Hnector Hair Color

Nourishing Nectar Hair Color

Hnectar is the world’s first professional organic hair color infusion with the ability to lift 1-3 levels while improving hair softness and brightness.

Innovative and groundbreaking

Hnectar harnesses the power of green sugars in its exclusive organic nectar complex. Biodynamic Elderberry and organic Mallow Flower Extract capture water molecules, filling and storing them in parched hair cells, resulting in hydrated, healthy hair.

Hnectar Benefits

  • 34 Beautiful Shades (View Shade Chart)
  • 100% Ammonia Free
  • PPD Free / Resorcinol Free
  • No Alcohol / No Mineral Oil / No Fragrance
  • Restructures and Hydrates Hair
  • Both Hair Color and a Treatment
  • Improves Hair Elasticity and Structure
  • Formulated with Calming Essential Oils

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Phytobutter Developers

Hnectar is fully compatible with Hcatalyst, the first phytobutter activators fortified with creamy illipe seed butters, organic perilla oil and biodynamic hibiscus extract.

These nourishing ingredients provide extra protection for the hair and scalp, resulting in shiny, healthy color without irritation.