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#NotInMyChair: Hate Speech in the Salon

#NotInMyChair: Addressing Hate Speech In the Salon Addressing hate speech in the salon, specifically in your own chair from clients can be a daunting task to take on--or to even think about. We talked to the creator of the #NotInMyChair movement Courtney Kimball on why she started the movement, the reaction it has gotten and [...]

Toxic Chemicals in Black Salons & Hair Care Products

Toxic Chemicals in Salons & Hair Care Products Are Hurting Black Stylists & Clients The fight to rid Black salons of toxic chemicals is a fight that has been going on for a number of years. Re-texturizing products such as hair relaxers are commonplace in Black salons, as well as higher levels of harsh chemicals, [...]

‘Hair Love’: The Oscar-Winning Short Film Reaches Long Across Nation

Oscar Winner 'Hair Love' Encourages Viewers: Embrace Your Natural Hair + Sign the Petition Short films typically don't receive a lot of attention—even the Oscar winning ones. This is certainly not the case for 2020 Oscar winner 'Hair Love,' which has touched the hearts of many and seems to have sparked long overdue conversation across [...]

O&M Styling — Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Series EP5

O&M Styling Product Knowledge Class The wonderful world of O&M Styling is brought to life in episode 5 of our Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Class Series! O&M Styling products were conceived in the salon and developed into a full line able to deliver low-tox, everyday healthy hair products for clients at home. In this [...]

Clean Air and COVID-19: 5 Salon Solutions for Clean Indoor Air

How to Be a Clean Air Salon As salon owners, there are certain measures you can take to ensure the air quality in your salon is as clean, safe and sanitized as possible, essentially a clean air salon. As we begin seeing clients during time of COVID-19, haistylists must ensure both their safety and the [...]

O&M Hair Care and Treatments — Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Series EP4

O&M Hair Care and Treatments Class Original & Mineral is our favorite low-tox Aussie born brand. In episode 4 of our Holistic Salon Product Knowledge Power Series Class, O&M Brand Manager Wayne Lewis shares the details on the O&M Hair Care and Treatments products. As pioneers of the "5 Free" Formula, you'll learn all about [...]

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