Intelligent™ Sustainability

Ethical Luxury

In a world increasingly concerned with waste, luxury beauty products feel like a guilty pleasure.  Ethical luxury is about finding the best version of essential products. I-N™ is creating products that are sustainable without compromising on efficacy or rich salon care experiences users have grown to expect.

Radical Transparency

In the age of greenwashing, it’s more important than ever that companies are honest about their ingredients and practices. Intelligent Nutrients believes in radical transparency, the practice of disclosing every ingredient and practice used in the creation of their products. Safety, honesty, and integrity are the backbone of every decision made at I-N™.

Their transparency includes:

  • Listing every ingredient on their packaging, including their trade-secret organic aroma blends.
  • Disclosing the percent of certified organic and percent natural content for every product formula.
  • Sharing clinical results for active plant-based ingredients that support their supernatural results.
  • Giving details about their sustainable and scientific packaging.

Ingredient Disclosure

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it absorbs everything it’s exposed to. That’s why I-N™ believes the only intelligent solution is to use plant-based and organic ingredients in their products. Overall, there are 4 types of ingredients you’ll see in Intelligent Nutrients products.

60.5% - Natural or Plant-Based Ingredients (Physically Processed)

These raw materials contain ingredients from plants, processed minimally in a physical manner (e.g., fermenting, steam distillation, cold-pressing) as opposed to chemical processing. In total, I-N™ has 95 ingredients and 39 essential oils that fit this definition. 


28.1% - Naturally Derived or Plant-Based Ingredients (Chemically Processed)

These materials contain ingredients from plants and are processed chemically (e.g., ethoxylation) changing the molecular structure. This definition accounts for over 65 ingredients and 7 essential oil extracts.


6.1% - Performance Synthetic Ingredients

While some synthetics start from a petroleum source, there are some synthetics derived from sustainable “natural sources.” Synthetics are only used when absolutely necessary and account for less than 15 ingredients. 


5.3% - Semi-Natural Ingredients

The semi-natural ingredients used by I-N™ start from a plant source but include a synthetic and/or petroleum component. This accounts for less than 15 ingredients.

Ingredient Sourcing

When it comes to creating eco-friendly products, it’s not just the ingredients you use, but where they’re sourced that makes a difference. The I-N™ team goes out of their way to ensure that their over 225 plant-based active ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably, in a way that benefits both people and the planet. 


One of their most sustainable practices includes the use of plant stem cells. This innovative scientific technic allows the use of a single plant’s cells that are then replicated in a lab, eliminating the need for tens of thousands of plants used in traditional practices. The benefits include saving enormous volumes of water, eradicating the carbon inputs of agriculture, reserving farmland for sustainable food growth, and preserving the accessibility to rare and endangered plants.

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Sustainable Packaging

I-N™ makes conscious decisions regarding every aspect of their packaging. When it comes to design, they strive to do justice t the natural, luxurious, and potent product within without creating unnecessary pollution - leaving as tiny an eco-footprint as possible. 

I-N™ has chosen:

  • Infinitely recyclable glass containers for skincare products
  • Plant-based materials whenever possible
  • Post-consumer recycled materials
  • Sustainable packaging components, either renewable or recyclable
  • To ensure I-N™ packaging can be recycled
  • To reduce petroleum-based packaging

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