify or mute these colors to suit different preferences. However, the contrast between the purple color and copper highlights is what makes the hair color so appealing. With a deep violet-red base, this intricate look has fall written all over it!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Warm Espresso Hair Color

fall-2015-hair-color-brown-hair espresso-brown-hair-color-trend

Dark espresso brown paired with warm caramel highlights is the perfect way to go darker for fall, without committing to an all over color. Strategically color melting your dark brown with warmer highlights will make for a soft, dimensional look that will keep the hair in healthier state for when you want to add more lightness in spring and summer.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

chocolate-cherry-hair-color fall-hair-color-ideas-pinterest

Looking for a fall hair color idea for your brunette clientele? Chocolate cherry is a classic with glints of red hues intertwined with a warm brown base. This hair color trend comes together with the optimal balance of brown and reds and of course, is easily adjusted for whichever color your client wishes to enhance.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Toffee Almond Hair Color

toffee-almond-hair-color-trend brown-hair-caramel-highlights

The balayage technique has been popular for quite a while now — and this fall, it is no different! Keeping a traditional approach, this method uses hand painting to gradually melt together warm brown hues with their lighter counterparts. Bonus: This gradual blend of natural looking colors makes upkeep a breeze. As with similar shades, Toffee Almonds works best with warmer skin tones.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Butterscotch Bronde Hair Color

bronde-hair-color-trend-for-fall fall-2015-hair-color-trends-for-blondes

A prime blend of blonde and brown, Butterscotch Bronde is a great multifaceted hair color. Butterscotch bronde embraces the warmer tones of the bronde hair color trend, but is also uber versatile, so it can look great on all skin tones. You’ll find butterscotch bronde on the gorgeous hair of sun-kissed Victoria’s Secret Models like Gisele Bundchen. Who doesn’t love a little warm glow during the colder seasons?

Photo Credits: Pinterest

White Honey Blonde Hair Color

blonde-hair-color-trend pearl-blonde-hair-color

Not quite platinum. Not quite golden. White honey blonde is an amazing fall hair color choice for blondes who want a majority light look, but don’t want the harsh regrowth lighter haired clients experience in winter months. This creamy hair color is a delicate balance between shimmery taupe hues and white blonde.

Hair on left done by Morgan, Instagram @merrgg, right photo: Pinterest.

Arctic Blonde Hair Color

winter-blonde-hair-color-trends platinum-hair-color-trend

With celebrities still donning platinum blonde hair (Hello, Gwen Stefani!), this trend is not going anywhere any time soon! Arctic Blonde is for your edgy, fashion forward clients who don’t mind the maintenance. Bonus: Mix with a slight grey or purple tint to produce an effortless look that is even more suitable for the icy days of winter.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Winter Plum Hair Color

winter-hair-color-ideas fall-hair-color-trend-2015

Say hello to a shade that is running rampant this fall: Winter Plum. And, with a ton of different variants to play with, this trend is popular among a variety of skin tones and styles. Here, we see a darker shade of plum play up the dramatic side of purple. But let the creative colorist inside you run wild! These purple hues are easily balayaged into a violet ombre or deep burgundy hair color.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Flaxen Blonde Hair Color Melt

flaxen-blonde-hair-color-trend fall-blonde-hair-colors

Calling those who have a warm or neutral base and skin tone: A must-have for the fall season is this Flaxen Blonde look, which emits a beautiful golden warmth! The rich pigments will leave hair glowing and full of shine all winter long.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Opal Hair Color Trend

pastel-rainbow-hair-color opal-hair-color-trend

Mother of pearl! The pastel hair color trend is forever evolving! These multifaceted looks consist of an array of colors that are seamlessly blended, which give off an opal effect. This technicolor hair trend will bring bold light to any client daring enough to try!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Northern Lights Hair Color

winter-hair-color-trends opal-hair-color-trend

Pastel hair color won’t stop at opal! Northern lights or the “oil slick hair color trend” is opal’s darker cousin. Done on hair with a darker base and blended into dazzling display of blues, purples and greens, this winter hair color trend is  sure to light up the dark winter skies.

Hair on left by: Jessica Gonzalez Instagram, @JessTheBesttColor, Right Photo: Pinterest

Spicy Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

fall-2015-hair-color-trend-for-blondes strawberry-blonde-hair-color

Always a fall hair color classic, strawberry blonde is great idea for blondes looking to add a little spice to their life. The bright tones of this hair color are what make it so stunning — and very popular! The prime mixture of blonde strands, with a hints of red gives the appearance of strawberry hues. Plus, it’s extremely versatile – you could aim for a soft, natural strawberry blonde or go for gold with some stunning copper shades. Fall doesn’t have to mean going dark…Strawberry Blonde brings a bright side to the season.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Snow Pink Hair Color

pale-pink-hair-color pastel-pink-hair-color


Snow Pink is powdery pastel shade that works well on cooler skin tones. This color softens up facial features and adds a whimsical aspect to the overall look. Plus, pale pink is such a fun color to play around with! 🙂

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Midnight Sapphire Hair Color

midnight-blue-hair-color winter-hair-color-ideas

Dark blue hair color can be an electrifying fashion statement, which is why this look is so on trend. Midnight Sapphire is vibrant, but can be played down with a seamless blend of your favorite blue-black hair color we see arise every winter.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Charcoal Grey Hair Color

granny-hair-trend winter-hair-color-ideas

Granny chic hair isn’t going anywhere! 50 Shades of grey would be putting it lightly, since every single form of grey and silver seems to be a winter or fall 2015 hair color trend. From dark, slate grey to shiny, silver strands, your fashion-forward clients can’t go wrong with grey this season!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Note: We found all of these trendy looks on Pinterest, but do you know the Hair Stylist who created these beautiful colors?

If so, tag them in the comments for a proper credit!