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Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series EP5: Planning For Profit

Planning for Profit: How to Stay on Top of Business After a Crisis When those salon doors get ready to re-open, you should already have a plan put in place to maximize profit and know where to save to rebuild from the inside. There will be a mass influx of business, so it's imperative you [...]

Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series EP4: Small Business Resources

Small Business Guidance and Government Resources Owning a small business comes with so many joys and unique challenges. During a crisis period such as COVID-19, it is up to you to keep up with the ever-changing resources and assistance that is churned out on federal, state and even local levels. This can be intimidating, to [...]

Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series EP3: How To Keep Earning Retail Income

How To Keep Earning Retail Income with Holistic Hair Tribe Earn retail income from home with no overhead or liability? Yes, please. Luckily we have just the program for that. Holistic Hair Tribe is our affiliate program that allows you to meet clients' needs while away. In episode 3 of Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series, [...]

Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series EP2: How To Foster Strong Team Relationships

Fostering Strong Relationships in Times of Crisis Keeping in touch and nurturing nourishing relationships has never been more important. While we may not be in the salon day to day, this does not mean the line of communication between staff and clients alike should fall silent. It is important as a strong business leader to [...]

Safeguarding Your Salon Business EP1: Working on Your Business While NOT in the Business

Working on your Salon Business While not in Business Our Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series has launched! While being out of your salon can feel scary and uncertain, we are making it our goal to provide you with actionable tips, tricks and steps to take during this time. Try to embrace this chapter as your [...]

Avoiding Coronavirus: Salon Sanitation Tips

Avoiding Coronavirus: Salon Sanitation Tips Coronavirus, COVID-19 or the novel Corona Virus—you've heard of it, you know what it is. The Coronavirus is here and it is important to take the proper safety and salon sanitation steps to ensure the health of yourself, your stylists and your clients. Here are important sanitation reminders for your [...]

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