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Formula Friday: Hair For The Holidays

Formula Friday: Hair For The Holidays Going warmer, although a great option, isn't the only change you can make for your clients color during the holiday season. Using professional organic hair color means you can play with fun tones, dimensions and fashion colors without damaging your clients locks. Take a look at our favorite options [...]

How To: Holiday Hair Treatments

How To: Holistic Holiday Treatments Although exciting, the holidays can be hectic and full of frenzy. Help your clients relax while rejuvenating and replenishing their hair by treating them to holistic hair treatments. There's something for everybody in this step-by-step guide that will help your salon be the go-to spot and more profitable during the [...]

Salon Marketing for the Holidays

Salon Marketing for the Holidays The Fall and Winter holidays present huge opportunities to capitalize on marketing initiatives for your business. In fact, according to the NRF, sales in November and December represent 20% of annual retail sales each year!  Below we’ve gathered five fresh and festive ideas to help your salon gain during the [...]

Formula Friday: Holiday Hair Color

Formula Friday: Holiday Hair Color Are you in a bit of a holiday hair funk? We get it. Styling clients for some of the most anticipated days of the year can be a stressful time. We've gathered some of our favorite festive formulas that will have you feeling inspired in no time! Peach Punch For [...]

Holistic Holiday Gift Guide for Salons

Holistic Holiday Gift Guide The winter holidays are considered some of the most wonderful times of the year...and one of the most generous! As we all know, this season is a time to celebrate family and friends characterized by gift-giving all throughout the months. To make it not only easier but also a more profitable [...]

How To Use Paper Not Foil

How To Use Paper Not Foil Making the transition to Paper Not Foil, the world's first eco alternative to aluminum foils and plastic wraps, may seem intimidating at first. However, the transition is easy and seamless! Once you gather all the information, there is very little difference in application and no time added to your [...]

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