O&M Lighteners

specially formulated to be gentle on hair and hands.

All O&M’s lighteners and developers are specially formulated to give professional results whilst working gently with the hair and are especially beneficial to those with fine or damaged hair, or sensitive skin. They can be used on or off the scalp. They work with our O&M Activator range that has the nourishing benefits of Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oils and native Australian ingredients Lilly Pilly and Quandong to strengthen and condition through the coloring process.

CLEAN.Blonde Ammonia-Free Powder Lightener

The CLEAN.Blonde Ammonia-Free Powder Lightener works to gently and efficiently lighten hair 1-7 levels and is one of three new lighteners that replace animal keratin with hydrolyzed oat protein, for a 100% vegan formula. 

This is the perfect go-to powder lightener for everyday foil work that delivers clean and fast lightening while leaving the hair feeling amazing.


SUPER.Blonde 7 Powder Lightener

SUPER.Blonde 7 lightens hair up to 7 levels with the same 100% vegan dust-free formula 

It's ideal or open air techniques such as basin balayage, tip outs and freehand lightening due to its soft cream-like consistency. It's all a wonderful option for on-scalp lightening. 

SUPER.Blonde 9 Powder Lightener

The newest addition to the lightener line, SUPER.Blonde 9 is perfect for when you need an extra little bit of lift.

Ideal for darker bases wanting to go platinum, this lightener contains conditioning agents that protect while lifting, leaving the hair feeling incredible. 



Our Keratin Lightener comes in two variants Ammonia (O&M Keratin Lightener) and Ammonia-free (O&M Keratin White Lightener and O&M Keratin Blue Lightener). Both work to gently and efficiently lift using their own Keratin amino acid complex. Keratin’s protein structure is similar to the hair’s own structure helping it to rebuild and protect while the lightener penetrates the hair shaft.

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O&M’s Keratin Pink Lightener is their first to include a very mild amount of Ammonia. This formula was designed for those looking to achieve up to seven levels of lift, and is especially ideal for colorists looking for maximum lift on their foil clients.


O&M Paint Powder is a clay-based hair lightener ideal for hand painting and balayage techniques! Formulated with our innovative clay mineral complex of Kaolin, Montmorillonite, and Illite, you can expect to achieve 1-5 levels of lift without compromising the health of the hair.


Cream Whip Ammonia-Free Lightener

O&M Cream Whip is an ammonia-free and vegan formula with violet pigment to help remove brassy tones. This lightener can be used on both natural and artificially colored hair. Lightens up to 6 levels and can be used for both on and off scalp applications.


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