Oway Rebuilding Treatment Overview

To heal damaged hair, we must repair from the inside.

Every day, our hair suffers through a lot of wear and tear. From heat styling, hair coloring, chemical-laden products, to environmental changes, it comes as no surprise that our hair ends up stressed and damaged.

Unfortunately, very few salons offer hair treatment packages due to lack of training and resources. As a result, people often turn to commercial “deep treatments”. More often than not, these products only address the surface of the problem and the results are often temporary. This leads to overloading the hair with too much product, causing more damage. Situations like this call for more potent treatments and a more experienced professional – you.

After this training, you will become more confident in dealing with hair damage concerns with the use of Oway Rebuilding Treatment system.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In our Oway Rebuilding Treatment Training video, we’ll teach you how to identify the types of hair damage and choose the right treatment. You will also learn how to reconstruct brittle, damaged hair with the use of our innovative tools and products from Oway.

Chapter 2: Identifying Damaged Hair (0:32)

Hair damaged is caused by many factors, but mostly happens when the hair is losing its essential components: protein, water, minerals, and lipids. Most retail hair treatments only promise to restore protein and moisture to the hair (albeit temporarily), but with Oway Rebuilding Treatment, you will be able to provide long-lasting results by rebuilding the hair from the inside out and repairing ALL its components.

  • Shine
  • Elasticity
  • Hydration
  • Remineralization
  • Body + Structure
  • Cuticle Repair
  • Strength + Energy
  • Resistance to Further Breakage

Chapter 3: Tools + Products (1:39)


  • Tricho-analyzer // This state-of-the-art scalp microscope transforms your consultations and treatment services by providing an interactive, magnified view of the hair and scalp. It’s innovative, micro video technology allows both you and our client to take a deeper look at issues plaguing the hair and scalp. Rather than telling your clients about their hair and scalp, now you can show them with a high-resolution LCD monitor that can magnify up to 200x! Not only does this increase trust, but products and services can be recommended with absolute confidence.
  • Oway Quick Start Guide to Rebuilding Treatments // This handy tool will help you determine the custom blend recipe you’re going to use based on your diagnosis.


  • Salon Cape // Brushes // Combs // Towels // Clips // Necessary accessories to ensure precise applications and client experience.
  • Wooden Bowl Mixing Kit // This apothecarial-style application kit ensures your scalp treatments are 100% pure, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The kit contains your mixing bowl, spatula, measuring spoon, and application brush.
  • Scale // this digital scale allows you to create accurate formulations and eliminate product waste.
  • Infrared Hair Remedy Iron // This state-of-the-art tool harnesses the power of ultrasonic vibrations and cold fusion therapy to repair the hair’s internal structure.


  • Hair Treatment Base // Made with innovative Phytokeratin™ complex of 18 biomimetic acids and pure essential oils, this hair treatment base can be mixed with Hyalominerals and/or Ceramides F for clients with extremely damaged hair:
  • Concentrated Hair Treatment Remedies // Highly concentrated hair repair treatments for use during the rebuilding treatment:
  • Specialty Oway Hair Bath + Mask (Backbar Size) // To end the treatment, you’ll need the proper shampoo (hair bath) and conditioner (mask) to restore protein to damaged hair and seal the cuticle:

Chapter 4: Consultation (2:12)

As with every professional service, a thorough consultation is needed to properly address your client’s hair damage concerns. Make sure to ask the following:

  • What’s your daily hair ritual? Ex. Blowdrying, Curling, Flat Ironing
  • Are you out in the sun most days?
  • What symptoms are you experiencing? Ex: Dry, Brittle Hair, Split Ends, Hair Loss
  • Are you willing to commit to a series of treatments to remedy the problem?
  • Will you purchase the necessary home care products to maintain your treatment results?

These questions will help you analyze the condition of the client’s hair more effectively as well as manage their expectations with regard to the results of the treatment. Be sure to take detailed notes during your consultation and even offer them a discount on product or future appointments, if they purchase their sessions in a package.

Chapter 5: Analysis + Diagnosis (2:52)

Pay close attention to the scalp before proceeding with the rebuilding treatment. With our revolutionary Tricho-analyzer’s 200x magnification, you can see even the tiniest abrasions and other possible scalp issues. This will help you recommend a treatment to address these concerns.

Afterwards, perform the Wet Stretch Test to analyze the condition of the hair. Then use the Quick Start Guide to determine the right recipe blend and treatment path.

Chapter 6: Hair Types (5:18)

Case A: Dry, Damaged Hair with Little Elasticity

This type of hair needs a hydrating and remineralizing treatment to restore moisture, shine, and elasticity to the hair.

Case B: Hair Damaged by Chemical Treatments

This type of hair has split ends and prone to breakage. It needs a treatment that will increase the hair’s resistance and recompact the split ends.

Case C: Curly Hair Prone to Frizz

Curly hair that lacks moisture and needs hydration to add softness and elasticity to the hair.

Case D: Fine, Bodiless Hair That Turns Dull

This type of hair lacks body and strength; thus, needing a treatment that can provide composition, resistance, and shine.

Chapter 7: Hair Treatment Application + Ritual (6:00)

Once you’ve established your client’s Case Type, you can now mix your recipe blend based on the hair length. Be sure to use the scale when formulating. Proceed with applying the custom blended rebuilding treatment to dry sections of the hair, as recommended by our Quick Start Guide.

Then, massage the treatment into the hair with your hands for better absorption.

Chapter 8: Infrared Remedy Iron (7:10)

Once the hair treatment has been applied throughout the hair, you may begin using the Infrared Iron, slowly passing over thin sections. Depending on the condition of the hair, 3-5 passes may be made. Do not forget to flip over the iron so the strands are treated by both the infrared and ultrasonic plates.

Then, process at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.

Next, shampoo the hair with Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath, then follow with Oway Rebuilding Hair Mask. Finish with Oway Styling and Finishing products.

Chapter 9: Maintenance + Home Care (8:57)

To ensure the longevity of the treatment, recommend Oway products for home care and set up the next in-salon treatment.

These products contain ProDew500 and Sugar Cane Oligosaccarides which help hair to retain moisture.

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