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Formula Friday: Fall Hair Color Formulas 2020

2020 Fall Hair Color Formulas Spooky season is upon us! Clients are sure to want to transition from bright and vibrant summer shades to cooler, more ashy tones that are classic fall hair color formulas. But don't do the same old boring thing! In our Formula Friday this week, find fun fall hair color formulas [...]

Aromatherapy and Cancer: Essential Oils That Improve Well-Being

Essential Oils That Improve Well-Being Years ago, when drugs and radiation therapy were still non-existent, our ancestors relied on nature to cure illnesses. Herbs, flowers, barks and their essential oils were used to treat all kinds of ailments, from the physical to the emotional – even psychological. How man came to distrust this way of [...]

Hydrolates: Healing Water Distillates

Hydrolates Benefits: Healing Water for the Mind, Body & Hair Many people think Essential Oils are only used for aromatherapy, when in fact the elixirs have a multitude of uses and benefits to elevate any lifestyle. For thousands of years, people have turned to essential oils for several medicinal and health purposes. Even the essential [...]

Protect Your Hair During and After Chemotherapy

Ways To Protect Hair During and After Chemotherapy The effects of cancer are all-encompassing: from internal to external factors, there is nothing that ends up untouched. As a holistic hair stylist and trusted wellness advisor, you very well may treat someone with cancer. Maybe you already have or maybe you have experienced the disease yourself. [...]

Formula Friday: Owayans Nature Beat 2020

Owayans Nature Beat: Fall Hair Color Formulas From True Autumn to Dark Winter, the Owayans 2020 Nature Beat collection has inspiring organic fall hair color formulas to get us through the fall and winter seasons. Which season does your client relate to most? Find true, soft, dark and cool tones they will love to sport [...]

5 Fall Hair Care Treatments Your Salon Should Have This Fall

5 Must-Have Fall Hair Care Treatments Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp. The humidity and air temperatures can be particularly drying, causing hair cuticles to rise and lose moisture. But fear not, because we have all the perfect Fall hair care treatments for your clients’ hair woes right here! We rounded [...]

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