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About Intelligent Nutrients

Founded by Horst Rechelbacher and co-owned by Nicole Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen, Intelligent Nutrients has been at the forefront of efficacious plant-based products, next-level scientific discovery, sustainable practices, and ethical luxury for over a decade. 

Intelligent Nutrients is raising the bar for the stylist, the consumer, and the planet by using organic ethically sourced ingredients to create high-performing hair and skin products. They believe in radical transparency, listing every ingredient and disclosing the percentage of certified organic and natural content for every product formula.

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They are committed to ensuring:

  • Every product formula is at least 85% natural - their average is 96.2%
  • Their aromas and flavors are made from 99% certified organic essential oils
  • Any ingredients that aren’t plant-based are the cleanest, most sustainable option possible
  • Sharing clinical results for their plant-based active ingredients
  • Each product is certified by third-party organizations

Since Horst’s passing in 2014, Nicole and Kiran have led I-N while maintaining the same rigorous standards for wildly effective, supernatural care for hair, skin, and body. They launched the first USDA-certified organic haircare line, and actively seek third-party certifications on each and every product.

I-N Certifications Include:


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Organic and natural plant-powered science is the basis of every I-N product, ensuring high-quality ingredients for supernatural results.


Intelligent™ believes that superior results can and should be achieved responsibly. Explore the steps they’re taking to improve the entire life cycle of their products, from ingredient sourcing to customer results and beyond.


The original certified-organic haircare collection that harnesses innovative plant science to achieve next-level results.


Styling products that benefit your hair beyond the finished look with replenishing and repairing plant actives.


Experience natural beauty with cleansers, exfoliators, treatments, and moisturizers that are clinically proven to clean, replenish, and protect the skin.