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‘Hair Love’: The Oscar-Winning Short Film Reaches Long Across Nation

Oscar Winner 'Hair Love' Encourages Viewers: Embrace Your Natural Hair Short films typically don't receive a lot of attention—even the Oscar winning ones. This is certainly not the case for 2020 Oscar winner 'Hair Love,' which has touched the hearts of many and seems to have sparked long overdue conversation across the nation. The short [...]

Formula Friday: Best Beauty at Oscars 2020 Red Carpet

Formula Friday: Oscars 2020 Hairstyles We Love One final awards show of 2020, one final Formula Friday featuring the best beauty looks from the red carpet. From glamorous up-do's to bright blondes and deep blacks, we've featured six of our favorite hairstyles and hair colors below and how to recreate both using low-tox hair care [...]

More Than An Extra Day: Leap Year Salon Promotions

More Than An Extra Day: 5 Leap Year Promotions For Your Salon Oh, Leap Year–the baffling extra-day that appears on our calendars every four years on the 29th of February. It's kind of a strange concept, but equally as fascinating! And now you might be asking a business owner, why should I care? A [...]

Formula Friday: Valentine’s Day Color Trends

Formula Friday: Romantic Hair Colors For Valentine's Day Have you been watching pinks pop up all over your timeline for the month of ~love~, but not sure how to recreate them? We found the six best pinks and reds that are trending this month and got their holistic hair color formulas so you can give [...]

Fall in Love with Yourself: Self Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Fall In Love With Yourself: Self-Care Tips for Valentine's Day Sometimes we forget how important it is to fill up our own love tank before we can give love to others. As many people have said (probably more eloquently), you cannot love others the way they need to be loved until you love yourself. So [...]

Formula Friday: The Most Iconic 2020 Grammy Awards Hairstyles

Iconic Grammy Hair Styles of 2020 The Grammy's are arguably one of the more popular awards shows of the year and 2020's did not disappoint. From up-dos to red strands and everything in between, we have the best hair styles from this year's Awards Show and how to recreate your favorite celebrity looks with Oway [...]

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