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Winter Hair Repair: Services + How-To

As the cold weather rolls in, don’t let that take a toll on client’s hair. Help your clients relax while rejuvenating and replenishing their hair by treating them to holistic hair treatments. Check out this guide on how to add these winter hair repair services at the bowl!    Oway Service Kit Potential Revenue at […]

Plan for a Successful Holiday in Salon

The holidays are here and salon marketing should be at the top of your list. Did you know that sales in November and December represent 20% of annual retail sales each year? Take this time before the holiday rush and start planning for a successful holiday season.    Create a content calendar. This is a […]

How to: Increase your Pricing

  So you’re ready to increase your prices?! Congrats!  We have a great guide to assist you in establishing your new price increase and crafting your “why” to share with your clients! Grab a pen and some paper and use the talking points below to reflect and create your why. Then, use the client letter […]

What to Know: Oway Rebuilding Line

This September, we are featuring the Oway Rebuilding line. After the long summer months, it’s time to focus on rehydrating and repairing dry, damaged hair. One of client’s biggest hair concerns, Oway Rebuilding starts in the salon and continues with at home hair care. Our Oway Rebuilding Treatment Kit harnesses the restorative power of plant-based Phytokeratin, […]

How to Treat Hair Loss

While most people are looking for a cure-all solution for hair loss, many times it’s not that simple. What may work for one person may not for the next. Consulting with a professional is always the first recommended step to take when you are afflicted with hair loss and working towards hair regrowth.  Bobbi Russell […]

Hair Loss: Causes and Types

During Hair Loss Awareness Month – Hair loss expert, Bobbi Russell is back! She is here to educate salons and clients alike on the hair growth cycle, types of hair loss and reasons you may be experiencing them.    HAIR GROWTH CYCLE Anagen Phase  This is your “active growth” phase. This cycle will last 2-6 […]

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