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6 Ways to Get Natural Summer Beach Waves

This is custom heading element Beach hair, don’t care! Nothing suits the season more than adding some natural beach waves into your summer look. This effortless style brings the perfect amount of playful volume your client will love. Check out some of these trendy waves we are obsessing over. Beach Waves Tutorial Hair by @rachelnayesstylist [...]

3 Hair Care Tips to Remember When Traveling

This is custom heading element Whether you are a travel enthusiast or just planning a quick escape, the summer season is always a good time to go on adventures. From last minute plane bookings to hauling luggage all around, hair and skin maintenance may fall to the back of your mind in all the chaos. [...]

4 Reasons After-Sun Care is Important

This is custom heading element Although taking precaution while out and about in the sun is necessary, most people are unaware of the lasting damage that could occur without proper after-sun care, a crucial step especially in hotter climates. As we approach the midst of summer, it’s time for a quick reminder on the importance [...]

These 6 Holistic Hair Stylists are Helping Women Embrace Their Grey Hair

This is custom heading element With more women opting for natural hair colors, it's no surprise that many are starting to embrace their greys. Going grey is no longer something to fear; however, it is still a big decision to make. And as holistic hair stylists, it's our job to help them ease into the [...]

Kintsukuroi: What Japanese Pottery Has Taught Us about Hair

This is custom heading element Hair damage can be difficult to avoid, but it can be reversed. Instead of dwelling on the imperfections, as holistic hair stylists, we can use this as an opportunity for repair. What is Kintsukuroi? Original Mineral’s Project Sukuroi is inspired by the ancient Japanese art, Kintsukuroi meaning “golden repair,” which [...]

9 Hair Maintenance Hacks to Prolong Hair Color

Hair Maintenance Hacks to Prolong Hair Color Everyone loves to have their hair colored, but not everyone is aware of the maintenance required to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. So, it’s not surprising that many clients would come back to the salon after a wash or two, complaining about their hair color fading so [...]

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