Organic Hair Treatments

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Exclusive Healing Treatments for the Hair & Scalp

Simply Organic hair treatments bring specialized tools to your station that will help you address certain situations and needs in your chair. They are also great retail products to send home with your client!

Split Ends Treatment

Split Ends Intensive Treatment

Specifically designed for clients who want to blow out curly hair or use flat irons and excessive heat. Essential Oils protect the hair and scalp from damage. Helps to reseal split ends and save fragile, damaged ends from further damage.

Color Therapy

Color Therapy Intensive Treatment

A professional treatment for color treated hair. Restores essential oils lost in the color process, and naturally balances the pH after a chemical service. Nurtures hair with essential oils, olive leaf extract and honey.

Volumizing & Thickening

Volume & Thickening Treatment

A treatment for thin, fine and weak problem hair. Replenishes moisture, strengthens the hair shaft and adds volume to create thicker, fuller hair. It provides the hair shaft with ultimate moisture absorption without added weight.

Scalp Spa

Scalp Spa Rejuvenating Treatment

Soothe and calm dry, irritated scalps with our rebalancing blend of Organic Nettle Leaf, Rosemary, Mountain Daisy, and Spearmint. This versatile formula promotes hair growth, soothes sensitive scalps, reduces dandruff, and softens strands for a multi-sensorial scalp spa experience

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