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We’re committed to changing salons for the better by providing professional salon products with unparalleled performance.


Beauty shouldn’t be harmful to the health
of your clients, planet, & yourself, you’re one of us.

Beauty shouldn’t be harmful to the health
of your clients, or the planet.

Sustainable beauty.

Sustainable formulas.

Simply Organic Beauty provides luxurious salon services through our exclusive collection of natural and organic professional salon products. We consistently strive to research and develop the safest, highest quality products available, while providing best-in-class education to our community of passionate beauty professionals. We strive for all of our products to be vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and free from harsh and dangerous chemicals—without sacrificing a superior professional result.



Essential Summer Haircare Tips for Guests with Extensions

Ah, summer – the season of sunshine, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. But while your guests are soaking up the sun, their hair extensions might be silently pleading for some TLC. Fear not, because we've got your back with some essential summer care tips to share with your clients that will keep their investment looking…

Celebrating Women’s Health Week: Creating a Chemical-Free Salon + Home

As we celebrate Women's Health Week, it's crucial to highlight the importance of creating a healthy environment both in the salon and at home. For professional hair stylists and beauty professionals, exposure to chemicals is a common concern. From hair dyes to styling products, these chemicals can impact not only your health but also the…

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