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How to Charge the Right Price for Balayage

This is custom heading element Balayage is a painting technique that has increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years. As holistic hair stylists, transforming our client’s hair to achieve their expectations is often a timely process, depending on a variety of factors such as hair length, color, thickness, etc. At the end of [...]

6 Beautiful Textures for the Best Summer Hair

This is custom heading element The best way to liven up your clients look? Texture. Ideal for all hair types, this effortless, low maintenance style will give your client the right amount of body and movement to spruce up their do’. Lucky for you, we have the perfect styling products to get your client excited [...]

Dear Clients: Changing Client Conversations & Empowering Beauty Professionals

This is custom heading element In the beauty industry, clients are constantly surrounded by misinformation circulated through the internet and social media, leading to all sorts of transparency issues within the salon community. This misinformation has lead clients to having unrealistic or unattainable expectations because they are unaware of the extensive process, time, and cost [...]

Trending Hair Colors This Week (Sizzling Summer Edition)

This is custom heading element Nothing shines brighter than the summer sun. Inspired by its natural aura of golds, reds, and coppers, we searched our #HolisticHairTribe community for some fiery do’s that will make the season even warmer! Summer Hair Color TrendsStrawberry Peach Sorbet Liven up your client’s red locks with this coppery balayage. By [...]

2019 Top Salon Booking Apps

This is custom heading element As a salon owner or independent stylist, it may be overwhelming to stay organized between all the constant bookings, cancelations, rescheduling, etc. Without a proper scheduling platform, this process can become a quick nightmare of mistakes, which could potentially lead to double-bookings or worse, losing a client. Customer retention is [...]

6 Ways to Get Natural Summer Beach Waves

This is custom heading element Beach hair, don’t care! Nothing suits the season more than adding some natural beach waves into your summer look. This effortless style brings the perfect amount of playful volume your client will love. Check out some of these trendy waves we are obsessing over. Beach Waves Tutorial Hair by @rachelnayesstylist [...]

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