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Inspired by centuries-old wellness and beauty traditions, Areté’s botanical-infused hair and scalp care products gently refresh from root to end. Each formula builds off a nutritive blend of plant butters and oils to promote moisture, strength, and protection.

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Respect the Roots

Every ingredient has a story to tell and Areté has thoughtfully selected ingredients teeming with a rich history of proven benefits for the hair, scalp and mind. They transparently share their present ingredient sources, while celebrating the past cultural traditions that cherished and proliferated them.

Prima Materia

Areté’s “message in a bottle” is one of sustainability and reverence for the planet. Their packaging is expertly crafted with infinitely recyclable olive glass, aluminum, or other natural and upcycled materials. Plus, they’re protected by upcycled sugar cane waste boxes.

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Calm & Soothe Cleansing Milk Retail

Calm & Soothe Cleansing Milk


The calm in any storm, our formulation is rich in traditional healing herbs and flowers to gently wash away impurities and provide relief from irritation, itchiness and flaking for sensitive skin and scalps. At the heart of our calming concoction is a Rice Milk, a beautifying ingredient that boasts both anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits for both hair and skin, making it ideal for our multi-functional formulation.

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Daily Rituals Hair Wash Retail

Daily Rituals Hair Wash


Inspired by ancient beauty and wellness traditions, our daily shampoo consciously cleanses the hair and scalp with gentle, plant-based surfactants and a renewing botanical blend for daily hair health and protection. Wild Velvet Flower delivers a daily dose of hydration, shine and strength while Sun Harvest Saffron and Organic Raspberry Oil provide protection against oxidative stress, prolonging radiance.

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Daily Rituals Conditioning Creme Retail

Daily Rituals Conditioning Crème


Our daily conditioner harnesses a nutritive blend of botanicals and plant butters to infuse the hair and scalp with daily moisture, strength and protection. Wild Velvet Flower delivers hydration, shine and strength while ethically sourced Cupuaçu Plant Butter nourishes the hair, preventing split ends and breakage.

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Heal & Hydrate Hair Wash Retail

Heal & Hydrate Hair Wash


Our hydrating wash uses a delicate, yet effective pairing of plant-based surfactants and curative botanicals to deliver a hair-healing cleanse with feather-like softness and strength. The key to the formula, French Carob Seed, contains amino acids that penetrate the cuticle and mimic hairs’ keratin structure, resulting in remarkably resilient hair, less prone to breakage and split end formation.

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Heal & Hydrate Conditioning Creme Backbar

Heal & Hydrate Conditioning Crème


Enrich the hair with feather-like softness and strength through a curative collection of hair-healing botanicals and plant butters. The key to the formula, French Carob Seed, contains amino acids that penetrate the cuticle and mimic hairs’ keratin structure, resulting in remarkably resilient hair, less prone to breakage and split end formation.

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Detoxifying Herbal Hair Wash Retail

Detoxifying Herbal Hair Wash


A rise from the ashes, our detoxifying shampoo creates a clean state of hair, scalp and mind with a powerful combination of Earthly elements, old-world tradition and invigorating essential oils that will have you feeling reborn. Icelandic Volcanic Ash, rich in minerals and antioxidants, draws out impurities and regulates oil production. Organic Sage Hydrolate and Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar boast a high nutrient delivery to the scalp, promoting a healthy microbiome.

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Botanical Bond Hair Repair Masque Backbar

Botanical Bond Hair Repair Masque


An unbreakable bond, our mask pairs sustainable, scientific innovation with traditional, reparative remedies to create the next healthy hair renaissance. At the core of our formulation is PROPLEX™, a 100% plant-derived complex from apples and vegetables that restructures hair fibers and relinks ionic bonds to repair hair, reduce breakage and increase elasticity and shine.

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Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Masque Backbar

Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment Mask


Inspired by the serenity and depth of the forest edge, this treatment harnesses the power and strength of various trees, stones and mycelium to reveal a healthy, balanced scalp biome at the root. Upcycled Bamboo gently decongests the follicle, promoting healthy hair growth and nutrient uptake and  White Willow Bark helps dissolve and remove scalp buildup.

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