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Nourishing Nectar Hair Color

Hnectar is the world’s first professional organic hair color infusion with the ability to lift 1-3 levels while improving hair softness and brightness.

Innovative and groundbreaking

Hnectar harnesses the power of green sugars in its exclusive organic nectar complex. Biodynamic Elderberry and organic Mallow Flower Extract capture water molecules, filling and storing them in parched hair cells, resulting in hydrated, healthy hair.

Hnectar Benefits

  • 34 Beautiful Shades (View Shade Chart)
  • 100% Ammonia Free
  • PPD Free / Resorcinol Free
  • No Alcohol / No Mineral Oil / No Fragrance
  • Restructures and Hydrates Hair
  • Both Hair Color and a Treatment
  • Improves Hair Elasticity and Structure
  • Formulated with Calming Essential Oils

Phytobutter Developers

Hnectar is fully compatible with Hcatalyst, the first phytobutter activators fortified with creamy illipe seed butters, organic perilla oil and biodynamic hibiscus extract.

These nourishing ingredients provide extra protection for the hair and scalp, resulting in shiny, healthy color without irritation.


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  1. I am a nutritionist and am interested in recommending your product to my clients. Can I purchase the hair tints directly from you? Kind regards, Enza

    • Ashley

      Thank you for your interest, Enza! Our products are professional only, meaning they can only be purchased with a valid cosmetology license. We’d be happy to help you find a salon using our products in your area!

  2. I need this line because of allergens to some ingredients. Can you tell me how well it covers grey? That’s important as I have a LOT of grey to keep covered.

    • Hi Diana! Hnectar gives a more modern, translucent coverage of greys! Instead of that “painted on” appearance, Hnectar provides natural looking coverage. If you provide your zip code, we’d be happy to recommend a salon in your area offer our Hnectar color line!

      • Meera Gurnani Saxena

        Hi Simply Organic,

        I live outside of the US – and was wondering where could I buy your product? I currently go to a salon in Manhattan that uses Organic hair colours when I’m in town. But, when I head back to India – I buy Herbatint from Whole Foods and take it back with me. Wanted to see if your colour works for me? Do let me know where I can pick it up from!

        Thank you,

        • Hi Meera! Thanks for stopping by with your question. Our Hnectar color line is professional-only, so it can only be purchased by a licensed hair stylist. We’d be happy to recommend a salon in Manhattan using our color for when you are in town. Our Oway products are new to North America, but are leading the industry as less toxic, more natural alternatives to conventional hair color. 🙂

  3. Pamela Townley

    Is there a salon near 92562 that uses your product? Thank you

  4. Me

    Hi, Any salons in the 02138 vicinity?

  5. Angelina

    Hi, any salon in Singapore use your product? Pls let me know address and contact.
    If none in Singapore, may I refer a licensed hair stylist to order?
    Thanks heaps.

  6. Charlotte Carey

    My area code is A1S 1A8

  7. browny

    do you have any salons in U.K. using your products?
    Thank you Elaine.

  8. sashabella

    I am interested in a salon near 34236. Also, I would like my hair colored a light blonde. Can you provide me with the entire list of ingredients in the natural light blonde. I need to go through the list to make sure there are no ingredients that I am allergic to. Thank you.

  9. Jennifer Moscatello

    Hi, I live in Connecticut (area code 06488). Can you please recommend a local
    salon that uses your products? Thank you!

  10. Peggy

    I had an allergic reaction to the last two color treatments I had (using the same color my stylist has used in the past). I want to try a more natural product. How can my stylist get a patch test sample to try on me?

    • Hi Peggy! That’s very common with pigment allergies. One hair color appt, you’re fine. The next, you’re having an allergic reaction. It sounds like our Hnectar could really benefit you! Have your stylist give us a call at 888-213-4744 – we can provide a necessary sample for a patch test (which we highly recommend)!

  11. Ashley

    I also have had allergic reactions to many color lines, including the wella ppd free line. Would this line truely benifit me? I am a hairdresser and in desperate need for a color to use on my hair! I am allergic to Ppd and sodium laurel sulphate I know for sure.

  12. LL

    Please let me know of a few stylists/salons in my area 90024 who are trained to use your non-PPD product(s). I am highly allergic to PPD’s. Thank you.

  13. […] Amy Adams’ Hair Color is formulated with Organic Way (Oway)’s Hnectar – a professional, ammonia-free color line. […]

  14. Dede Marshall

    Are there any salons in Omaha, NE who are trained to use your coloring products? Thank you!

  15. Natalie

    Hello. Can you recommend a salon that uses HNECTAR HAIR COLOR for 75071? Thanks.

  16. Christine

    HI! I live in zip code 30345. Would you tell me of a nearby salon that uses this product? Would you also tell me how my hairdresser can purchase the product to use on me? Thank you.

  17. Ivonne Liloy

    Hi. I had allergy or bad reaction to almost everything. I heard about your product. Could you tell me where can I get it?

  18. Ellie Sheva

    Does Hnector have any fragrance? If so, what is the fragrance ingredient?

    Also: Are there any of your salons in San Diego County, California?

  19. Jodi

    Hello, I am in zip code 06001. Any salons nearby using your products? Thanks.

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